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Denali Packing List: Essentials to Note

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To begin with, my name is Eddie, a long-term tourist with an unparalleled passion for hiking. The Denali is one of the mountainous landscapes I’ve visited to live out my hiking fascination. Having been to a number of mountaineering, trekking, and hiking expeditions, I am happy to share my experience with you. Today, I will tell about the essential things you need to pack when going hiking in summer or winter.

Denali National Park and Reserve is a holistic destination for a plethora of activities, probably the favorite scenery in North America for mountaineering, trekking, hiking, ATV tundra adventures, among others. You can purchase an Annual Pass which goes for $80 plus a $10 handling fee, but you can get some discounts for 4th graders and younger, and elderly as well. With your pass, you can be accompanied by three adults free of charge.

Different seasons around the year necessitate different things to take with you in this park according to the weather conditions. Therefore, I’ll be addressing what to wear to Denali in different seasons.

Packing List for Denali National Park in the Spring or Summer

man looking at the Denali National Park

During spring or summer, the Denali park is such a breathtaking scenery to visit, especially if you plan to spend a few days trekking. Despite the warm climatic conditions associated with these seasons, the Denali is typical of chilly conditions.

The weather here often changes because the park is located in a tundra climatic region. Here’s where many tourists are caught off guard in regards to grooming. Here are the specific items to carry when visiting the park in these seasons:


Following are clothing items you should carry:

  • Rain gear – Your Denali packing list should include a rain jacket and pants as you should be prepared for rainfall at any time. Avoid ponchos as these are susceptible to tear and are not efficient protectors against strong winds that blow on the slopes. Do not go for heavyweight rain gear as it will feel hard to carry while hiking.
  • Tough hiking boots – Comfortable boots are among the essential items you should include in your Denali hiking gear pack. They should be waterproof, sturdy, and snug.
  • Warm layers – You can wear a sweatshirt, a fleece, a woolen sweater, or a turtleneck to protect yourself from the chilly spring weather. Also, your clothing should be made of breathable material just in case the temperatures escalate.

In case you are planning trekking, woolen sweaters and a pile jacket coupled with a warm knit or woolen cap are necessary. You should also include several pairs of socks and moisture-wicking undergarments.

For hot weather, consider wearing cotton-made underwear and lightweight clothes. Make sure to wear a cap to protect your head from heat.


You will need a few electronics during your excursion. Here’s a list of what to bring to the Denali:

  • Phone & charger/power bank – One of the basic electronics you’ll need to carry is a phone together with the charger, and a power bank or two for recharging when away from a power source.
  • Camera, batteries, and memory cards – You can pack a camera for capturing breathtaking views. Ensure that you carry enough extra batteries for the camera that can take you several days in case you are trekking. A couple of memory cards for your camera might save the day just in case your memory fills up.
  • A pair of binoculars – Binoculars are convenient in viewing distant spectacles such as peaks and wildlife; therefore, I would recommend you carry a pair.
  • Compass & GPS – Include a compass and a GPS or both in your Denali backpacking list. These will help you to figure out your position and heading, making it easier to navigate the park and reach your final point or camping site safe and on time.
  • Flashlight & wristwatch – Also, carry a wristwatch, as this is more convenient when it comes to tracking time compared to a phone. A flashlight is necessary for those trekking.

Adventure Gear

hikers at the Denali National Park

Include the following adventure gear in your pack:

  • Water-resistant backpack – I recommend going with a lightweight, water-resistant backpack to put inside your packing list for Denali. The water-resistant bag will protect water-sensitive items such as electronics and save your extra clothing as well.
  • Hiking pole – Consider taking with you a foldable hiking pole to more comfortable hiking.
  • Sleeping pad – If you’ll be trekking and plan to spend some nights outdoors, a comfortable sleeping pad is necessary to have.
  • Water bottles – Carry a personal water pack to keep you hydrated as temperatures may rise up to 27 °C in summer.
  • Sunglasses – Sunglasses will go a long way in protecting your eyes whenever the summer sun is up in the sky.
  • Bear spray – Considering there are wild animals in the Denali such as bears, animal repellants are important, especially if you’ll be camping in the park.
  • Water filter – Just in case you run out of pack water, you can comfortably drink stream water by first filtering sediments and other microbial with the filter.


Here are toiletries that are worth carrying:

  • Packaged medication – You can take a few basic medications just in case of any medical incidence during hiking. For individuals on prescribed medication, take your medicine in a water-resistant bag.
  • Tweezers, combs, and essential hair products – More so for trekkers, you can carry hair products such as shampoos.
  • Soap – Soaps and other cleaning items are a must, especially for trekkers who’ll spend several days in the park.
  • Sunscreen – Consider it during the summer. I recommend including sunscreen in your pack as it is vital to protect your skin against the UV rays.
  • Insect repellants – Mosquitos are almost inevitable at night, and therefore, you should carry a bug repellant.

Packing List for Denali National Park in the Winter

Aurora Borealis

During winter, temperatures in the Denali are very low, considering that the neighbor region is arctic. Also, it tends to be darker earlier. These conditions significantly influence the items one needs to carry for hiking or trekking in the cold season. Below you can find a comprehensive Denali backpacking list for the winter hiking.


Here’s what to wear to Denali during winter:

  • Rain gear – It often rains during winter, besides snowing. Thus, get a quality rain jacket and pants to keep off water from entering the layers.
  • Warm layers – Here, you need a heavy wool sweater, a warm jacket, a sweatshirt, and warm undergarments. Get a pair of warm hiking pants.
  • Winter hiking boots – Carry a sturdy pair of spiked hiking boots to facilitate smooth navigation on the snow-covered terrain.
  • Wool socks, scarf, and gloves – These will help you keep warm in the cold weather conditions.


Even in the winter park, you’ll need some electronic gadgets. Here are the electronics to carry:

  • Phone & charger/power bank – A phone will not only help you in communicating more so in an emergency but will also serve as a camera in case your camera fails.
  • Camera, batteries, and memory cards – You surely want to capture the moments, so do not forget to carry a camera, extra batteries, and additional memory cards just in case.
  • A pair of binoculars – Some sceneries are almost impossible to reach. Binoculars will help you see sights such as the mountain peaks.
  • Compass & GPS – One of the worst things that can happen is a tourist getting lost in the snow-covered tundra without a trace of the trail. A compass or a GPS will help you to figure out your heading at all times.
  • Flashlight – During winter, darkness is inevitable. Carry a flashlight for night navigation, especially if you are going trekking.

Adventure Gear

The packing list couldn’t be complete without a list of adventure gear to carry. Here’s what to pack for the Denali winter adventure:

  • Water-resistant backpack – Take a light weather-resistant backpack for carrying electronics and other items from your packing list.
  • Hiking pole – Carry a foldable pole for more comfortable hiking or trekking experience on the slippery or showy track.
  • Sleeping pad – If you are spending a night or several in the park, you should carry a winter heat-saving sleeping pad and sleeping bag.
  • Water bottles – Have a water pack for your day trip, and carry a water filter in case you are trekking. Despite the cold season, you need to stay hydrated.
  • Goggles – Carry a pair of goggles as these will come in handy in preventing snow from entering your eyes, especially in windy conditions.


Some of the essential toiletries to carry include:

  • Medication – Do not forget to carry your medicine if you’re on medication. Also, take basic over-the-counter medicines just in case of a medical emergency such as a catching a cold.
  • Soap and cleaning items – Carry your cleaning items, including soap, antiseptics, and a towel.

Denali Backpacking List: Final Remarks

Before embarking on your hiking or trekking adventure in the Denali park, you should consider the season specifics. Each season calls for a different preparation approach and essential items to include in the packing list. You will need a different set of clothing during winter compared to spring or summer. Nonetheless, in all seasons, take the important items to stay warm, safe, and have a good time while hiking or trekking.

When doing the packing, it is vital to have a handy list with the necessary items stated you to ensure that you won’t forget anything. In your opinion, which season is the best to visit Denali National Park? What are other things necessary to carry when visiting the park? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below!

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