Best Camping Towels for Comfort and Leisure: 2020 Edition

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For years and years, I’ve been engaged in hiking and mountain climbing using all kinds of equipment. The gear has always been there for me, whether it was cooking with a portable stove, resting on the uneven ground on a mat, or carrying water in a nice, handy water jar.

Even though I’ve taken all those marvelous comforts, I’ve always lacked some simplest essentials, like towels. Now that I’ve done some thorough research and tried out various products, I’m about to tell you more about those essentials and give you some detailed camp towel reviews.

Camping towels aren’t a luxury anymore but more of a necessity and hygiene requirement. Having a handy piece of cloth on a long, energy-consuming trip is always a good idea due to its multiple functions and comfortability. However, choosing one might not be the easiest task since the range of such products is almost boundless.

While hiking or camping, fishing, or simply jogging, a towel you take along has to be designed specifically for such purposes. Natural, eco-friendly microfiber provides you not only lightness and breathability but also sturdiness and resilience. Regardless of what towel you choose, the product has to be moisture and water-absorbent. Otherwise, you’re going to have to carry a wet, filled with liquids disposable piece of fabric.

Besides, as you pick your product, it’s important to consider the weight and size that can deal you a bad hand while carrying all your equipment.

Hopefully, I’ve made it clear that deciding to purchase the best camping towel can be confusing and time-consuming. To release you from shoveling through the endless feeds of towel products, I’ve compiled a short but abundant list of items that will surely prove useful when the time comes.

Top 10 Camping Towels to Help You out in the Wild

Among the many products offered online, there are some good-quality items that are worth considering. Varying in the texture, fabrics, functions, and properties, such items can be designed for specific purposes. Finding and determining such can be a complicated task.

Nonetheless, when choosing one among the many, always tend to rely on your own needs and feelings. Maybe, it’s worth sacrificing the lightness for comfort or moisture-absorption properties for durability, etc.
Now, let’s dig in and see what beautiful and highly-functioning items there are on the market today.

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Wildhorn Microlite Camp Towel Set — Among Best Microfiber Camping Towels

The Wildhorn Microlite item is a great example of comfort and functionality. Produced and manufactured by Wildhorn Outfitters, the towel has been around for quite some time, which has backed up its reputation among travelers.

The item is meant for multiple, many-time use throughout the day thanks to its absorption feature. Based on a pure, non-allergenic microfiber, the towel doesn’t require sunlight to dry up. Simply by lying in the open air, the product gets rid of all the dampness and restores its drying properties within half an hour.

Comprised in a nice, handy cover, the towel is extremely compact to carry in hand or take along in vehicles on long trips. The case is very breathable, meaning that regardless of the moisture that the towel has taken in, it will dry up with time.

Since microfiber is known for being odorless itself, as well as for being resistant to natural and synthetic smells, you don’t have to worry about it. The product will filter off any odd smells and scents and restore its initial freshness.

Recognized for its softness, microfiber is very pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it excludes any possible allergens and alien particles that might get attached to the fibers. Unlike the towels made of other materials, this one is highly unlikely to irritate the skin or cause inflammation.

Wildhorn Microlite Travel Towel Set - Microfiber Quick Dry Towel Bundle for Camping, Hiking & Backpacking
  • BEST VALUE: Includes 3 convenient travel towel sizes- An extra Large bath size towel perfect for the beach or lake, a Large size that is lightweight and makes for a great trekking or camping towel and a small size that you can throw in your gym, golf or day pack - our compact and lightweight microfiber towel bundle is the best value on the market.
  • FAST DRYING: Designed for multiple uses during the day. The quick dry towel is made of 100% microfiber material and dries 10x faster than cotton or terry cloth.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: These microfiber towels can hold 3-4x their weight in water. They make great cleaning towels for a camp kitchen, dishwashing or a quick clean after a dip in the lake.
  • COMFORTABLE USE: The Microlite travel towel is made of soft, plush microfiber that's gentle on the body. HANG LOOPS INCLUDED. Each towel is equipped with snap loops used to hang towels for quick drying or traveling.
  • ULTRA COMPACT: Each individual microfiber towel comes with a compact mesh carrying case. Easily pack your camping towel without sacrificing space for other vital travel items.

  • Fast to dry up;
  • Soft, not irritating;
  • Breathable and odorless;
  • Comfortable, handy case to carry;
  • Stretchy.
  • Regular sizes only.

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PackTowl Personal Quick Dry Microfiber Towel — High-Quality Quick Dry Camping Towels

As always, PackTowl has prepared a truly useful and compact travel towel for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Created to deal with moisture mercilessly and on the spot, the PackTowl Personal Towel is perfect for camping, outside sports, hiking trips, and other activities. Coming in specifically designed sizes for the face, hands, body, and beach trips, the item deals well in all kinds of environments.

It absorbs sweat and water instantly and forces the wetness to evaporate more rapidly. Thanks to the durable microfiber, you won’t feel the need to turn the towel around every time it’s used. The material spreads the moisture evenly all over the surface, which improves its drying properties.

The manufacturer provides a nice polyester zip-bag for compact packing. Sawn with strong, elastic threads, the case is resistant to water and heat which keeps the product preserved in a cool and bacteria-resistant environment.

If you’re worried about odors that might stay on the towel after multiple uses, then you can rest assured. The product doesn’t completely absorb the liquids but keeps them on the top layers of the fiber. Due to this, the smells and stain don’t soak in thoroughly and disappear shortly afterward. To ensure the proper hygiene, you can wash the towel in a washing machine at a normal temperature regularly.

PackTowl Personal Quick Dry Microfiber Towel for Camping, Yoga, and Sports
  • Quick-drying microfiber towel for camp, beach, sport, and travel
  • Super absorbent fabric soaks up four times its weight in water; wrings out easily
  • Dries nearly 70 percent faster, and is much more compact than comparable cotton towels
  • Polygene odor control keeps towel fresh, even during extended use
  • Body towel measures 25 x 54 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces; hang loop and zippered storage pouch included; machine washable

  • Variety of color options;
  • A set of specifically designed products for the face, hands, and body;
  • No fading;
  • Machine-washable.
  • You need to buy each item separately.

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Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel — Perfect for Sports Pack Towel

I’ve heard quite a lot of positive feedback about these Wise Owl products, both from my friends and family.
The towels are a great fit for people who tend to spend lots of their time outside. Whether you’re into yoga or simple walks along trail paths, it’s easy to rely on the Wise Owl towels.

Thin and ultralight materials assure the product’s lightness and air circulation. Unlike many other similar towels, the wetness is not trapped in the microfiber, but it’s rather exposed to the fresh air. Based on this technology, the item loses any dampness slowly but surely.

Weighing half a pound, a regular two-towel set is no longer than 1 by 2 feet. It’s great for personal use on short trips and always comes in handy when you need it in your vehicle. On the other hand, a bigger 2 by 4 feet long set that still weighs less than a pound is an option for long campings and resort stays. Using the smaller towel for wiping the face and hands, whereas the larger one for lying on a beach, you’re always equipped for any case scenario.

Regarding the design, the product is very simple and stylish. Coming in all varieties of colors, you can match it to your outfit or other sports equipment. With the microfiber of the highest quality, the matter stays sturdy but soft on any surface. Moreover, it’s very durable, does not tear easily, and pet-proof.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel Ultra Soft Compact Quick Dry Microfiber - Great for Fitness, Hiking, Yoga, Travel, Sports, Backpacking & The Gym - Free Bonus Hand Towel 24x48 MB
  • SUPER SOFT, EXTRA ABSORBENT & FAST DRYING – Unlike other microfiber towels ours are incredibly SOFT and super absorbent soaking up EVERYTHING fast – It’s also extra fast drying preventing you from waiting around while it dries.
  • GREAT FOR MULTIPLE USES & EASILY HANG IT WITH IT’S CONVENIENT LOOP – Ideal for fitness activities, hiking, boating, camping, swimming, the gym, yoga workout, golf, the beach, backpacking, pool, home, bath & shower, survival bag or anything else you can think of. Very light weight making it perfect for travel!
  • WHY CHOOSE US? - WE ARE REAL PEOPLE OFFERING HIGH QUALITY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES AND WITH A 100% SATISFACTION PROMISE – If for ANY reason you do not love your towels let us know and we will take care of you no questions asked!
  • QUALITY PRODUCTS FROM A TRUSTED BRAND – Wise Owl products are thoughtfully designed and constructed with the goal of giving our customers the very best experience at an affordable value. We are always striving to maintain our highly rated and trusted status across our entire product line.
  • GREAT SIZES AND OPTIONS - Small 2 pack = 12"x24" (1ft x 2ft) and weighs 8 oz, Large = 24"x48" (2 ft x 4ft) and weighs 12 oz. XL = 30"x60" = (2.5ft x 5ft) and weighs 15Oz. Large size comes in two choices OPTION A: 2 pack of single large towels (each 24"x48") or OPTION B: Single large towel with an additional washcloth (12"x12") and a carry bag. XL size comes with an additional hand towel (12"x24") and a carry bag.

  • Smooth and gentle fiber;
  • No friction or synthetic feeling;
  • Resistant to the sun and water;
  • Dries up faster than regular packable towel products.
  • A carry sack is provided only for the XL product.

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Bagail Microfiber Camping Towels — Insanely Packable Towel

If you’re looking for a time-proven, versatile product to use on vacation, then you might want to consider this best backpacking towel.

Designed by Bagail Basics, the product is made thinking about style and functionality. Compared to other similar items, this towel truly stands out due to its absorption properties. It’s proven that this product can take in and hold an amount of water and moisture that is double the weight of the very towel.

With this function in mind, you can squeeze the water out simply and effortlessly, thus getting rid of up to 90% of the product’s wetness. To dry it up completely, it’s advised to place the item in the sunlight so that the dampness vaporizes faster than usual.

As for the versatility, the towel can be folded ten times the size of the spread towel. Provided with a nice, thick case, it’s very easy to roll it down. The packed product can be carried both in a backpack and even in a pocket without taking too much space. Apart from using it as a beach towel, you can utilize it as a simple bath towel in case a need emerges.

Among other interesting features, this item is very resistant to bulky materials, like sand, pebble, or soil. The particles don’t get stuck between the fibers or cling to the trimmed edges. To get your towel clean, you simply need to shake it a few times.

BAGAIL Microfiber Towel Perfect Sports & Travel & Beach Towel. Fast Drying - Super Absorbent - Ultra Compact. Suitable for Camping, Gym, Beach, Swimming, Backpacking Fushcia 16 x 32 inches
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MICROFIBER: Eco-friendly microfiber produced without harmful additives and hypoallergenic . Ultra soft and durable for years of use.
  • FAST DRYING & SUPER ABSORBENT: This microfiber towel can hold 4 times its weight in water and can dry up to 10 times faster than traditional cotton towels. Forget about horrible gym towel stink!
  • SKINFRIENDLY:High-quality material/finishing, the microfibre towels feel soft and comfortable on your skin.Our sports and travel towel designed for often use.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Microfiber towel for sports & travel made to save the space and to be more useful for traveling, professional sports training, everyday use. Professionals choose it for compact size and small weight. The weight of dry microfiber towel 5x times less than regular towel.
  • VARIOUS SIZES:They are great beach, backpacking, and camping towels because you have eight size options (12"x24" ,16"x32" ,20"x40",24"x28" ,28"x56" ,32"x64",36"x72" ,40"x80") that work for whatever you need.It also comes with a trave packing bag so if you're on the go you can still pack it away without everything else in your bag getting wet.

  • Very foldable;
  • Nice and compact solid case;
  • No need to avoid sand or soil;
  • Easy to wash.
  • Every case fits only a single towel.

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Bogi Microfiber Camping Towel — Alternative Microfiber Bath Towels for Camping

Are you into outdoor sports, like yoga or fitness? Then the Bogi towel can be just the perfect match for your outside activities.

Though the product doesn’t single out certain sports as a priority, its durability speaks for itself.Manufactured with strong and capable microfiber, the towel can withstand almost any physical pressure.

It’s practically impossible to tear or rip since the elastic and stretchy threads embedded into the item keep it together under any circumstances. Take it out to the park lawn or use it on solid concrete, the product will remain soft and neat. Due to this fact, it provides great support for the spine and resembles memory foam bedding pieces that embrace your shape and keep it up even when you toss at night.

Thanks to its absorbent properties, this packable towel is not susceptible either to fresh rainwater or salty liquids. It doesn’t collect salt or other mineral particles that might be in the water, thus being very resilient to staining.

In case you’re tired of having to carry your regular towel around in your hands or backpack, this company has come up with a great solution. Because they’ve equipped the mesh case with a nice string and a hanger, it can be used as a handle or strap. Wrap it around your wrist or shoulder to feel the real comfort.

BOGI Microfiber Travel Sports Towel-(L:60''x30''+16''x16'')-Dry Fast Soft Lightweight Absorbent&Ultra Compact-Perfect for Camping Gym Beach Bath Yoga Backpacking Fitness +Gift Bag&Carabiner(L:Orange)
  • 100% MICROFIBER: High quality microfiber made it totally smooth and compact,more sof.Eco-friendly,No faded.Sports&travel towel or as a mat for beach,bath,pool,swimming,boating, sunbath, spa, sauna, water park, mountaineering,fitness, yoga,travel, camping,hiking,picnic,travel,outdoor&sport,etc.As a sun shade and a cape to protect your skin against the sun.Would be useful for all the year round.
  • 4 SIZES&MULTI USE:S:40*80cm(2Pcs)use for exercising,right size around your neck.M:50*100cm,best towel for backpacking,travel,camping,swimming,yoga,golf,gym,ect.L:76*152cm+40*40cm Good for bath towel;On beach,as a sun shade,shawl,blanket for keep warm,Covers your sun lounger,deck chair or camping undera beach umbrella&sun shelter.XL:81*182cm+40*40cm,Excellent for beach blanket,picnic mat,yogo mat,wall blanket or fashion as a tablecloth.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT,COMPACT&EASY CARRY:Space saving and without the bulk.Small in the pouch,big in the towel! Perfect size and comfortable use.The free hand towel(40*40cm)perfect to use while exercising or to simply dry up your face/neck/hands with a pure cleansing towel.Or suitable for Hair Drying,Cleaning Cloth,Wiping Dishes and Neck Towel For the Gym.And would be useful reserve in the car when in rainy. Gift pouch also suitable for storage phones,wallets,sunglasses,goggles,swimming cap,etc.
  • FAST DRYING,ULTRA ABSORBENT:10X faster than usual towel,and microfiber fabric absorbs 7 to 9 times.quick-drying fabric has an excellent performance in water absorption and diffusion,which can shorten the drying time of water.
  • BONUS A GIFT BAG& D RING CRABINER:Comes with a breathable gift bag easy to carry and hanging loop to protect your towel.The snap loop is great for hanging up.And without worrying about it flying away.Daily lifestyle and easy to carry, less trouble for travel.Fashion eye catching style!A sweet and love gift for your family, lover and friends on Christmas Day,Birthday,Mother's Day,Father's Day,Thanksgiving,etc.

  • Resilient and sturdy;
  • Fluffy and spacious;
  • Allergen-free;
  • Equipped with a comfy handle/strap.
  • Somewhat rough.

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The Friendly Swede Microfiber Towels — Multipurpose Best Backpacking Towel

This other honorable mention has taken one of the top places among the best microfiber camping towels on Amazon.

Eco-friendly and allergen-free, the Friendly Swede product can become an indispensable part of your traveling kit. As a combination of polyester and microfiber, the towel deals nicely with moisture and doesn’t get that musty smell over time. The wetness drains down through the meshy body easily and is not trapped in the fabrics.

Let alone the durability, the product is completely reversible. Unlike other similar items, both sides of the towel are made to be used. There is no ‘front’ or ‘back’ side that so often differ in texture and composition. Flip the item around and utilize it as a brand new, fresh cover.

If you’re not sure about the size, the company offers a wide range of all-size options. Choose the navy blue or imperial blue item with minute dimensions for your children and standard dimensions for yourself.

To carry the towel around, it’s possible to compress it to the size of a smartphone with a few simple folds. Pack it into a smart square string sack to put it aside until the next time. Also, the sack itself is quite breathable, thanks to the mesh-like material. The towel doesn’t get overheated and dries up very quickly.

Moreover, this feature prevents harmful bacteria from spreading and propagating, which so often happens due to dampness inside completely sealed cases.

The Friendly Swede Microfiber Beach Towels for Yoga, Sports and Fitness, 2-Pack, Compact and Quick Drying Towels
  • GREAT FOR SPORTS & TRAVEL: Our Microfiber Towels are highly absorbent, soft and ensure a comfortable, quick drying experience. These ultralight towels are perfect for use as swim towels, gym towels, beach towels or travel towels. If you're borrowing mats during practice, the towel also adds a hygienic layer.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT AND SPACE SAVING: The towels are lightweight and compact. Easy to bring on your travel, hiking or camping and doesn’t take much space in your bag. 2 additional mesh bags are great for storing the ultra-thin towels and will keep them fresh when packed.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND SUPER ABSORBENT: The Friendly Swede's towels use an 80/20 polyester-polyamide microfiber blend that is durable, soft and highly absorbent.
  • BUNDLE OF 4 ITEMS: Includes a total of 2 towels (1 x light grey towel and 1 x Sea blue towel; 20" x 40" respectively 50 x 100 cm) and 2 mesh carrying bags. Weight of each towel is 3.8 oz (109 g).
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Wash before first use! Wash separately the first 3-4 times as color may bleed. Do not use bleach or fabric softener or wash with cotton. The Friendly Swede’s LIFETIME WARRANTY covers this product.

  • Machine-washable;
  • No trapped wetness;
  • Preserves its fresh and neutral smell;
  • Ultralightweight.
  • Limited color options.

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Eccosophy Microfiber Camping Towel — Ultralight Backpacking Towel to Brighten Up Your Routines

Though most fast drying travel towels are designed to be simplistic and plain, I recommend taking into consideration this Microfiber Camping product by Eccosophy. Offering an impressive array of bright and colorful items for camping, gym training, yoga practice – it might just become your favorite.

A separate section of reviewing should be devoted to the prints. Fresh, vivid, and surreal colors give the product attractiveness that other similar items lack so much. With more than 8 coloring and print options, you can pick the one you like the most without having to sacrifice your taste for duller ones.

Even though it resembles a simple blanket, the towel is designed specifically for outdoor activities. Again, the polyester intertwined with bacteria-free microfiber creates a special blend to resist moisture, as well as control the temperature. The product keeps the body and fabrics cool regardless of the temperature outside and doesn’t collect any condensate.

Unlike other towels with prints, this one is an exceptionally lightweight camping towel. Apparently, the fabrics are quite meshy, which makes up for the weight by letting fresh air circulate in and out. This ensures a constant free-of-charge refreshment for the microfabrics depriving it of any sticky smells or odors from the water, animals, plants, or human body.

Accessorized with a fancy case, it can be folded multiple times without damaging the print. Also, the zip-bag is equipped with a nice loop to hold by or simply hang in a visible place in your vehicle or camping site.

ECCOSOPHY Microfiber Beach Towel - Quick Dry Pool Towels 71x35 inches Oversized Travel Towel - Lightweight Compact Beach Accessories for Women - Large Sand Free Micro Fiber Beach Towels (Cancun)
  • ☀️ OWN THE BEACH with these stunning 2 sided beach towels . Their vibrant modern prints will impress. These Sand Proof Beach Blankets come in a Mesh Travel Pouch for easy carrying & Hanging loop for Quick Drying. Cool Stuff that makes life easy!
  • ☀️ PHEW! FINALLY A TOWEL THAT DRIES FAST! Microfiber is a thin lightweight material that is ultra absorbent but engineered to dry 3 x faster then regular towels.
  • ☀️ This Fun Travel Towel is an essential vacation accessory. Packs small & easily fits in beach/cruise/hiking/camping gear. Not going far but need a towel for the Pool/Yoga/ sports event? Look no further, simply chose one of these FUN-TASTIC designs & Enjoy!
  • ☀️ A MICROFIBER BEACH TOWEL you can gift for any occasion. Its the perfect gift for women. A useful gift for athletes, gym goers & Yoga lovers. Its a must have for those vacationing on a cruise ship. Its ideal for backpacking hikers & camping expeditions. And for everyone who loves to chill by the poolside or the seaside.
  • 🇺🇲 Proudly designed in the USA & Compact enough to Travel around the World! Buy with Confidence.

  • Colorful and vivid;
  • Sturdy and steady;
  • Lighter than the average product;
  • Perfect for women.
  • Requires several washes before using.

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Elite Trend Microfiber Camping Towel — Top-Notch Beach and Hiking Towel

Floral and sandy, striped, or watery, these Elite Trend products can be a great substitute for your ordinary hiking towel favorites.

Coming in different dimensions, the item is perfect for beach and lake routines. With its highly-absorbing properties, it can condense up to twice the weight of its fabrics and spread it evenly for better evaporation.

This product stands out thanks to its lightness. Compared to regular microfiber bath towels for camping, the Elite Trend one feels weightless and takes very little room in your backpack, purse, or gloves compartment. Different prints embellish both sides and give the product a nice, stylish look that will most likely drag some attention passers-by.

Feeling like silk to the touch and being extremely sturdy to any tearing or stretching, the towel lasts long enough for you to enjoy numerous camping seasons. It’s resistant to moisture and doesn’t get smelly after many washes. By the way, the product is designed to endure normal machine-wash conditions. Just load it with other colorful clothes and use regular temperature to rinse it well.

To assure the eco-friendliness of the product, the company has supplied customers with natural, recycling eco-bags. Being small enough it fits in your carrying bag, the case has a nice hook for hanging or wrapping around your finger. The bag can be used as a nice belongings container while you’re off enjoying swimming or fooling around.

Elite Trend Microfiber Beach Towel for Travel - Oversized XL 78x35,72x72,63x31,71x31Inch Quick Drying, Lightweight, Fast Dry Towels, Sand Free (Kimono Gold, Extra Large (78X35-INCH))
13 Reviews
Elite Trend Microfiber Beach Towel for Travel - Oversized XL 78x35,72x72,63x31,71x31Inch Quick Drying, Lightweight, Fast Dry Towels, Sand Free (Kimono Gold, Extra Large (78X35-INCH))
  • 😎2 SIDE PRINTED & FREE BONUS GIFT (value 12.95) – Our Extra Large towel blanket 72x72,78x35,63x63,63x31,71x31 are designed with a stylish bag! No need to worry about your bag weighing too much when you travel with your micro fiber towels. It's perfect to use while exercising, swimming, camping, practicing yoga or to simply dry up your face. Place your beautiful foldable towel in this handy bag with hanging loop to carry and make it convenient for you to travel with. Loved by Kids, Men or Woman.
  • 😎DO YOU LIKE EXTRA LIGHT, COMPACT, SOFT AND STRONG TOWELS? – Australian tesalate towell inspired. Two Side Printed Towel. Microfibre is strong and silky smooth against your body. It is an amazing companion when you do Yoga or Pilates. It is a great beach accessory for adults, outdoor recreation, hiking and it saves a lot of space in your baggage. Toalla de Microbra es perfecto.
  • 😎DO YOU LIKE QUALITY TOWEL TO SHOW YOUR STYLE? – It is not the same as cotton, but it’s smoother and thinner than cotton. Fast Quick drying – 3 times faster than cotton. It has special characteristics – quick dry, super absorbent, antibacterial, sand free and lightweight. No more soggy wet towel to put back into your bag. Great backpacking gear and towels. We have colorful choices for you to choose from whether is stripped or pink beach towel. No need to sacrifice comfort for style!
  • 😎DO YOU WANT TO OWN AN IDEAL TOWEL/TOALLA FOR MANY OCCASIONS? – We package it in a reusable and stylish carry bag. The 1 pack towel with our unique design and color choice come with zipped travel bag. This eye-catching towel is perfect for beach & playa, dock & bay, pool, swimming, water park, gym, fitness, tennis, yoga, camping, hiking, spa, massage, sauna. A zipper bag is included to keep your valuables – cell phone, wallet, IDs or keys. Enjoy countless possibilities.
  • 😎DON’T YOU LOVE IT? Suitable for adults, men, women, kids, infants, teens, boys and girls. Satisfaction guaranteed: Love it or your money back with no questions asked. 30 day return policy and best 12 month warranty.

  • Natural softness and silkiness;
  • No synthetic or paint odor;
  • Gets rid of dampness very well;
  • Comes with a nice, multi-functional zip-sack.
  • Might feel bumpy when placed on an uneven surface.

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Hoeaas Microfiber Camping Towel — Stylish and Lightweight Camping Towel

Diversifying a simple pack towel for people who are in love with nature and fresh air, Hoeaas has come up with this minimalistic yet multi-purpose item.

The drying speed of the towel is a competitive quality that puts the product among the best backpacking towel favorites. It can dry up ten times faster than a regular towel regardless of the volume of water it has soaked in. This is done because the microfiber is resistant to liquids enough not to absorb it all the way through. Thus, keeping the dampness in the top layers of the material which is better exposed to the sunlight.

Starting with doing sports and finishing with warming up, the towel can be used in various ways. For instance, it’s so odor and scent-free that you dry your dog’s or cat’s fur with it. The product won’t acquire any of your pet’s smell but if it does, then simply hanging up in the airflow will rid it of the smell for good.

Now, you don’t have to be ashamed to carry your towel around downtown or take it to work. Because the stylish and smart cover can be easily folded into a minute, accurate tube, you can slide it into the case and grab it by the handle.

HOEAAS 2 Pack Microfiber Travel & Sports & Beach Towel-XXL(72 x32”+24 x 12”)-Lightweight, Compact, Super Absorbent,Fast Dry for Outdoor,Yoga,Camping,Gym+Buckled Carry Bag(XXL, Navy Blue)
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & QUICK DRYING: The compact microfiber towel is made of 100% Microfiber, ultra-soft and gentle to your skin. Soaks up 5X its weight in water and dries nearly 10X faster than conventional cotton towel, repeat use it a short time, no bad odors.
  • 2 PACK SPORTS TOWELS: 2 multipurpose towels included. Small towel (2 pcs 32 x 16 inch), easily fit in your gym bag or backpack and is best for gym, trekking and drying off sweat. Medium towel(40 x 20inch+24 x 12inch), for camping, swimming, travel, compact, lightweight, take up no place. Large towel (48 x 28inch+24 x 12inch), Extra-large towel(60 x 30inch+24x12inch),XXL towel (72 x 32inch+24x12inch), Large body towel for bath, shower, swimming, beach. All size is come with a small hand towel.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY: A snap hook on the quick-release buckle provides a handy attachment point. EASY HANG LOOP: ultra-light and portable, convenient to store away while not using. Large size but still super compact, can be rolled up small, nicely fit in your travel bag. Each towel is come with a waterproof & breathable carry bag. Special design, convenient to carry and keep.
  • MULTI-FUCNTIONAL: Lightweight and compact towel is super versatile for any situation. Backpacking, travel, camping, hiking, swimming, yoga, golf, gym, fitness, exercise towel. Perfect for Covers your sun lounger, deck chair or camping undera beach umbrella&sun shelter, or any other purpose you would use a towel for.
  • GIFT IDEA: Our towel equip with a snap loop, you can easily hand it everywhere while you go for camping or traveling etc. Come with a buckled carry bag, easily hang it over your bags. Fashion and nice to handle for both female and male, adults and children. It also looks really fashionable and sporty, which makes it a great gift idea for your family and friends.

  • No smell preservation;
  • No fading or dulling;
  • Present-material;
  • Resistant to detergents.
  • Limited size options.

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Frogg Toggs Camping Towel — Cooling and Compact Travel Towel

Dissimilarly to other quick dry camping towels, the Frogg Toggs product uses a drastically different technology for providing comfort. The towel doesn’t avoid or reflect dampness from its core fabrics but rather absorbs it in and processes it.

When water or moisture has accumulated enough, the item begins to vaporize it and cause a cooling effect. Thanks to this, regardless of the temperature around the user, the towel remains fresh and soothing. The effect lasts for about three hours and requires another supply of wetness for continuing it.

Since this effect causes the water to vaporize rapidly, the item is perfect for use in areas with high humidity or close water sources. Dry it before folding or fold it still wet, the towel will keep its shape. It will also dry up completely by the next time it’s taken out of the container. Thickness and sturdiness make this product a perfect cover from the sun and a reliable warm blanket in chilly or cool weather.

To protect the towel from any bacteria or unfavorable weather conditions, the item is equipped with a sealing hard-plastic tube. A slight twist to the side will open the container and make the towel ready to go.

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Original Cooling Towel, Cools Longer than Microfiber Towels, Biodegradable, Size 33" x 13"
  • Cools twice as long as microfiber cooling towels while enduring outdoor heat and/or high levels of physical activity
  • Soaking the towel in hot or cold water will allow Chilly Pad to activate quickly and cool up to 30 degrees below ambient air temp
  • Constructed from Frogg Toggs’ exclusive, hyper-evaporative material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch
  • Perfect for working in the yard, sporting events, working out, golfing, fishing, camping, hot flashes and more
  • Comes in a hard-plastic tube for easy, compact storage

  • Dampness-free;
  • No odor;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Soft and gentle.
  • Needs delicate washing.

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Bottom Line

With the arrival of the warm seasons, there comes a time of outdoor adventures. Camping with the family, hiking in vast, leafy forests, soaking in the sun on a beach, or any other activity demands comfortable and resilient equipment. And wherever you go, a good camping towel is a must.

Looking for the best quick dry towels for backpacking can be bedazzling with all those options swarming around online. To make the right decision, it’s essential to realize what purposes this item is going to serve. Maybe, you don’t need an all-absorbent towel but a simple, light moisture-resistant one? Maybe, it’s the other way around. Choose wisely and think of it as an investment – an investment in your comfort, safety, and leisure

Nonetheless, I sincerely hope that you’ve found this article useful. Or perhaps, you’ve laid your eye on one of my favorite products. Have you? Or, have you found any other brands that can compete well with the ones above? Or do you prefer completely polyester-based camping towels? Make sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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