Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping: Your Perfect Sleeping Place

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent Red

Going on a multi-day trip, motorcycle travelers should pay special attention to the weight and dimensions of the equipment when choosing a tent. Unlike cars, bikes do not have roomy luggage racks, and each additional pound affects the vehicle’s handling. Especially for motorcyclists, I have chosen 5 excellent products that do not take up much …

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Best Tent for Beach Camping: 5 Great Options to Make Family Tourism Much Easier in 2022

MOVTOTOP Beach Tent Sun Shelter

One of the most exciting things to look forward to in the summer approaching is camping – more specifically – beach camping. It is a fun and affordable way to quickly reenergize, forget your troubles and connect to nature. When packing your seaside essentials, make sure you pay special attention to choosing the right beach …

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Best Backpacking Tent for Tall Person

Tent at sunset

Want to go on a hike or bike trip? You’ll need a lightweight tent, which can be easily placed somewhere in the glade and spend the night there in comfort. When choosing such tents, pay attention to the size, as many models are too small for tall people. That’s why I decided to choose the …

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Best Waterproof Tent: Tips and Reviews

Coleman Sundome Tent

Don’t let the bad weather spoil your vacation. The best waterproof tent helps you stay dry and feel comfortable no matter the puddles outside. Since no forecast can give you a 100-percent guarantee, you don’t need to completely rely on the sun. Many people are ready to cancel all their plans and stay at home …

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The Best Tent Stakes Backpacking in 2022

Wise Owl Outfitters Tent Stake at ground

I like backpacks, and I cannot lie (like Sir Mix-a-Lot said in a Target commercial in my school years). But, as you grow up and start hiking further, your backpack becomes a part of your home. Especially when your home is a tent, and all you need to erect is on your back. Don’t you …

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Best Way to Cool a Tent: Keep It Cool!

yellow tent in summer hot weather

As you think of the tent you take with you on a backpacking trip, you may consider it a portable home to keep you warm. But staying cool while camping just as important. You don’t want to catch cold, but overheating is just as good to avoid. In the heat of the day, you will …

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Best Tent for Rain and Wind: Rain Tent Recommendations & Buyer’s Guide

Summer aesthetics includes sounds of mountain rivers, fresh air, the soft chirping of birds, and crickets. To achieve this harmony, tourists go to the farthest corners of the Earth. However, your evenings and nights in nature should be comfortable. On vacation, you should not think about how to warm yourself or cover from the rain. …

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Best Tent for Dog Owners: Most Convenient Models & Useful Tips


Welcome to my blog, where I share useful tips and experience-based product reviews related to hiking and other outdoor activities. In this article, I tell about the worthiest dog-friendly tents that I have tested over the last few years, and which remain the best in 2020 and beyond. Letting your dog be your companion during …

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Best Tents for Hot Weather: Top 7 Products on the Market

Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

Summer is probably the most popular time for camping, with green woods and deliciously cool lakes attracting beginners and experienced campers alike. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to the warmth that this season brings about. While staying warm during the night is not much of a challenge during the hot months, you want your temporary abode …

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Best Tents with AC — Hiker’s Midsummer’s Dream

Dream House Luxury Outdoor Waterproof

Hi, I’m Travis and my Merrel Moab boots were definitely made for walking. I’ve gained a decent mileage, visiting various hiking Meccas: from Appalachian Trail to Vasquez Trail in Garland Ranch Regional Park. So, if you’re planning to camp in summer or in one of these hot-boiling places like Kalalau, Twelve Apostles Lodge, or Sierra …

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Best Bivy Sack for a Better Purchasing Decision

Best bivy sack - title

For the best hiking experience, you should not carry bulky luggage. One of the most effective ways of reducing weight is to take a bivy sack instead of a tent. If you are heading out to that overnight hiking trip, consider purchasing precisely this product. Are you inexperienced when it comes to the brands available? …

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