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In the event you consider yourself a big guy, then fitting a camping gear must have at times posed a challenge to you. It might have been due to the lack of an appropriate size, but I am here to help you with that. My name is Eddie, and tourism is more than the first thing for me. I have been to many trips and camps, and I am well conversant with the camping challenges.

First, the high number of sleeping bags accessible for purchase is a barrier to many when it comes to picking the right product. When visiting a region for the first time, it is crucial to plan on how long to stay and study the climatic conditions of the place. That way, a choice on the appropriate gear won’t pose any challenges.

However, with the randomly changing climates of the places people set up for camping, you need to be well-prepared for the best and, likewise, for the worse. On the blog, I have covered the best sleeping bags for big guys. An important feature about the kits is they must be portable and comfortable, but given their big size, you won’t find them just anywhere.

What is the best sleeping bags for big and tall men?
In my opinion, taking into account the size and quality of sleeping bags, you should carefully consider these models TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag and Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag.

8 Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys

  1. Hotcore Fatboy 400 Winter Sleeping Bag
  2. TETON Sports Celsius Extra Large Sleeping Bag
  3. Coleman Big Basin – Big and Tall Backpacking Sleeping Bag
  4. Tough Outdoors All-Season – The Extra Large Sleeping Bag Big and Tall Adults Need
  5. Ledge Sports Rocky Gap – X Large Sleeping Bags
  6. Big Agnes Hog Park Sleeping Bag
  7. Coleman Sleeping Bag 40°F for Big and Tall man
  8. BISINNA XXL Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults (Plus Size),3-4 Seasons

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Sleeping Bags for Big Guys Reviews from an Expert’s Point of View

The following comprehensive big guys’ sleeping bags reviews will enable you to pick the best product with ease. I have arranged them from the best to the least popular. The goods are all seasons, and thus, they fit use during chilly nights and warm evenings. So, go through the reviews and get the best item for your needs.

1. Hotcore Fatboy 400 Winter Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is perfect for overweight and big guys. It measures 78 inches in length, and its 42 inches wide with an insulated hood of 15 inches is. There is enough space for one person to turn freely without restrictions, and this puts the product a mile ahead of others. However, it isn’t that common among buyers, but I can assure you it is a perfect choice for extreme outdoor conditions.

The bag weighs 7.2 pounds, which is reasonably light to carry. There are so many exciting features in the product. However, I will pick on insulation as it is of the utmost importance when it comes to camping.

The manufacturer has invested many resources in making this comfy and exceptional brand. The item can shield you from temperatures as low as -22 F. All is made possible by the microfiber insulation used in manufacturing. Besides that, the outer fabric layer and lining are made of polyester for optimal warmth.

The zipper is made so that it won’t snug in any way. In the event you have multiple Hotcore bags of the same size, you can easily zip them together around the outside edge. The nylon zipper present ventilates the foot area perfectly.

This oversize sleeping bag is made in the best way possible to prevent heat loss when in use. It is, likewise, made for maximum comfort through the multiple insulations. Given the item’s size, I consider it as lightweight since there are smaller bags bearing similar substantiality.

For your conveyance convenience, the ideal sleeping bag for fat guys should be simple to compress, and luckily, the item is no exception. It can be packed down into a small and easily portable piece measuring 18 by 10.5 by 10.5 inches. The item’s exorbitant price happens to be its only con.

Hotcore Fatboy 400-3/4 Season Oversize Rectangular Sleeping Bag 93"x42" - Multi Season Lightweight Compact -7° to -22°F (-22°C to -30°C)
  • Size and Weight: Generously sized for maximum comfort in 4 season camping, the Fatboy 400 provides extra room for a cozy night's sleep. Temperature Ratings: Comfort: -22°C (-7°F), Limit: -30°C (-22°F)

  • It is entirely insulated for optimal warmth and comfort;
  • The bag is spacious;
  • Ideal for use across four seasons.
  • Сostly.

2. TETON Sports Celsius Extra Large Sleeping Bag

TETON XXL sleeping bag tops my selection. An ideal sleeping bag ought to be comfy, spacious, and of high quality. The bag manufacturer has met these features beyond expectations. The bag is portable and all-weather made. Its cost is moderate to meet your strict budget demands and ensure you get the best item at a bargain.

The soft interior lining enhances comfort in unimaginable ways. It, likewise, keeps you warm in the chilliest climates. There are zips on both sides that allow airflow to your optimal convenience. In case you are camping, you can use the item across three seasons. The bag, therefore, saves you money, as you do not need many items for similar purposes.

The size is perfect to fit up to 6 feet tall people. It is accessible in different colors for your selection convenience. It is portable, and no rolling is needed to pack. There’s a compression sack provided to ease your packing and ensure the bag fits in as required.

The item’s quality and durability are optimal. That has compelled the manufacturer to give a lifetime warranty on the item, as they believe it is made to last. The double-layer stitching ensures the product’s longevity isn’t compromised. Besides that, the advanced hollow fiber works best to see you always stay warm.

The bag is adjustable with interior pockets to keep your phone and accessories intact. It measures 80 by 36 inches and weighs 7.05 pounds. If you’re not used to carrying a lot of weight, it may seem a bit heavy. However, the weight is not a big concern since the bag will make you warm during the coldest nights.

My recommendation on the item is based on the affordable cost, high quality, and durability. A look at the lifetime warranty should boost your buying confidence. I can assure you the product will live beyond expectations.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL 0 Degree Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, Right Zipper, and SuperLoft Elite Material for Camping and Base Camp, Black
  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY: You'll forget you're camping with these comfortable sleeping bags! With a soft poly-flannel lining and plenty of room to spread out. The half-circle mummy-style hood keeps you warm and your pillow clean, unzips on each side

  • High-quality double-layer stitching;
  • Affordable;
  • Comfortable and warm;
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • It is a bit heavy.

3. Coleman Big Basin – Big and Tall Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Here comes a choice entirely made to solve your sleeping bag needs. It is cheap when compared to the above-reviewed product. It is made of high-quality material to keep you warm at your convenience. Even though it is a bit substantial, the strength, size, and cost elevate it among the best sleeping bags for fat guys.

The item is perfect to use in temperatures as low as 15 F. It measures 92 by 39 inches, and it ideally fits people over 6.6 feet tall. The large size brings about the weight problem as it has been weighed at 8 pounds. This is a bit substantial, considering there are other camping apparel to carry.

It is adjustable to ensure you personalize warmth and ventilation. The zipper is made in such a way that no heat gets lost through it. The two-side zipper also enables you to regulate the warmth when the temperatures rises. It is suitable for machine washing, and this relieves your cleaning concerns.

The polyester insulation in the bag makes it able to retain heat at your suitability. Additionally, the cover is tear-resistant, thus enhancing the bag’s longevity. But that’s not all, as the interior is entirely made to remove cold spots through the fleece lining present. It is, without any doubt, made to meet your warmth and comfort needs beyond anticipations.

Packing and unpacking the bag is swift. The fleece-made feet edges enable your foot to get warm faster, unlike in other bags. As per my recommendation, the item is worth the money. I highly recommend you buy it.

Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag
2,244 Reviews
Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag
  • Adult sleeping bag for camping in temperatures as low as 15 degrees F

  • Fleece-made leg edges;
  • Tear-resistant cover;
  • Perfect size for big guys.
  • Bulky.

4. Tough Outdoors All-Season – The Extra Large Sleeping Bag Big and Tall Adults Need

Here comes the best sleeping bag as long as your strict budget is concerned. It is the cheapest item under review with quality uncompromised. The size is more than enough for any big guy, and it is made for three seasons. In the event you do not want a sleeping bag purchase to have a big impact on your camping budget, this is the item to buy.

The bag measures 88 by 34 inches, and it is thereby ideal for big and tall people, up to 6.5 feet. It is made of polyester. The bag is portable, and it’s stress-free to pack. When packed, the Tough Outdoor sleeping bag measures 16 by 8 by 8 inches, enabling you to put it in a carrying vessel of your choice easily.

The item is, likewise, straightforward to clean. It is best advised to machine wash and hang to dry for the most appealing results. All your camping worries are perfectly solved by this uniquely made product. In the event you need a blanket, the bag unzips into a blanket that’s warm enough for outdoor extremes.

There’s also a pocket to keep your wallet, phone, keys, and other essential accessories safe. The item has a temperature rating of over 65 F. Here, a variety of products exists depending on the minimum temperatures they can handle. However, those that are suited for use in areas with extremely low temperatures are a bit costly.

The bag is of high quality and durable. This can be seen through the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty. It helps boost your buying confidence as you have little to worry concerning the item meeting your expectations. However, there’s a con as the bag is advertised as waterproof, but upon use on a rainy day, it allowed some water inside.

All in all, the product is perfect for purchase. It is available at a low cost, spacious, and reasonably lightweight to carry. I recommend you purchase it without hesitation.

Tough Outdoors Extra Large Sleeping Bag - Adult Sleeping Bag Camping & Backpacking - 3-Season Fall, Spring, Summer Sleeping Bag - Lightweight Waterproof Compact Sleeping Bag w/Compression Sack
  • 3 SEASON WARMTH AND COMFORT: Behold the magnificent XL Prolite Sleeping Bag, the savior of spring, summer, and fall adventures! This glorious big and tall sleeping bag is tailor-made for those who embrace the grandeur of the wild. Armed with our top-notch ThermoCore insulation, it unleashes its warmth powers for temperatures ranging from 40°F-60°F, making the perfect summer sleeping bags for adults.

  • It retails at an affordable price;
  • Unzips into a big blanket;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • Not waterproof.

5. Ledge Sports Rocky Gap – X Large Sleeping Bags

The item beats all the odds to feature among the top 6 best sleeping bags for big guys. Its size is by far impressing, the price is reasonably stated, and the make is unique. The product being unpopular to many people, however, has led to its trailing on my sleeping bag review list. But I believe the depictions below will help you settle on the bag during your next purchase.

To start with, the item is large and thus fits in the features you are looking for in big guys’ sleeping bags. It measures 90 by 40 inches, and this space is ample for you to relax, roll, and turn without restrictions. It weighs 7.2 pounds, but the figure rises to 10.1 pounds when packed.

The bag measures 36 by 12 inches when compressed, and this slightly affects its portability, as it is a bit large. However, that aside, the item is waterproof, thereby suitable to use during the rainy seasons. It contains an adjustable hood, and it is heat shielded.

There are two zippers available on the bag that enables you to regulate the temperature when it gets extra warm. It is, likewise, possible to zip two bags together in case the size turns out to be unfit for you. However, with the item being oversized, a need to do so might be when looking for extra warmth.

The soft brushed flannel line helps improve the item’s comfort, thus enhancing its performance. The cost is a bit moderated to meet your strict spending plan. Cleaning is super easy as it is machine washable.

The product’s quality is uncompromised. That is the reason the manufacturer has backed the item with a lifetime-limited warranty against all defects besides abuse and misuse. With quality guaranteed, I do not see a reason you shouldn’t pack the piece for your next trip.

Ledge Sports Rocky Gap -20 F Degree XL Oversize Sleeping Bag (90 X 40)
  • Size: 90 inches X 40 inches X 40 inches (XL Single), Stuff Dimension: 36 inches X 12 inches

  • Limited lifetime warranty;
  • Waterproof;
  • Oversize.
  • Expensive.

6. Big Agnes Hog Park Sleeping Bag

The product is large, measuring 78 by 25 by 5 inches. It is lightweight, which adds to the item’s multiple advantages. Portability is no longer an issue, as the bag weighs about 1 pound. It is perfect for low outdoor temperatures up to 20 F.

The possibility to turn the chilly outdoor climate into an enjoyable experience is enhanced by the ultra-modern insulation used by the product’s manufacturer. The present Thermolite Extra padding is, however, the main invention behind the item’s great warmth and comfort.

You can easily use Big Agnes lightweight sleeping bags for big guys across all seasons. Rainy days are not an exception as the sack is watertight. The item’s interior is soft and everwarm. The polyester lining present works wonders in matching your home’s beddings luxury.

There are hand pockets to ensure no part of the body is adversely affected by the severity of the outdoor climate. Even though the item is not popular with many people, it is made in all ways possible to tackle the camping hardships.

However, it is only accessible to those who are ready to pay extra and get a good worth the value. This is due to the item’s extremely high cost. In case you are under a strict budget, I would advise you to check in on other cheaper products.

All in all, the bag’s advanced insulation, comfort, and big size makes me highly recommend it for purchase. It has all the essential features for a sleeping bag. I can, therefore, assure you that after spending a lot, the item will meet your expectations beyond imagination.

Big Agnes Lost Dog (FireLine Eco) Sleeping Bag, 0 Degree, Long, Left Zip
  • LIGHT TECHNICAL COMFORT - The 0 F Lost Dog Sleep System Bag with Flex Pad Sleeve attaches to your pad just like a fitted bed sheet, creating a single, integrated sleep system to keep you and your bag on your pad all night. The first Sleep System to accommodate multiple pad widths… you get to choose!

  • Lightweight for your portability concerns;
  • Perfectly insulated for optimal warmth;
  • Watertight.
  • Retails at an exorbitant price.

7. Coleman Sleeping Bag 40°F for Big and Tall man

This Coleman Sleeping Bag is roomy enough for people up to 6’4″ tall, and is made of soft materials that will keep you comfortable all night long. The Thermolock ventilation tube prevents heat loss on cold nights, and on warm nights the bag can be unzipped at the bottom for ventilation. The durable Fiberlock construction ensures that the insulation won’t shift even after years of use, and the QuickCord system makes it easy to pack the bag. Coleman Biscayne Big and Tall sleeping bag is designed for temperatures up to 40°F.

The sleeping bag is perfect for summer camping. It is not designed for frosty weather, but it is perfect for normal summer camping. It is big, but not too big for a tall person. It is designed for height up to 6 feet 4 inches. The material inside is soft and warm and can be fully unzipped. The sleeping bag itself is a bit bulky and too big to strap to the bottom of a backpack, but it is perfect for car camping

  • It’s durable;
  • Very comfortable.
  • Bulky.

8. BISINNA XXL Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults (Plus Size),3-4 Seasons

This sleeping bag is made of 190T polyester and hollow cotton, with a skin-friendly sponge lining that is especially suitable for sensitive skin, so you can have a relaxing and pleasant night’s sleep after a long day on the trail. It is also waterproof and weighs only 3.2 lbs, making it easy to carry.

The BISINNA envelope sleeping bag is much larger than ordinary sleeping bags on the market, at 230*100cm/90.55×39.37. It is very suitable for tall and large people and people who like to turn over during sleep. The XXL sleeping bag can be used for 3 seasons and is equipped with Velcro and a drawstring. It has a comfort temperature of 68°F (20°C) and an extreme temperature of 50°F (10°C).

BISINNA XXL Sleeping Bag(90.55'x39.37') for Big and Tall Adults,3-4 Seasons Plus Size Warm and Comfortable Waterproof Lightweight Sleeping Bag Great for Camping Backpacking Hiking Indoor & Outdoor
319 Reviews
BISINNA XXL Sleeping Bag(90.55"x39.37") for Big and Tall Adults,3-4 Seasons Plus Size Warm and Comfortable Waterproof Lightweight Sleeping Bag Great for Camping Backpacking Hiking Indoor & Outdoor
  • 【UNLOCK ANY SLEEPING POSITION】BISINNA envelope cotton sleeping bags are much larger than ordinary sleeping bags on the market. The size is 230*100cm/90.55"x39.37" and there is enough space for you to turn over at will. It is very suitable for tall and large people and people who like to turn over during sleep.

  • Great quality;
  • Good Quality product;
  • Plenty of room.
  • Not for cold weather;
  • Bulky.

What You Need in Addition to a Sleeping Bag

Spreading the sleeping bag on a bare ground might not bring the desired warmth. You may, likewise, end up settling on an uneven camping site, which will highly affect your comfort. This is what brings about the need to add a mat or a pad in your camping accessories.

A pad will work wonders in providing insulation beneath the bag, but multiple pads will enhance comfort even when lying on unlevelled grounds. Additionally, not all mummy bags for big guys are watertight, and the morning dew might get the better part of your sleep. But with the pad, that will be a non-issue. Therefore, ensure you make the right choice for the best outdoor experience.

Closing Remarks

As I wrap up my comprehensive review of the best sleeping bags for big guys, I hope you are now better equipped with the right information to venture into the saturated market and pick the correct item with ease. Camping is all about fun, but that’s impossible without comfort. Therefore, a choice on coziness comes first when making a sleeping bag purchase.

That said, I need to bring aboard the item I found to perfectly work for me. TETON XXL sleeping bag tops my selection, and it’s the best item to purchase. Comfort, proper size, and quality are the main features of the best sleeping bag, and the TETON XXL bag provides more than that.

It is portable and all-weather made. The cost is ideal to meet your strict budget limit with the soft interior lining present enhancing comfort in unimaginable ways. It is my number one recommended item, as it will leave you beyond expectations.

Lastly, ensure you buy a pad for enhanced comfort when sleeping. If you are a big guy, multiple pads will act as a better cushion in unlevelled grounds. Is there a sleeping bag you would recommend for the best camping experience? What are your favorite brands of such products? What features do you appreciate the most: low cost or durability? Please, share your thoughts.

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