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Best Backpacking Trowel: My Personal Top Ten List

backpacking trowel

Hello, I’m Travis, and I’m addicted to hiking. In fact, I’m so hooked on it that I can’t imagine ever quitting. Now that I’ve been doing it professionally for years, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing like pursuing your goal through the hardships of the trail and then, finally, arriving at the destination safe and sound. …

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Best Backpacking Axe Reviewed: Lightweight Hatchets for Camping Trips & Outdoor Adventures


Hey there. Travis Holloway here. In case you forgot my story, I’m going to remind you of it in a few words. I’m a hikaholic. Hikomaniac. Professional one, I might add. Joking aside, I know all there is to know about hiking and camping, for my experience in outdoor trips and adventures is impressively vast. …

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