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Women’s Hiking Socks: Time-Proven Quality Pairs to Wear

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No matter what cool equipment you have, and how carefully you plan your trip, getting a callus, scuff, or a worn cushion under your thumb can spoil your vacation. Leg problems are a serious thing that many travelers do not count when preparing for a trip, and then, without the right clothing, they have hard times. That is why it is so necessary to wear proper shoes for hiking and, what is even more important, good socks.

For many experienced tourists, a rule has long existed that there are never too many socks. These items do not take up space in your backpack and weigh nothing. So, even for a week’s hike, you can take up to five pairs with you easily. During the day, you can change a pair of socks to keep your legs dry. Thus, while walking in fresh socks, you can get the previous pair air-dried by tucking it under the straps of the backpack.

Even slightly damp socks can lead to calluses, which then will tear off to the blood. Also, items made of low-quality materials will not protect your feet but make them sweat and itch. That’s why it is extremely important to wear the right socks for hiking.

My name is Eddie, and I am a huge hiking enthusiast. As I have been a tourist for a long time, I find pleasure in sharing my hiking experience with people. I know how it can be challenging to find the best women’s hiking socks because, at the time, I have helped my female hiking mates in choosing the best pairs for their trips. Today, I want to mention the hiking socks for women that I found most durable, high-quality, and wear-resistant ones.

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A Helpful Women’s Hiking Socks Review: Top 13 Models to Wear

I have checked a lot of different hiking socks. Some of them were a total disappointment, and some turned out to be the best choice ever for female tourists. Therefore, here is the list of hiking socks for women that proved to be comfortable and durable.

CloudLine Merino Wool Socks – Topping Women’s Hiking Socks Reviews

Made with Merino wool, these CloudLine items are ultra-thin, but, at the same time, they have standard depreciation throughout the socks. They can quickly absorb moisture, and this model is antimicrobial, which I find great. With these socks, you get a large selection of vibrant colors to choose from.

These Merino wool socks come with a lifetime warranty. What is more, they are effortless to take care of as these items can be washed in a washing machine.

Even on cold nights in the mountains, you can be sure that these best women’s hiking socks will keep your feet warm. At the same time, they do not overheat legs in sunny weather, so it’s an excellent find for hike enthusiasts.

My friends shared that these socks are somewhat loose in ankles and calves. So, even if you go for your size, these socks may slip a bit. Overall, I’ve heard only good things about this model.

  • Very soft and thick;
  • Made of a wear-resistant material;
  • Can be washed in a washing machine.
  • Quite expensive;
  • Can be loose on small feet.

Darn Tough Women’s Wool Hiking Socks – A Great Cushioned Model

These Darn Tough women’s hiking socks contain 67% of merino wool, 29% of nylon, and 4% of Lycra Spandex. Thanks to the merino wool, they feel very soft and retain heat very well. These models come in a nice-looking palette of soft, deep colors.

What’s cool about these socks is that thin knitting makes these items close-fitting, so they are extremely comfortable and not too tight in the fingers. Darn Tough hiking socks don’t stretch too much, and merino wool guarantees antimicrobial and moisture-removing characteristics that will help to avoid odors.

My female tourist mate has been wearing a pair of these socks for several years, and this model keeps her feet warm in winter and comfortable in summer. Even after several weeks of hiking and traveling, these socks showed no signs of scuffing or thinning of the fabric on the heels. This product has a lifetime guarantee, and this is not just marketing.

These socks are very comfortable, almost seamless, so they have no friction points. They are soft and tight to the feet. You can safely go on multi-day hiking. Even when the shoes get wet, these socks will protect your feet against friction and save from hot spots and blisters. If you have problems with blisters and tired legs, these items can be a real salvation. They do not slip and twist, remaining fit throughout the day.

  • Have a lifetime guarantee;
  • Made of soft, natural materials;
  • Antimicrobial.
  • A little bit pricey.

Thorlos Women’s KXW Hiking Socks – The Item with Maximal Cushion

Thorlos KXW women’s hiking socks are made of 85% acrylic and nylon. Designed for a woman’s leg, they come with an elastic ankle zone and a smaller heel pocket. Thor-Lon fibers are designed to keep moisture away and keep your feet dry.

I bought these socks for my female friend back in 2013, and this year, I bought an extra pair. I did it not because the previous ones got worn out, but because the friend asked me to buy them so that she could have these socks for the future.

For hiking socks to last longer, I advise using gentle detergents and turn the fabric inside out when washing in a washing machine. These items can lose elasticity if washed at high temperatures. If washed correctly, they will serve for a very long time and fit snugly to feet.

If you have ever used Thorlos products, you are aware of their legendary upholstery of the heel and forefoot, which protect against blisters. It is advisable to wear them with shoes that have extra space since these socks are very dense. To conclude, Thorlos women’s hiking socks are worth the price.

thorlos womens Kxw Max Cushion Crew hiking socks, Khaki, Small US
  • Maximum comfort and protection for the woman on day hikes or extended backpacking.

  • Provide good protection to arcs and ankles;
  • Allow extra warmth;
  • Maximum cushion;
  • Wear-resistant.
  • Will wear out quickly if washed incorrectly.

DearMy Women’s Socks – The Best Women’s Hiking Socks for Hot Weather

The high-quality cotton used for this DearMy hiking socks protects your feet from sweating during hiking. Also, a Y-shaped heel with a ribbed arch provides the necessary comfort for long walks and trips. The model allows air circulation, although being pretty dense.

These socks do not slide and fit tightly to the lower part of the lower leg. They can also be washed in a washing machine and can be worn even for everyday shoes.

The design of these DearMy hiking socks is what attracts a lot of customers. Cute and unique, with a large selection of bright colors, these socks conquer not only their appearance. These are premium hiking socks suitable for any weather.

  • Durable;
  • Made of high-quality cotton;
  • Comfortable for trekking;
  • The best women’s hiking socks for hot weather.
  • May be too funky and bright for some people.

SeoulStory7 Mid Cushion Socks – Desert Hiking Socks Women’s Light Pair

SeoulStory7 hiking socks are one of the most professional and comfortable socks on the market. My female tourism mates noted that if they plan a difficult route or expect harsh weather conditions, they always take several pairs of these socks with them.

Although this model is mostly made of cotton, it is well-cushioned on the heels and protects the foot from painful blisters. Thanks to the spandex, these socks are elastic and support well the arches of the feet. It is a perfect pick for hiking, camping, or snowboarding. These items can be too warm to wear in hot weather, but they are ideal for cold temperatures.

These socks are soft and stitched. The colors are not too bright, and there is a variety of models in a pleasant, warm gamut of colors. SeoulStory7 women’s hiking socks keep their form and color for many seasons. They can be a bit tight at first but will fit your feet perfectly with time.

  • Five pairs in a pack;
  • A good price;
  • Ideal for cold weather;
  • Extra cushioning.
  • Not the best option for hot weather.

Women’s Feideer Cushion Socks – Among The Best Women’s Hiking Socks

These Feideer women’s hiking socks are made of cotton and polyester fiber. With the Mash Ventilation Zone technique, these socks will allow your feet to breathe. This model absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry through the whole journey.

This model has a thickened toe and heel to protect your foot from bruises and reduce friction. Elastic cuffs allow the socks to follow the shape of your feet and fit just right. I find these socks ideal for hiking, running, and trekking. Three pairs in a pack provide a backup option for a shift on the go.

Feideer hiking socks are high-quality, thick, and comfortable. It is worth noting that they are of an ideal height to complement ankle boots.

  • Made with a Mash Ventilation Zone technique;
  • Good for long trips;
  • Little compression;
  • Reduce friction.
  • The price is a bit high.

SeoulStory7 Women’s Cushion Hiking Socks – The Most Durable Model

Here is another SeoulStory7 company’s product that is worth your attention. These socks are mostly made of cotton with added spandex and polyester. A heel cushion prevents socks from slipping, protects your feet, and prevents blisters. I find all the color designs available very stylish. However, this model is rather made for thin ankles, so be careful when buying.

These socks will keep your feet warm in cold weather, while also protecting you from high humidity. If you are planning a trip for a couple of days, SeoulStory items are the products you have been looking for. These socks are extremely soft and breathable.

  • Can be washed in a washing machine;
  • Ensure an optimal temperature to your feet;
  • A great design;
  • Five pairs in a pack.
  • Very thin around ankles.

Yuedge Multi Performance Socks – One of the Best Women’s Hiking Socks

These are cotton, thus, extremely lightweight trekking socks. This model is made of soft combed cotton and has a perfect cushioning, so you can go all day and have your feet cool and dry.

These Yuedge socks look great, and many users like their bright colors. The model is ideal for a variety of sports activities and even everyday wear. The socks are thin, but fitted with cotton linings underfoot, which provides additional hiking comfort. They are quick-drying and breathable because of a thin knit and breathable mesh, so Yuedge Multi Performance socks are comfortable for both hiking and daily sports.

YUEDGE Womens Black Training Athletic Socks Moisture Wicking Cotton Crew Socks Cushioned Casual Women Socks for Women Size 6-9, 5 Pairs/Pack
174 Reviews
YUEDGE Womens Black Training Athletic Socks Moisture Wicking Cotton Crew Socks Cushioned Casual Women Socks for Women Size 6-9, 5 Pairs/Pack
  • 【Combed Cotton Socks】Comber removes short fibers of cotton fibers, leaving long, clean fibers, featuring better yarn quality. Women's crew socks made of combed cotton yarn are quality in terms of texture, washability, and durability. Stronger and softer than regular cotton socks. Medium Thick terry socks. Polyester-coated nylon used for the bottom yarn, which stretches well without binding the foot. Women's athletic socks use lycra yarn as elastic band to maintain high elasticity and longevity.

  • Nice designs;
  • Five pairs in a pack;
  • Provide a solid support;
  • Wear-resistant;
  • Made of cotton.
  • A tight grip on the ankle when wearing for the first time.

Darn Tough Vermont Socks – Amazing Black Wool Hiking Socks Women’s

I want to list another pair of Darn Tough hiking socks that are also worth becoming your pick. This model is also made of 67% merino wool and 29% nylon. The antibacterial material protects your feet of unpleasant odors. The height of these socks is not too high or too low, so they are ideal for both sneakers and hiking boots.

Good cushioning allows optimal leg support and ankle fixation. These socks do not slip and will protect your feet from rubbing.

Although being thin, these Darn Tough Vermont women’s hiking socks are extremely soft and comfortable. Moreover, they are breathable and quick-drying. If your legs are often cold, these socks are simply irreplaceable.

DARN TOUGH (Style 1903) Women's Hiker Hike/Trek Sock - Moss Heather, Medium
325 Reviews
DARN TOUGH (Style 1903) Women's Hiker Hike/Trek Sock - Moss Heather, Medium
  • Midweight with Cushion - A warm and extremely comfortable choice when conditions demand it, this fine gauge knitted sock provides mid-level cushion density under your foot. True Seamless technology allows for an undetectable seam fusion for an Ultra-smooth, invisible feel.

  • Extremely soft;
  • Quick-drying;
  • Keep a stable temperature to your feet.
  • Expensive.

Solax 72% Merino Wool Hiking Socks – Perfect Women’s Wool Hiking Socks

Solax hiking socks are another high-quality woolen pair to notice. This model is multifunctional and suitable for hiking, sports, and everyday use. These socks are super warm thanks to merino wool used, so I have included this item in my review. Solax company is known for caring much about the quality of their products.

These socks are very comfortable, not too hot, and can be washed in a washing machine. They do not lose their appearance with time, and, during any activity, they are tight-fitting.

The model is seamless, which brings increased comfort for wearing these socks for a trip of any length. They don’t fit too tightly on calves and can be easily worn with ordinary shoes.

No products found.

  • Woolen fabrics;
  • Durable;
  • Have a good fit.
  • A bit expensive.

Yuedge Women’s Cotton Socks – Perfect for Hiking and Outdoor Sports

This Yuedge model has a breathable fabric, and the socks are soft and comfortable. Elastic ribbons for the arches at the feet help the socks to fit snugly without causing a feeling of tightness. A thicker texture of these socks compared to other models allows protecting from hitting and reducing friction.

The comfort level provided by these socks is excellent, according to my friends. The socks fit firmly to the ankles so that they do not slip in the boots. Moreover, these hiking socks are also suitable for a variety of sports.

  • Nice fit to the ankles;
  • Suitable for various sports;
  • Made of breathable, soft fabric;
  • Three pairs in a pack.
  • These socks are not that warm as compared to other models.

Darn Tough Cushion Toe Socks – Great Items for Female Tourists

These socks are made with lycra, merino, wool, and nylon. Thus, you expect them to be soft and warm. As the Performance Fit technology was also used for this model, these socks do not slip and twist. Thin knitting creates a feeling of bare feet, as well as the seamless sewing method used. Merino wool allows air circulation and comfortable wearing.

These Darn Tough hiking socks have comfortable cushions inside and tightly looped knitwear on the outside. Compared to the model mentioned previously, these socks do not keep warmth much because the percentage of wool in the composition is quite low. However, they are great for hiking in a warm season and various sporting activities.

  • Come in stylish colors;
  • Comfortable cushions;
  • Ultra-soft;
  • Have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Made with the use of synthetic fabrics.

Smartwool Outdoor Light Crew Socks – A Nice Women’s Model for Hiking

All Smartwool products are always high-quality ones. These socks may seem quite expensive, but the brand and the quality behind it are worth the price.

These socks will easily protect your feet in harsh weather conditions, retain heat, and do not wear out after a hiking season. Make sure to wash these items in cold water so that they could keep their appearance for a long time. These amazing Smartwool women’s hiking socks allow feet to breathe and are suitable for both sneakers and lace-up winter boots.

Smartwool Women's Hike Medium Crew Everglade S
  • This sock by Smartwool has a flat knit toe seam for less bulk and medium cushioning

  • The quality is worth the price;
  • Won’t wear out shortly;
  • Made of breathable materials.
  • Extremely expensive;
  • Should be washed in cold water only.

All You Need to Know About Hiking Socks: Answering Common Questions

Here is some helpful information on how to choose the best hiking socks. Read the answers below to learn more about this type of socks and how to pick the best pair.

What Kind of Socks Are Best for Hiking?

When selecting the right hiking socks for yourself, I recommend paying attention to the following aspects:

  • Buy camping socks size by size, like shoes. Hiking socks should not frown on feet, nor should they tighten your ankle.
  • All seams, if any, should be outside so that they don’t make your feet uncomfortable. Trekking socks are generally seamless as this type of socks is made using circular knitting technology. But on some models, you can notice seams on the toes or the top trims. If the seam is located inside, consider purchasing another model.
  • I advise choosing a pair of thermal socks for hiking or trekking. For instance, socks for gym or running have a different structure than items for hiking. They have different applications and, thus, different characteristics.
  • Choose hiking socks after purchasing or deciding on the shoes for your trip. Socks should not be shorter than your shoes, as well as not rise much above them. The toes should fit perfectly into the boots and not catch on the inside of the insole.

Should Hiking Socks Be Thick or Thin?

Both options are good for hiking, and the choice mostly depends on the time of the year you plan to travel and the material used for making socks. For example, thick socks are good shock absorbers in the event of a kick or if you feel the pressure on the top of a high boot. But their air permeability is reduced. Thin socks, on the other hand, allow air circulation but may not keep the warmth weel. A compromise solution is a pair of socks with cushioned soles that will perfectly conduct air and protect the feet at the same time.

Are Hiking Socks Necessary?

It is important to go for socks manufactured for a certain type of sports, for instance, trekking, skiing, etc. For almost every type of activity, the most suitable models have been already made. For a reason, there are socks for football, volleyball, running in the gym – and running in the fresh air, skiing, snowboarding, among others.

By creating socks for different activities, manufacturers were able to take into account all the nuances of shoe models for certain sports and make the best corresponding socks for it. Thus, socks for hiking serve their purpose the best way, so it is definitely worth going for a pair when planning trekking. Moreover, thermal socks, in addition to removing moisture, will serve for a long time and protect your feet from friction and pressure of the boots.

Can You Wear Ski Socks for Hiking?

All specific-purpose socks have strong frames of reinforced threads. These frames are the reason for the very long service of such socks. Other materials are directly woven into these frames, and they are divided into zones. These zones and materials are different for ski and trekking socks.

When you are hiking in a park or mountains, your toes get loaded in different zones and with different intensities. When socks get rubbed either on the fingers or the heels, it indicates that there is increased friction. In this regard, on the trekking socks, you can notice special wear-resistant threads in these areas, which are woven to save feet from friction and the quick wearing of socks.

In ski boots, however, the load is different as nobody walks in the mountains in them. While riding, you get the main load on the ankles in the upper parts. For reducing the pressure in these areas, skiing socks are made with certain soft seals on the toes that allow comfortable riding. In addition, ski socks, as a rule, are not socks but golfs, unlike trekking socks. So, you can wear ski socks for hiking in case of an emergency, but it would be better to get the right pair for this purpose.

Final Words on the Best Women’s Hiking Socks

If you plan to go for a walk in a park or have a short trip to the surrounding areas, then, perhaps, you don’t need any special equipment or specific clothing items. However, if you are going to spend a day or few in constant motion and enjoy your hiking trip, it is essential to go for the right clothes, shoes, and, what is the most crucial, high-quality hiking socks.

No matter if you consider going hiking, trekking, participating in sporting events such as orienteering competitions in the forest or city, marathons, bike races, alpine races, etc.), the right hiking socks is a must. In this article, I have tried to cover all the durable and comfortable socks for female tourists. I hope that after reading this post, you have successfully selected the best pair of socks for yourself or your mates.

Don’t you think that a proper selection of socks for hiking is as important as wearing proper boots? Do you wear simple socks or hiking ones while taking a trip? Have you tried any of the socks reviewed here? Share your experience and thoughts with readers and me as below, where you can find an open comment section.

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