About me

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to my blog. My name is Travis Holloway, I am 30 years old, and I am a professional hiker. Since my childhood, I have been an active sport lover who has tried various disciplines. My hiking career started at school: my first trip happened when I was 10, and this was just enough for me to start attending hiking courses and become absolutely mad about this inspiring activity.

I go on trips with my friends from time to time. Some of these guys are really making me proud: at the very beginning, they were so afraid of the wild that the last thing they wanted to see in their life is me driving by their home with tents in my truck. But now they are so mad keen on it that I don’t even recollect all our trips.

The main reason why I’ve decided to create this blog lies in the lack of trustful articles about hiking on the Internet. I was shocked to find out that the vast majority of authors apparently do not know anything about hiking. I’ve stumbled upon tons of useless or even potentially harmful advice around the web. I’m trying to change this situation by sharing my love of hiking with you with a bunch of regular helpful articles.

Here, I speak of the best products for hiking, share tips on choosing equipment and interesting hiking stories, and help rookies to become familiar with this breathtaking experience.

Feel free to write me: [email protected]