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If you love camping, you will need to find a suitable sleeping bag. It is vital to select a sleeping bag that is suitable for the season. Otherwise, you may have to suffer from extreme heat or extreme cold, and that can be detrimental to your health and camping experience. In this guide, I will take you through some of my favorite sleeping bags.

I have traveled to many parts of the world. As a dedicated hiker, I have had the chance to try out many different sleeping bags. I have camped a lot in the summertime and have used various sleeping bags. Through this experience, I have been able to determine the most critical factors to consider when selecting a sleeping bag.

One of the most important factors you should consider is the weight of the sleeping bag. A heavy bag will be challenging to carry around and can easily ruin your trip. You should also consider the size of the sleeping bag. You can get a wide bag which allows you to turn easily when sleeping. Also, make sure the bag is long enough to accommodate your height. Let’s have a look at the best sleeping bags for summer.

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The Top 11 Sleeping Bags for Summer

There are many excellent sleeping bags on the market. In this section, I will cover the ones I liked the best.

Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag- Best Sleeping Bag for Summer Camping

In my opinion, this is the overall best sleeping bag for summer camping. It keeps you cool throughout the night and will offer you an excellent user experience. Washing is a breeze and carrying it is very simple. I have also noted that it works well in all types of weather, including extreme cold.


  • It is made of polyester and hollow cotton, and this construction makes it one of the lightest sleeping bags you will ever find.
  • The material is easy to wash and can even be wiped down in most cases. For serious washing, you can use a washing machine.
  • These sleeping bags are designed to maintain a constant temperature, even when the outside temperature is scorching hot.
  • The material used in its construction is highly breathable, so it will keep you cool till you wake up.
oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag - 3 Season Warm & Cool Weather - Summer Spring Fall Lightweight Waterproof for Adults Kids - Camping Gear Equipment, Traveling, and Outdoors
21,308 Reviews
oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag - 3 Season Warm & Cool Weather - Summer Spring Fall Lightweight Waterproof for Adults Kids - Camping Gear Equipment, Traveling, and Outdoors
  • USED FOR 3 SEASONS:Our Sleeping Bags can be used for 3 seasons.They are designed for 10~20 Degrees Celsius. Moreover, these bags also have a weather-resistant design to keep you warm even in extreme conditions and prevent you from any dampness - this is achieved through double-filled technology.our sleeping bags are designed to ensure that after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, travel or any other exploration you can get a good and relaxing night’s sleep.

  • Machine-washable;
  • Good for warm and cold weather;
  • Extremely comfortable to sleep in;
  • Zipper at the bottom which can help to control the temperature inside, so you can cool down your feet easily;
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Not suitable for tall people.

WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag- Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Summer Camping

This product also has a 100% money-back guarantee, and even though it is advertised primarily as a sleeping bag for cold weather, I have had excellent experiences using it in the summer. I noticed that this sleeping bag is much cheaper than other similar products. But it is of very high quality and has a well-thought-out design.


  • It comes with top and bottom zippers which can be used to adjust the temperature
  • It has a vent that helps to lower the temperature
  • It is water-resistant
  • It can be cleaned with a washing machine
  • It comes with two bags for easier transportation
Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, It's Portable and Lightweight for 3-4 Season Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Backpacking and Outdoor
  • High-quality material: 350T Polyester with coating shell makes the sleeping bag ultra soft, waterproof and rip-stop, So it can keep you warm even in extreme weather and prevent you from any dampness. Comes with 200G/㎡ Hollow Fiber fill which enhances non-allergetic, pro-environmental and better insulating performance. You'll feel comfortable when temperature is between 35F and 40F. But these are designed to keep the average sleeper warm even at near-freezing temperatures(20F).

  • Lightweight;
  • Compact and can be compressed;
  • Water-resistant;
  • It comes in different colors.
  • Will not easily fit in the smaller bag.

Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag- Best Sleeping Bag Summer Camping

In my opinion, this is the best sleeping bag for people who only camp in warmer months. If you occasionally camp in the cold, you will find it necessary to purchase a product that can be used in different seasons. Besides the design of the product, you will appreciate the friendly and helpful customer service from the seller. When I made my purchase, they engaged me in follow up emails on different subjects. You should follow the maintenance tips from the manufacturer as that will help you keep it for longer.


  • It has a thin construction, which makes it ideal for camping in warmer seasons
  • It has a temperature rating of 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The design makes it very light. You can easily carry it around when hiking and traveling.
  • Since it is made with 190T Ripstop Polyester, which is tear-resistant, you can expect the sleeping bag to last for a very long time, even if you camp frequently.
  • Measures 75 inches by 30 inches and is suitable for people of all sizes and heights.
Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor - Compact, Ultralight Sleeping Bag for Warm Weather - Camping Sleeping Bags for Warm Weather, Sleepovers, Fishing, Outdoor Camping and Hiking
  • Ultra Thin & Lightweight: The sleeping bags ultra-thin and lightweight design makes it perfect for use in the summer months. With a 100GSM filling it is perfect for warm weather camping, hiking and travelling

  • It can keep you cool in warm months;
  • Comfortable silk-like interior;
  • Tear-resistant;
  • Long-lasting.
  • The zipper does not feel high in quality.

BESTEAM Sleeping Bag- Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Camping in Temperate Climates

This is another excellent sleeping bag for warm-weather camping. It is manufactured by Besteam Sleeping Bags, and they always test their products before releasing them to the market. They also improve their products constantly, so you can be sure that you are getting an excellent product.


  • It is made with TC cotton and will block out any heat beyond 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Its temperature rating is between 59 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and this makes it ideal for summer.
  • Unzips into a large blanket
  • It comes with a compression sack with straps, which means you will not have to deal with a bulky product.
  • Two sleeping bags can be zipped together and will work as double sleeping bags.
  • Weighs only 1.54 pounds and will not weigh you down
  • It has a 100% hassle-free money-back guarantee
BESTEAM Warm Weather Sleeping Bag - Portable, Waterproof, Compact Lightweight, Packable with Compression Sack for Camping Backpacking Hiking, for Kids, Teens Adults - Spring Summer Fall(Orange)
  • ✅ WATERPROOF AND COMFORTABLE - Nylon outer & with soft Imitation silk cotton filling, 100% Polyester Pongee Lining(Breathable and skin-friendly) keep you warm and blocks out temperatures over 59 degrees to give you a warm, ultra-comfortable night's rest

  • It can be used as a double sleeping bag;
  • Comfortable interior made of cotton;
  • Lightweight;
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Will not suit large and tall people.

REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bags- Best Sleeping Bag for Summer Camping for Tall People

I would advise taller and larger people to go for this product. The only problem with the sleeping bag is that it is large and does not compress very well.


  • Measures 75 inches by 33 inches, meaning it is one of the few products that can accommodate people who are over 6 feet tall
  • It has a zipper that can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people.
  • It comes in two filling weights. One of them weighs 2 pounds, and the other has a filling weight of 4 pounds.
  • It can be used in places with temperatures of between 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
REDCAMP Outdoors Cotton Flannel Sleeping bag for Camping Hiking Climbing Backpacking, 3-season Trip Warm S Envelope Sleeping Bags 75 by 33 Inches (Navy Blue with 2lbs Filling)
  • Larger size and Softer Material: Size is 75"x33"/190cm x 84cm. REDCAMP sleeping bag for adults of 6 feet in tall. High-quality and durable 210T polyester ripstop fabric, waterproof and stands up to years of use. Constructed of soft liner and rebounded hollow cotton fiber increase warmth and comfort.

  • Large and can accommodate tall and large people;
  • It comes with different filling weights;
  • Easy to clean off;
  • It looks good.
  • Heavy;
  • Bulky.

UPSKR Sleeping Bag- Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags for Camping in all Seasons

In my opinion, these are the best lightweight sleeping bags for camping in all types of weather. If you don’t have a specific season for camping, you will enjoy using this product. Since it is water-resistant, it will also be usable in wet seasons.


  • It has holes on the sides which allow you to use your hands when in the bag.
  • It has anti-snag zippers on both sides of the bag.
  • It can be used in all four seasons.
  • At the edges of the bed, there are comfort cuffs which help to make the bed more comfortable.
  • It is made with adjustable drawstring hoods which can help to control the temperature in the sleeping bag
  • When compressed, the bag will only measure 9 by 12 inches, and that is an ideal size for people who move around a lot.

  • Machine-washable;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • Hands-free design;
  • All-weather.
  • Quite narrow.

WhiteFang Sleeping Bag- Best Sleeping Bag for Summer Camping for Minimalists

I would say that this is the best sleeping bag summer camping for people who value their freedom in the bags. This one allows you to walk and use your hands freely.


  • It has zippered holes on the side and feet area, meaning it can work as a sort of hoodie. The design also allows you to use your hands when in the bed.
  • It has drawstring hoods which allow you to manipulate the temperature by letting in as much air as you need
  • It has SBS double slider zippers which allow you to adjust the temperature in the bag.
  • It can be compressed to a size of only 14 inches by 8 inches, meaning it can be carried around easily. It weighs 3.3 pounds.
  • It is made of high-quality 210T polyester, which is tear-resistant.
WhiteFang Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack,Wearable Portable Lightweight and Waterproof for Adults & Kids,3-4 Season Mummy Sleeping Bags Great for Hiking, Camping and Outdoor, Navy Blue
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】– WhiteFang offers you a 100% risk-free shopping guarantee that you can buy with confidence. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, we will fully refund you or send a new replacement!

  • Covered by a 100% money-back guarantee;
  • Lightweight;
  • It compresses to a small size;
  • It allows you to use your hands and legs;
  • High in quality.
  • It might be heavier for long journeys.

Wenzel Moose Boys- Best Sleeping Bags for Summer Camping for Kids

Wenzel is an old and trusted manufacturer of sleeping bags, so you can expect their products to be of the highest quality. They are about 300 years old now and have developed a strong customer base. I can say that this is the best lightweight sleeping bag for summer camping with children. The designs will appeal to them, and they will also stay cool throughout the night.


  • It can accommodate kids of up to 5 feet tall
  • It is made with double zippers which can fully unzip to convert the bed into a blanket
  • It is made with fabrics that are quite breathable, and this helps to increase comfort in the night
  • It is made with 100% non-allergenic material, so it is safe for your child
  • It has a temperature rating of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it can be great for camping in the summer with kids.

  • It is made by an old and trusted company;
  • It can accommodate taller kids;
  • It can convert into a blanket;
  • Сompresses to a small size.
  • It takes long to wrap up the sleeping bag.

HONEST OUTFITTERS- Best Sleeping Bag Summer Camping for People on Tight Budgets

In my opinion, this is a great product for people who are operating under a tight budget. The guarantee on this product also appealed to me. They will offer a full refund on the sleeping bag if you do not like it, regardless of your explanation. Even more, they will allow you to keep the bag, so you will not incur any shipping fees.


  • It can be used for three to four seasons
  • The shell is made of water-proof 210T polyester material, meaning it can be used even in wet environments
  • The liner is made of polyester pongee
  • It has a pocket on the inside which can be used to store small items like phones and keys
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
HONEST OUTFITTERS Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, Envelope Portable and Lightweight for 3-4 Season Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Backpacking and Outdoor Activities (Single)
  • Ultra comfortable and warm sleeping bag: We use top grade material, the shell is waterproof 210 T Polyester, the liner is polyester pongee,it is soft and warm, and hollow fiber filling is super soft and warm. Mummy hood with drawstrings circle your head and keep warm.The draft tubes circle you round to keep cold out.

  • Affordable;
  • 100% money-back guarantee;
  • Pocket for storage of phone and other small items;
  • Water-proof.
  • The ropes don’t seem strong.

URPRO Sleeping Bag- Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags for Camping Security

In my opinion, this sleeping bag can be suitable for people who intend to camp in different seasons. The price is also quite low.


  • Designed to be used for three to four seasons. You will be able to use it in winter, spring, and autumn.
  • It can be compressed to fit in a carry bag that measures 9.7 inches by 15.7 inches, meaning it is not bulky
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds, meaning it can easily be carried around
  • It has a velcro lock, which ensures that the bag stays closed throughout the night. With this lock, none of the zippers will open by accident as you sleep.
  • It has double zippers that allow you to open and close the bag from the inside.
URPRO 1.6kg Sleeping Bag 3-4 Seasons Warm Cold Weather Lightweight, Portable, Waterproof Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack for Adults & Kids - Indoor & Outdoor: Camping, Backpacking, Hiking (Blue)
  • 1.Large And Comfortable - Sleeping bag dimensions :(74.8+11.9)+29.5 IN ; Weight : 1.6 KG /3.5 LBS. Carry Bag dimensions: 25 X40 CM /9.7 X15.7 IN;. This large sleeping bag gives you nice experience for sleeping in outdoor.

  • It can be used in different seasons;
  • Velcro lock;
  • Affordable;
  • Lightweight.
  • It may not be of the best quality.

Mummy Style Bag- Best Sleeping Bags for Summer Camping for People Who Value Style

As you may have guessed from the name, this sleeping bag comes in the shape of an Egyptian mummy coffin. In my opinion, this would be the best product for people who value style. It is also highly functional.


  • It has a heavy-duty design that is guaranteed to stand strong winds and extreme weather.
  • The outer material of the bag has a 190T Ripstop Nylon. This makes it highly durable, and you will also not worry about moisture as it is water-proof.
  • It has a temperature rating of between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The interior of the product is made using 190T polyester pongee, which feels like soft silk to add to your comfort.
  • The compression sack of this product is quite stylish and can easily be carried around. When the bag is folded and put in the sack, it weights about 3.1 pounds.
Sleeping Bag - Mummy Style, Waterproof, Portable, Lightweight 3-Season Outdoor Sleep Bag – Ideal For Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Backpacking, Men, Women, Kids - Heavy-Duty Ultralight Compression Sack
  • ★ AN ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES – Our premium sleeping bag is both weather and wind resistant, making it perfect for spring, summer and fall. Great for your hiking adventures, mountaineering trips and outdoor camping nights!

  • Nice look;
  • It сan be used in different seasons;
  • Lightweight;
  • Comfortable.
  • Too thin for colder weather.

Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag

Purchasing a camping sleeping bag is not a simple process. When selecting a sleeping bag, you should consider its weight, design, features, and size. Also, since you are planning to camp in summer, you should go for a product that has been designed for warmer temperatures. It is always better to buy products from old and well-known companies since they tend to have solid reputations.

The products listed in this guide are all very high in quality and will work well in summer. They are designed to keep you cool in warmer weather. If you are planning to camp in all seasons, you may consider buying sleeping bags that can be used all year round.

With this list of the best sleeping bags for summer camping, your shopping experience will be a lot simpler. I have to mention that my overall best product was the Oaskys sleeping bag. The material used to make this bag is highly breathable, so it will keep you comfortable and warm throughout the night.

Have you had the chance to try some of these bags? What was your experience? And do you have any other products you think I should have added to this list?

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