Best Solar Shower: The Convenience of Solar Shower Kits

Taking some time away from the bustle of the suburbs goes a long way in enabling us to cool off and recollect ourselves. For adventurous people like me, camping makes room to unwind, reflect on ourselves, and spend some good time with family and friends. I am a hiking enthusiast and go for at least two trekking trips each year to different destinations depending on local seasons. In these expeditions, outdoor shower kits are handy tools that help you freshen up even when away from home. Again, I have never found taking a shower in a public tent convenient for me, considering that mostly they are always congested and you have to line up and wait for your turn, this is besides having hygiene concerns.

Logistical issues are no longer a concern when it comes to the modern camping shower kits, as most have been designed to take less storage space and easy to carry around. Unlike when I started out camping, these days I don’t have to wait for the early birds to take a shower so that I can freshen up in a public shower room. Again, it’s now possible to enjoy a warm shower even when in the mountains, thanks to the solar heating functionality that warms water during the day.

Over the 30+ years I’ve been hiking, I’ve used different solar shower kits by deferent brands, and each was unique in its way. One irrefutable fact I’ve learned is that each unit with excellent benefits has a disadvantageous flipside, and an individual’s choice on which to settle for depends on the circumstances in which the solar camp shower will be used.

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10 Top Solar Showers Kits – Best Solar Shower Review

Taking note of my enthusiasm for trekking and having done it for many years, I have used numerous models of outdoor solar showers manufactured by different enterprises. Before writing this review, I have spent some right amount of time analyzing my experiences with these kits and shortlisted the ones which, in my opinion, are the ten best outdoor solar shower units. I will be noting down the top brands, their characteristic features, their upside and downside factors, and their suitability for different expeditions.

WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent – Portable Solar Shower Tent

Wolfwise is a pacesetter brand in the outdoor camping equipment market, as they demonstrate ingenious innovations in their designs and deliver quality products that can withstand the often-harsh outdoor conditions, which are typical of hiking experiences. I must say that the Wolfwise pop-up privacy shower tent is one of my favorite kits in this top 10 list, owing to several reasons I’ll be highlighting below.

The first factor has everything to do with ease of portability. Unlike with other bulky outdoor shower tents, this ultra-lightweight design kit is easy to carry on the back even when going uphill as it is folded down to take less space. Also, it comes with a 22.8 inches custom carrying bag to facilitate easier logistics. For one to use it, the tent is popped up, and this takes less than a minute. It is noteworthy that the unit doesn’t have any assembly process, therefore, making it easy to set up, use, and fold for storage.

This tent not only comes in handy during the shower but also serves as a shelter in harsh weather conditions such as extreme sunlight, rain, and snow. Made of polyester, the tent’s surface is water-resistant, and therefore, it will be dry inside. Also, the seams have been taped to restrain water from entering through the sew lines. The surface has been tinted with a silver shade to reflect away harmful sun rays, therefore protecting the inhabitant. Considering the harsh outdoor environments, the tent is made of an anti-tear material that is durable for heavy-duty service. My Wolfwise shower tent has served me for quite some time now, taking to note that I have used it in about eight expeditions.

The tent’s frame comprises of strengthened steel which is not susceptible to rusting and breakages. Some of the accessories that come with the unit include a removable mat, which is ideal when taking shelter during extreme weather, a single clothesline convenient for hanging apparels when taking a shower and a single side bag, which comes in handy in storing personal items such as phones, a notebook or toothpaste. Another factor that sets the Wolfwise pop-up privacy shower tent apart is its high stability. The unit also comes with four stakes for pegging. Having a mesh top, the tent comes with a waterproof fly which is affixed to the top and can be used during rainy weather for shelter purposes.

In regards to spacing, the unit has dimensions of 47.2 inches by 47.2 inches by 74.8 inches, giving it the ideal capacity to comfortably shelter one person. Space is enough to facilitate movement when having a quick shower or when changing clothes. The design also features two zipper windows and solar system shower curtains which enable free circulation of air. Hence, the unit is well ventilated. The large entrance is ideal for individuals of all sizes. I would say that this model is a multipurpose unit, and with so many benefits it offers, it had to be featured in my best camping solar shower units. Here’s a summary of the benefits and the downsides.

WolfWise Dressing Tent Shower Privacy Portable Camping Beach Toilet Pop Up Tents Changing Room Outdoor Backpack Shelter Blue
  • ✪ UPF 50+ & WATER REPELLENT - The silver coated tent surface reflects sunlight to block up to 98% of the harmful UV rays, protecting the user from the unexpected burning sun. Made of water-repellent polyester with taped seams to keep the inner shelter dry.
  • ✪ SPACIOUS SPACE & PORTABILITY - The tent is 47.2" L x 47.2" W x 74.8" H when open, providing a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 1 person. Weighing just 4.8 lbs, it can be folded into a compact size of 23.2" L x 23.2"W x 1.4" H. Ultra-lightweight construction allows for easy transportation with included carrying bag.
  • ✪ UPGRADED VERSION - Compared to an ordinary shower tent, this one is specially designed with an additional rain fly attached on the top to prevent the light rain; 1 removable bottom mat to keep you clean; and 2 zipper windows to deliver great ventilation.
  • ✪ POP UP DESIGN & MULTI-USE - Easily pops up and folds down in seconds, no assembly required. WolfWise privacy tent offers a private space for potty use, camping showers and more. It is also ideal for road trips, outdoor shooting, kids’ playing, kids’ dancing competition, clothes vending stands, etc.
  • ✪ STABILITY - Constructed of galvanized steel for long-lasting performance, it can stand on its own, and is not easy to break and corrode. 4 stakes are equipped to ensure stability on windy days. 1 side bag and 1 clothesline meet your daily needs in the wild.

  • It is made of strong polyester material for durability and heavy-duty performance;
  • It does not have an assembly process;
  • It is lightweight for easier portability;
  • Water-resistant surface for shelter during rainy weather;
  • Comes with resourceful accessories such as a clothesline and a side bag.
  • It is pricy compared to competitor kits.

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump – Solar Camp Shower

Nemo is a leading brand in the pressure shower equipment industry, known for manufacturing items of superior quality. The innovatively designed Helio pressure shower unit, which also has a foot pump, is one of the essential camping equipment any hiker would need. Of all the pressure shower kits I’ve used over the years, this one stood out owing to the convenience and the high-end performance it offers.

Taking a look at its features, this shower kit has a larger capacity compared to rival units, seeing that it can hold up to 11 liters of water. The expanded capacity does not come at the expense of weight and portability as the unit is still easy to carry around. The tank is made of a synthetic insulating material, which is efficient in quick absorption of heat from the sun and retains it for hours, making it possible to heat water for an extended period.

Another incredible feature is the foot triggered pump. Unlike with other pumps which are controlled by hand, this unit makes it convenient for an individual to effortlessly pump water while using hands focused on the cleaning. This ingenious pump enables a steady flow of five to seven minutes and at the same time, allows pressure regulation. Noteworthy, the pump is fully pressurized, and this is ideal in ensuring the constant stream of water flow. On that note, one doesn’t have to go through the hassle of finding an elevated surface so that water can flow.

Suitable for easy portability, the shower unit has a carrying case which can be conveniently mounted on the back while on the go. The tank has a strong handle, which not only makes it easy to carry around but also contributes to the longevity of the equipment. A flexible seven feet hose delivers water from the tank to the nozzle, giving it a suitable length for use by individuals of all heights without straining. Besides taking a shower, I have also used this kit to rinse my gear while in the mountains. I would say that Nemo Helio portable pressure shower with foot pump is expedient equipment for hikers. Without any doubt, I would recommend it any time. The following is a summary of noted advantages and disadvantages.

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump, Periwinkle
  • LONG-LASTING HEAT - The high capacity, insulated 11-liter soft Helio tank heats water using sunlight; Heated water stays piping hot for hours so you can clean up on your schedule
  • SUPERIOR PRESSURE & CONTROL - Designed for ultimate user control, the hands-free foot pump provides simple flow regulation and strong water pressure just like your showerhead at home; Fully pressurized, the Helio provides a steady flow for 5-7 minutes
  • SHOWER ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - Ideal for camping, backpacking, rafting trips, music festivals, and adventure travel, all shower components stow in a durable, trail-ready carrying case that's effortless to pack in and out
  • VERSATILE DESIGN - Engineered with more in mind than just washing off backcountry grime, the Helio is a multi-use cleaning tool with enough water pressure and capacity to wash dishes, bath pets, rinse off gear, or water plants
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SYSTEM - The complete Helio system, including 11 liter tank, 7-foot hose with spray nozzle, foot pump, and compact carrying case, pack down to 8.5 x 5.5 inches with a combined weight of 1 lb 6 oz

  • Has a more substantial capacity of 11 liters;
  • Has a foot-triggered pressure pump that facilitates a steady flow of water;
  • The unit has a synthetic tank that efficiently absorbs heat and is reduced at dispelling it;
  • A conveniently long flexible hose tubing;
  • The unit comes with a strong casing for easy portability.
  • It is considerably costly compared to competitor products.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower

Advanced Elements is an enterprise that has successfully curved their niche in the camping equipment space, seeing that their Summer Shower kits are considered some of the best-selling solar-powered showering units in the market. This specific model has water carrying capacity of five gallons, and the tank has been designed to retain heat efficiently and to last long as it is made of four layers, which are quick to absorb heat but weak disseminators. It also has a trouble-free showerhead that is simple to use, giving the user an easy time to enjoy the moment.

The filling valve has been enlarged unlike in most outdoor mini shower tanks, and this makes filling water easier as spills are unlikely. One of the most significant advantages of this unit is its portability. The whole unit weighs just a pound and four ounces. Owing to its weight and size, it is quickly wrapped up and conveniently carried on the back as one hits the road. A convenient feature integrated on the tank is the water temperature gauge, which conveniently enables one to read the current temperature of the water before having a shower. There is also a little side pocket which is ideal for holding personal effects such as a toothbrush or soap.

The tank has a high-performance strap, which has excellent durability and is essential for hanging it. Though the unit does not carry a lot of water, I love it for its efficiency and high performance, when it comes to keeping water warm, durability, ease of use, and efficient portability. I recommend it for use by kids, small and middle bodied individuals. Let’s shift gears to the pros and cons.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower
  • 5-gallon outdoor shower powered by solar technology
  • 4-ply construction with reflector panel and insulator panel
  • Easy-to-use on/off showerhead and extra-large filling valve
  • Side pocket for soap and shampoo; water temperature gauge
  • Velcro straps for wash cloths; weighs 1 pounds 4 ounces

  • It has a four-layer tank which is efficient in absorbing heat;
  • It is conveniently one of the cheapest units in the market;
  • It is easy to use and ideal to carry around;
  • Has a side pocket for storage of personal effects;
  • Has a wide filling valve.
  • It does not have a pump and therefore needs to be elevated for water to flow;
  • It has a small size which in turn limits its suitability for use in different scenarios.

ELECTRFIRE Solar Shower Bag Camp Shower 5 Gallon

ELECTRFIRE is one of the dominating brands in the outdoor solar shower equipment niche. The ELECTRFIRE solar shower bag is another of my favorite outdoor solar-powered showering kit, having used it in several hiking expeditions. The primary component of the package is the sturdy water bag made of strong material, therefore enhancing longevity. The tank has a carrying capacity of five gallons, an ideal volume for carrying water for moderate usage. The durability of the kit is guaranteed, as it comes with strengthened handless and sturdy hose designed to withstand aggressive movements.

Also, the whole unit is majorly made of durable PVC materials which are known to be good absorbers of heat, and this enables the bag to heat water to up to 94℉ under 3 hours span in a sunny day. Just in case the water gets too hot, the bag has a temperature gauge to check the temperature before taking a shower. The shower bag has a resourcefully designed showerhead which gives the user an easy time controlling the speed and amount of water flowing. Also, the bag has a small side pocket that can hold a bar of soap and other personal effects when showering.

A tough handle strap has been used to not only facilitate durability but also comfort when carrying the bag. This ELECTRFIRE solar shower bag is one of the best that I’ve used so far, seeing that it offers reliable durability, comes with precautionary safety features such as the temperature gauge and is also easy to carry around. It is a unit that I would recommend to all adventurous individuals who are looking forward to taking some time away from home. Here are the notable winning points and disadvantages of this solar bag.

ELECTRFIRE Solar Shower Bag Camping Shower 5 gallons/20L Solar Heating Bag with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Outdoor Traveling Hiking
  • UPGRADED SHOWER HEAD: The upgraded shower head provides an easy-to-open/close switch with low to high water flow and easy rotation. Bring you a better shower experience!
  • SAFE AND LARGE CAPACITY: This solar camping shower is equipped with a thermometer for water quality monitoring to ensure safe use. It can carry up to 5 gallons of water for outdoor showers, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing shower anywhere.
  • HEATS WATER:This camping shower is made of PVC non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, which can effectively absorb solar energy and heat the water inside the bag. In the case of direct sunlight, it heats the water to 94°F/45°C within 3 hours.
  • STORAGE BAG: Our solar shower bag front pocket is designed to hold soap, shampoo and other shower accessories.
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE: The camping shower bag with powerful handle and reinforced plastic tube makes it more durable, while the front pocket is designed to help you keep soap, shampoo and other shower accessories.

  • Has a temperature gauge to indicate the temperature of the water for precautionary purposes;
  • It is made of a durable PVC material which is a good absorber of heat, therefore facilitates faster heating of water;
  • Comes with a side pocket for convenient storage of effects such as soap;
  • Has an ideally designed showerhead which has an on/off mechanism for regulating the amount of water;
  • Its lightweight build facilitates easier portability.
  • It does not have a pump, hence needs to be elevated to use.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower – Best Portable Solar Shower

Sea to Summit pocket shower kit is one of the most popular outdoor shower units, and one of the most used during hiking and trekking expeditions. With a 10-liter capacity, this Rei solar shower tank delivers a flow of up to 8.5 minutes with the tap opened to the maximum position. The showerhead has a unique design, seeing that it has graduated openings which facilitate even dispersion of water.

Another cool thing worth mentioning is that the pocket shower’s pouch can serve as a carrying bag to store or carry other items such as a sleeping bag. One of the things I don’t like about this outdoor shower kit is that it doesn’t have a pumping unit, and therefore has to be placed on elevated ground or hanged to function. I find this tiring and bothersome and can be a real disadvantageous to individuals of short stature.

Other than that, the unit offers excellent performance, a 10-liter tank supplying a constant water flow for 8.5 minutes is a big deal. I recommend the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower to hiking enthusiasts who love outdoor experiences. Here’s a list of the advantages and cons.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower
  • Super compact and light: zips into a pouch that measures only 3” x 6” and weighs just 4.25 ounces
  • Gives about an 8 and a half minute shower with shower head fully open
  • Contoured shower head with graduated apertures for equal spray dispersion
  • Simple and easy-to-use twist mechanism for turning on/off and for flow adjustment
  • For multi-function, the Pocket Shower can also be used as a regular dry sack to transport clothes or sleeping bag

  • It is made of a lightweight material for which makes it easily portable;
  • It comes with a carrying pouch;
  • The tank is made of strong material for extended durability;
  • Gives a flow of up to 8.5 minutes when opened to the maximum position;
  • Has strong straps for longevity.
  • It’s a bit expensive;
  • It has to be elevated for it to work.

Camco White 51368 Solar Camp Shower

Camco, despite being a relatively young player in the market, has an excellent reputation for manufacturing cheap but excellent quality camping equipment and more so outdoor shower units. The Camco White 51368 Solar Camp Shower is a model I particularly like, considering the exceptional performance and the fact that it is one of the cheapest shower kits one can find in the market. Looking at its specific features, the kit is made of a strong, non-toxic PVC surface, which is a good absorber of heat.

Under direct sunlight, the bag heats water much efficiently compared to other shower kits. However, it is noteworthy that it does not retain the heat longer in the absence of sunlight, and therefore, one will need to use it soonest possible. Unlike in some of the shower kits, this one does not have a pumping unit and thus making it necessary for one to hang it as it operates with the aid of gravity. On that note, the bag has a sturdy strap handle, which makes it secure to hang the bag without any significant risk of breaking.

In addition, it has a convenient control valve which enables one to open, close, and even to regulate the quality of water flowing. It has a capacity of 5 gallons, and this offers a few minutes of flow when taking some time to freshen up. My experiences with this shower bag have been great, as it is very light to carry around, considering no hiker wants any extra load on their back while climbing a mountain. Here’s a summary of the noted advantages and disadvantages.

Camco Outdoor Natural Solar Shower with On-Off Valve for Campsites - Holds 5 Gallons of Water, Sufficient for 3-4 Showers, Excellent for Camping, Hiking, RVing, and Traveling (51368)
  • Black bag heats up water in the sun
  • Non-toxic, UV-resistant PVC material
  • On/off valve for controlled water flow
  • Integrated handle for hanging
  • 5-gallon capacity

  • It is made of a strong, non-toxic material which guarantees durability;
  • Has a strong handle strap which makes hanging easy;
  • It is easy to use owing to the control valve for regulating the water flow;
  • It is small and lightweight hence easy to carry around;
  • The surface is an efficient absorber of heat, hence gets the water warm in the shortest time possible.
  • It does not have a foot pump, and therefore it must be hanged for it to function.

Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower – Best Outdoor Solar Shower

The Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower is one of the outdoor shower kits with the most straightforward functionality and most easy to use, the reason why it made it to my top 10 list. It is a budget kit and comes in handy where there’s no large-scale need for water as it only carries up to 2 liters.

The reason why I loved it when I first used it is because of the great convenience it has, as all I had to do was pull it out from the bag, attached my water bottle and there I could have a shower instantly without a lot of assembly procedures. The shower kit weighs just 2oz, making it ideal for exhausting expeditions. Again, its usage is not limited to taking a simple shower, but can also be used to clean equipment while on a hiking adventure. Let’s see the pros and cons of the kit.

Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower
  • Turns Most 1 or 2 Liter Bottles (Including Platypus Collapsible Bottles & Bladders) Into A Portable Shower
  • Lightweight (Only 2oz) - Makes For A Easy Camping Shower
  • Easy To Use: Simply Hold It Above The Area To Be Washed & Turn Upside Down For A Steady Stream Of Water
  • Made In The USA From Recycled Materials: Cleaning The World One Bottle At A Time!
  • Multiple Uses: Great For Washing Pets & Sandy Beach Toys

  • Has a lightweight making it easy to move around with;
  • It is easy to use;
  • It doesn’t have a tiresome assembly procedure;
  • It can be used for different purposes other than taking a shower.
  • It has a small carrying capacity;
  • It is handheld and therefore not convenient when taking a full shower.

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag, 10 Gallons – Best Solar Shower Bag

RISEPRO Solar Shower bag in a heavy-duty kit with incredible performance, thanks to the ingenious design and high-quality materials used to manufacture it. If you intend to take full showers up om the mountains, this solar shower unit is one of the best you can find. It has a large carrying capacity of 10 gallons and made of a strengthened waterproof material, which is safe in regards to human health. With the sturdy characteristic of the surface, you can be guaranteed of having the kit around for quite a long time without tearing or occurrence of leaks.

In a sunny day, it will take only three hours for the water to be heated to 45℃, that’s to the efficient surface made of a durable PVC material, which is known to be a good absorber of heat. Also, the design has been done in such a way that the bag won’t lose heat rapidly when the sun goes down, so one can finish working on their errands and later take a shower at their convenience. In addition, the bag has an integrated water temperature gauge, which is resourceful in letting the user know the temperature of the water before using it. In one of my expeditions, I could use the indicator to read the temperature of the water, and this enables me to know when to take a shower before the water got mild.

Again, it enabled me to know when the water was too hot to shower with it safely. Offering excellent control, the showerhead has an on/off tap, which also allows one to regulate the amount of water flowing. Noteworthy, the unit is lightweight and therefore, easily portable. The handle straps attached to the upper part of the bag are sturdy, making the bag secure when hanging. For the incredible performance it delivers, this shower unit costs less compared to other similar products in the market. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending it. Here are the good and the bad factors about the unit.

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag, 10 gallons/40L Solar Heating Camping Shower Bag with Temperature Hot Water 45°C Hiking Climbing XH07
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS – This shower bag is made by environmental friendly and leak proof materials. The materials used are safe to human health and make the bag highly durable!
  • JUMBO WATER CAPACITY – This jumbo size bag can easily carry up to 10 GALLONS (40Liters) water for showering at remote areas! A nice and refreshing shower anywhere!
  • SMART HEAT ABSORBING DESIGN – The SMART black PVC material can efficiently absorb the solar energy to heat up the water inside the bag. It heats water to 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours with direct sunlight.
  • TEMPERATURE INDICATOR – There is a temperature indicator (°C/°F) attached onto the bag. No more guessing on water temperature at remote area!
  • ADVANCED SHOWER HEAD – This advanced shower head offers an easy ON/OFF switch with LOW to HIGH water flow. Brings you a much better showering experience!

  • Has a large capacity of 40 liters;
  • It is made of a durable PVC material for enhanced durability;
  • It has a convenient showerhead with an on/off the faucet for water flow regulation;
  • It has strong handle straps for safe hanging;
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • It does not have an integrated pump.

KingCamp Solar Shower 20 Liter / 5 Gallon – Best Solar Camp Shower

This solar shower kit by KingCamp is among those with the coolest designs and high durability currently in the market. The KingCamp Solar Shower bag is one of my favorites in this list, and I’ll tell you why. First, its structural design is a way that guarantees longevity. The surface is made of both PVC and polyester materials in its trilayers, giving it a tough resistance to wear and tear. In addition, these materials enable the bag to trap heat from the sun and therefore gets water to warm much faster compared to other solar kits.

The strong hanging strap is an essential feature that enables one to hang the bag while showering without fear of it breaking. There is a small side pocket integrated on the side of the bag where one can conveniently store items such as a toothbrush. The bad also has an ideally large filling valve which not only makes it easy to fill the bag but also to clean it. The whole package comes with a mesh bag, which is essential in the carrying and storage of the solar shower bag. Here are the winning points and downsides of the kit.

KingCamp Portable Outdoor Solar Shower 20 L / 5 gallons with Temperature Gauge
  • SOLAR SHOWERS: Requires no batteries or electricity, without fire, without butane gas, you can also get warm water just because of the great SUN. The solar shower is great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn't available.
  • ENJOY YOUR TIME: Just fill it with water, lay it on plat surface, and expose back side to direct sunlight. Then enjoy your outdoor life! After enjoying your outdoor activities, take a shower or simply wash your hands and face, you will feel the gentle water flow and suddenly relaxed.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: With polyester + PVC + PVC three layer structure, this solar shower bag is really durable and can help you get the warm water faster. And it has a switchable shower head and with a temperature gauge for safe using. Mesh pocket for your toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothpaste or toothbrush. Strong wide carrying handles for reliable hanging and carrying. Velcro on both sides can fix the bag perfect with the hanging cord.
  • EASY OPERATION AND CLEANING- Large filling valve with twist-off cap for easy filling water. The flexible shower hose with screw on/off shower head makes showering a breeze. You're supposed to mix baking soda and warm water together and swish it around in the bag/run it through the hose.... then hang it up to dry out. It comes with a mesh bag for easy storage.
  • TEMPERATURE LABEL AND HOLDS 5.28 GALLONS: Enough water for multiple showers. Ideal for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, barbecues, picnics etc. With the temperature label design, this solar shower bag is really stylish and useful, please read it before get burnt.

  • Made of a durable tri-layer PVC and polyester surface for greater longevity;
  • It features a resourceful side pocket for storage of personal effects;
  • Has a large filling valve for more natural filling and cleaning;
  • It is compact, and therefore makes it easy to carry around;
  • It is simple to use.
  • It does not have a pumping system;
  • It is relatively expensive in comparison to competitor kits.

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower – Best 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower

The Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower is a favorite for many adventure enthusiasts, as it is a reliable unit that can keep up with intense outdoor conditions in the wild. This solar water heater outdoor shower has a capacity of 5 gallons, and this can hold water enough for several partial showers before the day ends. The bag has been designed to last long, seeing that has a sturdy surface and a robust handle convenient for carrying around and handing.

The flexible has an efficient showerhead integrated, and this has an on-off tap, which is essential in controlling the quantity of water flowing at a time. Besides showering, the bag can be used for other purposes such as cleaning hiking items. It is a shower kit I would recommend any day. Let’s see what its pros and cons are.

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower
  • Holds 5 gallons—enough water for multiple showers
  • Uses solar energy to heat water
  • Strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying
  • Handy on/off valve connected to shower head
  • Great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn’t available

  • Made of a strong material to prevent tears;
  • Has a robust integrated handle that makes the bag safe to hang without breaking;
  • Has an on-off valve which is essential in regulating the amount of water flowing;
  • It is easy to use;
  • It heats water much faster owing to the polyester material used in the design.
  • It is considerably pricy.

Which Solar Shower Kit Best Suits Your Needs?

It is undeniable that solar shower kits are indispensable when it comes to outdoor adventures more so remote areas where there is no electrical grid coverage. You need to find a shower that is easy for you to carry around and one that is reliable in regards to performance. Now that you have an idea of the benefits and the disadvantages of the above kits, it should be much easier to pick one and go for it. Also, in case you might have used one or several of these solar kits, comment and share your experience below. What is your favorite one? Which features do you like the most? Happy expedition!

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