Best 3 Day Emergency Survival Kit: Why Is It So Crucial to Be Prepared

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The latest world events demonstrate that most of us are totally unprepared in times when disaster comes to our home. The tons of unfortunate and disastrous events at a large scale have happened only in the scape of a year – massive floods in Venice, fire breakouts in Australia, and, to make things worse, a pandemic COVID-19 aren’t making us feel better. The main reason why we are in such despair is our toral unpreparedness for global catastrophes.

Jokes aside, we are usually not even ready for simple flu, as not everyone has an emergency kit at home. So it’s not surprising that people tend not to think about vital things they should have to prolong and save theirs and their families’ lives when the danger comes. To be alert means to be confident about the future.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve been hiking and living actively. So now I’m well prepared for any unexpected circumstances and have a clear view of what first-aid kit and survival kit must contain to help you survive through at least the first 72 hours.

I’m also sad because the majority of people face hard times with bare hands. I’m here to help you learn how to get an emergency survival kit in no time and to make sure you have everything in it for any occasion. I’ve neatly selected top searched survival kits presented on Amazon to make it easier for you to choose wisely.

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Essential Kits to Have to Be Well-Prepared for Disasters

According to the Red Cross organization, any basic survival kit must contain a certain number of necessary things. Except for the basic supplies everybody should have in their bag, please keep in mind that you need to think of extra items to put in your bag. Make sure to consider the needs of each family member, whether it is special pills or allergies treatments.

Overall, keep the bag in the easy-to-access place (in a car, for example) to grab it easily and be able to use it when hard times come. An average kit should include the following items: flashlight, food and water supply, medical items, masks, aid kit, external batteries, a warm blanket, personal hygiene items, copies of documents and some extra money.

You can add some more items or check the full list on the official site of the Red Cross. You can prepare all of it and pack the emergency backpack yourself or find some kits online. Let’s look into the following list of survival kits that will help you get a better understanding of how it should look like.

1. First My Family All-in-One 1-Person Survival Kit

A good backpack which can be stored in your trunk or at the exit from the house in case of an earthquake or other emergency situations with a set of essentials designed for one person. The First My Family company has backpacks designed for four people, but this option is for one person, so double-check the amount of food and the amount of all things in the backpack (masks, rugs, etc.).

The backpack is specially made in bright red color so that it can be easily seen, but you can also get it in the green version. This package has a good pharmacy kit, which has everything for situations where first aid is needed. It also includes scissors, bandages and sanitizers, but it’s worth adding medicines that you personally take in order to make the kit more individual-crafted. Also in the backpack itself, you can find signal sticks and whistles, masks (which is getting even more relevant now but also helps in times of other disasters), signal mirrors, as well as a blanket and a flashlight.

Also, you will get food and water supply per 72 hours made by Datrex, so it doesn’t include any GMOs. The food kits have 2400-calorie bars with a pleasant taste of shortbread cookies, so you won’t stay hungry in hard times. In addition, body warmers were added to the kit, which is also very useful for emergency cases of frostbite. In the first-aid kit, you can find plasters, scissors, gauze, a bandage, and a whistle.

After frequent earthquakes and volcanoes awakenings, it’s nice to have one or more sets with you for backup, so prepare basic survival kits that you can personalize to fit your needs. You may need to add solar chargers, maps and documents to the set. For this, there is extra space in the backpack. The price for the basic set is quite adequate; there are many crucial things from the Red Cross list. At the same time, you can’t live through difficult times, leaving out any of the things from the kit. For the evacuation plan, it’s a pretty good basic set for one person.

First My Family All-in-One 1 Person, 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Kit for Family. Be...
349 Reviews
First My Family All-in-One 1 Person, 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Kit for Family. Be...
  • FIRST AID: When disaster strikes, minor injuries can quickly become major problems. Our disaster preparedness kit comes equipped with a 30-piece first-aid kit, glow sticks, whistle, work gloves and masks to help you stay safe.
  • WATER: In an emergency, one of the most important things to have on hand is clean drinking water. First My Family emergency kits are equipped with a 72-hour supply of emergency water.
  • FOOD: Time is of the essence during an emergency, and food is often forgotten. Our disaster survival kit comes with one 2400-calorie food ration packaged in an easy grab-and-go bag for added convenience.
  • SHELTER: When displaced by an emergency, you need the right tools to keep yourself safe and sheltered. Our disaster preparedness kits include a poncho, blanket, flashlight and multi-function outdoor camping tool.
  • WARMTH: Disasters can leave you exposed to the elements, which is why survival preparation is vital. Our emergency kit for natural disasters contains a body warmer to keep you warm.

  • Bright color for the bag to be easily detected when it’s needed;
  • Good pharmacy kit which includes all necessary items;
  • No GMO food supplies;
  • Body warmers.
  • Package only for one person.

2. Emergency Zone Urban Survival 72-Hour – Best 4-Person/3-Day Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit

You need to get used to the fact that unforeseen events can overtake the whole city, nation, or world at any time. From now on, your safety, calmness and life itself depend on you. You need to have at least some basic things (like a first-aid kit, a blanket and flashlights) to be on a hand reach. Also, if you want to be sure that you are fully prepared for any natural disaster, then this 72-hour set will help you out, no matter what is going on around you: whether it is pandemic, tsunamis, wildfires or hurricanes.

The set includes a large and roomy discrete backpack. All necessities will be safely hidden, and there will be quite a lot of space for spare materials and things you want to add, like replaceable clothes, extra money or a city map.

Any life-saving kit will include food and water packed in thermal packs. This kit includes SOS BRAND food, which is approved by the US Coast Guard. You will be relieved by the fact that the food is nutritious, it will not spoil for five years and is protected from temperature changes.

In addition, the bag has emergency equipment and an emergency guide. With this backpack, you will not only have tools and equipment for different situations like an earthquake or a hurricane but also instructions on what to do in these situations. Please note that most budget emergency bag options are not waterproof. However, there is aqua armor that helps to protect your bags.

Note that these bags come in two versions. There is a more compact option for one person and a set for four. In fact, both versions are quite similar. The same items are used in both versions.

So select the version you need according to the number of people who are going to use this kit: is it going to be your personal backpack or would you like to have one kit for the whole family? I, personally, highly recommend adding some extra necessary things that are not included in the basic sets – a knife, a lighter, a battery, extra food and clothes, extra money and so on. You can add extra stuff of your preference as you have an extra space in the empty external pockets.

It will really help you to prolong your life for the first 72 hours in an emergency period, but I would still replace the backpack material, as the fabric does not seem to be super reliable.

Emergency Zone 2 Person Family Prep 72 Hour Survival Kit/Go-Bag | Perfect Way to Prepare Your Family...
246 Reviews
Emergency Zone 2 Person Family Prep 72 Hour Survival Kit/Go-Bag | Perfect Way to Prepare Your Family...
  • ✅ Protect Yourself and Your Family- A multi-purpose 72-hour survival kit designed to prepare you and your family for any emergency event or disaster, whether you are bugging out to a shelter or staying indoors. This 72-hour emergency kit will prepare you for a HURRICANE, EARTHQUAKE, FLOOD, CIVIL UNREST, PANDEMIC, WILDFIRE, WINTER STORM, EVACUATION and more. Disasters are unpredictable, prepare today and have peace of mind in knowing you’ve done all you can to protect the ones you love.
  • ✅ Discrete Red Backpack- All the survival supplies are conveniently packed in a discrete, nondescript, heavy-duty backpack that won’t draw unwanted attention to you and your valuable emergency supplies during a disaster. We pack our emergency survival kits to be as light-weight and as compact as possible, so it won’t weigh you down and you’ll still have enough space remaining to include personal items such as medication, clothing, child comfort items, pet items, and important documents.
  • ✅ Food & Water- During an emergency, water is vital and access may be limited, skip the trouble of boiling water or wasting any of your precious supply to reconstitute freeze dried meals. The USA MADE SOS BRAND FOOD RATIONS AND WATER included are US Coast Guard approved and have a 5-YEAR SHELF LIFE from manufacture date. The food ration bars are great tasting and calorie dense, require no extra water to rehydrate, no reheating, and were developed to be non-thirst inducing.
  • ✅ Emergency Guidebook- Not only does this emergency go bag have the survival tools and emergency gear you need to survive in a disaster, but also included is our Emergency Preparedness Guidebook that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to as well. In it you will find crucial survival information from how to create an emergency plan, to administering life-saving first aid, to what to do during an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, nuclear disaster, storms, pandemic, and more.

  • There are two options – family and solo for different occasions;
  • Emergency guide included;
  • Aqua armor to protect your bag’s contents.
  • Backpack material is not water-resistant.

3. ER Emergency Ready 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit – Perfectly-Crafted Emergency 3-Day Survival Kit

As for me, it happens to be one of the most fully-stacked sets for all unforeseen cases that I have managed to find for a reasonable price. It is more professionally crafted and is suitable for you if you are looking for a kit for several people.

All equipment is packed in a nylon backpack. Such fabric will withstand rain and lighten the weight of the backpack itself. In the set, the volume of food and water (24 bags) will be quite sufficient so that four people can hold out for three days. The food itself will not turn bad as it has a shelf life of up to 5 years.

In addition to food and water, the kit includes a LED flashlight, in case you do not have access to the light, and a charger that does not require batteries. There is also a radio in the kit so that in case of emergency you can listen to the instructions and the latest news.

You will also receive a portable tent, a poncho with a hood and thermal blankets, all for four people. Also, which is very important, the kit includes tablets for water purification, so if you have access to any source of water, you can clean it so that you have extra water. Also, gas masks, a first aid kit and a Swiss knife are provided for special occasions.

ER Emergency Ready 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit, SKBP4DD
18 Reviews
ER Emergency Ready 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit, SKBP4DD
  • Simply the most complete and reliable survival kit on the market
  • Great way to ensure that your employees are safe while on the road in an emergency
  • Packaged in large, durable nylon, backpack for strategic survival purposes.
  • Contains 3 day supply for 4 people of survival food and water that is approved by US Coast Guard to store safely for 5 years even in extreme conditions.
  • Includes AM/FM and Weather Band (NOAA) radio, LED flashlight, and USB device charger that never needs batteries

  • All necessary items for 4 people;
  • Tablets for water purification;
  • Portable tent, swiss knife and gas masks are included in the pack.
  • The price is quite high.

4. ER Emergency Ready SKBP4SS 4 Person Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit

This is a simplified version of the same brand that we reviewed above. In this backpack, there is the same set of products, first-aid kit and things that are necessary to survive in the first 72 hours. In case you find yourself at risk from an earthquake, flood, pandemic or other natural disasters, it’s crucial to have it. You can find everything in this backpack to help yourself and 3 more people hold out for several days until you reach the help center.

It has the same amount of food and water for 4 people. However, keep in mind that if 24 bags of water can be enough, 4 food bars are not enough for four people for several days, so it’s better to add extra bars with a similar shelf life – up to 5 years. Make sure bars come in a vacuum, protected package.

Ideally, such a backpack should always be in your car. This is a correctly selected kit that can save you during an emergency. If you find yourself on the road during the outbreak, having the backpack in the car can ensure your access to the survivor’s kit as quickly as possible.

Also, you will find a thermal blanket for four people, a whistle, a poncho, light rays, flashlights and masks in the backpack. This set does not include extra things like instructions or a Swiss knife, but you can protect yourself by adding the necessary things yourself and saving money on the full set.

ER Emergency Ready SKBP4SS 4 Person Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit
6 Reviews
ER Emergency Ready SKBP4SS 4 Person Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit
  • This comprehensive survival kit contains the most effective emergency preparedness supplies for 4 people including the emergency food, water.
  • Great way to ensure that you are safe while on the road in an emergency
  • Packaged in large, durable nylon, backpack for strategic survival purposes.
  • Contains 3 day supply for 4 people of survival food and water that is approved by US Coast Guard to store safely for 5 years even in extreme conditions.
  • Provide you and your family with peace of mind knowing that you are prepared

  • Reasonable price;
  • First-aid kit with all necessary things for any occasion;
  • Made for 4 people.
  • Simplified version – not all items are included in the backpack.

5. ER Emergency Ready SK1B – 1-Person Basic Boxed Survival Kit

This kit includes emergency food and water supplies. It is ideal for storage in a table or on a boat, as well as in school lockers. A three-day supply of food, water and a blanket will provide you with minimal comfort during the emergency. The food will not spoil as it can be stored for up to 5 years in the most extreme conditions. You can be sure your body will get all the nutrition needed from the food provided in this kit.

The entire set is made and manufactured in America; the quality is at a high level. If you want to store such kits in different places just in case, keep them close to the first-aid kit, or pack them up with some more things you might need. This is the most basic set that includes food and a thermal blanket, an affordable option that can bring you maximum benefits. You can also put it in your backpack just to make sure you always have it with you.

ER Emergency Ready SK1B - 1-Person Basic Boxed Survival Kit
63 Reviews
ER Emergency Ready SK1B - 1-Person Basic Boxed Survival Kit
  • Includes a 1 person, 3 day supply of emergency food, water, and shelter supplies.
  • Perfect for students at school or employees at work. Easy to store in your desk, car, and boat.
  • Packaged in convenient tuck-top box.
  • Contains 3 day supply for 1 person of survival food and water that is approved by US Coast Guard to store safely for 5 years even in extreme conditions.
  • An incredible value

  • High-level food and water supplies;
  • Portable and easy to store;
  • Made in the USA, the kit meets all the requirements.
  • Only three items in the kit.

6. Family 3-Day Preparedness Booster – Perfect 3 Day Emergency Survival Kit for 2

This is an extended emergency kit for any person in need. There are essential items in the kit to help you out during the first 72 hours in case of an unexpected emergency. The kit also includes instructions on what you should do in case of an emergency.

The kit has a family first-aid kit, accessories for cleaning and carrying additional water, a plaid, flashlights and sanitizers. It is designed to meet the needs of 1-4 people, so you can share it with your family members or friends. This package includes work gloves, water filters, lights, warm blankets and tools to clean yourself.

They also have tools that can help in various situations: pliers, screwdrivers, cutters, knife. There are also a radio and batteries, notebooks, pens, and toilet paper included in the kit.

Family 3-Day Preparedness Booster (40100)
  • This emergency pack contains important emergency supplies: emergency instructions, multifunction tool and leather palmed work gloves, family first aid kit and guide, supplies for carrying, purifying and storing additional water, and items to provide shelter, communication, light and sanitation.
  • Designed using U.S. Government All–Hazards Preparedness recommendations for families.

  • Great for 1-4 people;
  • Have different tools to help you survive in different situations;
  • First-aid kit.
  • Overpacked with items, it may be hard to find a necessary tool right away.

7. Ready America 70180 Emergency Kit 1 Person Backpack – Solid 3 Day Emergency Survival Kit

Ready America presents a kit for you that should help to survive the first 72 hours after an emergency. This kit option takes into account the needs of one person, so it is suitable for yourself, but not for the family of four. Thus, if you want each member of the family to have a separate kit or if you live alone, this kit is a solid choice. It has a basic set of things that will help you survive the first couple of days.

It includes food and water supplies with a shelf life of up to 5 years. Most of the food included in emergency kits are high-calorie bars from Mayday Industries. You will also get water bags in emergency packaging that can withstand temperatures from -22ºF to 149ºF, which is crucial in times of natural disasters. Therefore, you can be sure that despite the temperature outside, your products will not go bad.

So what you get in the pack is 4 bars, 6 packages of water with a five-year shelf life. Instead of a flashlight, a green light stick is included in the kit, which is pretty useful if the electricity turns off, or you will be in a place where there is no electricity. Using it, you will be able to give light signals within 12 hours after activation. You will also find a cold-weather blanket, a first-aid kit, a whistle, a mask and gloves in this emergency bag. Having all of it packaged in a backpack, there is still enough space for additional things that will come in handy.

Unfortunately, in this set, there are only three things recommended by the Red Cross, and you will need to add extra supplies to make yourself prepared. This is a minimal and compact set.

Although the first-aid kit and products’ quality are quite impressive, on the downsides of this kit, you’ve got the poor quality of the backpack. The bag in which emergency things are stored is not waterproof, which means that in case of disasters related to water, it will be absolutely useless to you. It is ideal for areas where there is minimal risk of disasters associated with floods and storms.

Although there is space for extra items in the backpack, an emergency kit already occupies a lot of space. This is the most basic set in terms of first-aid kit and food, which can save you for some time during natural disasters. If you are planning to have basic protection for yourself and not a complete set for a zombie apocalypse, this is a pretty good option, especially for its reasonable price.

Ready America 72 Hour Emergency Kit, 1-Person, 3-Day Backpack, Includes First Aid Kit, Survival...
4,644 Reviews
Ready America 72 Hour Emergency Kit, 1-Person, 3-Day Backpack, Includes First Aid Kit, Survival...
  • EMERGENCY KIT FOR DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Stay prepared for emergency situations everywhere you go. Ready America emergency survival kits sustain 1 person for 3 days (72 hours). Basic essential emergency supplies recommended by the American Red Cross
  • INCLUDES 33-PIECE FIRST AID KIT: Comes with first aid essentials for minor injuries like bandages and wound cleaning solution. Take care of medical emergencies with easy-to-use supplies. Great for a car emergency kit or boat accessories
  • FOOD, WATER, EMERGENCY BLANKETS: Everything you need in case of an emergency. 1 survival food bar (2400 calories) and water pouches with a 5-year shelf life, survival blankets, disposable dust masks, nitrile gloves, whistle, ponchos, pocket tissues
  • SAFETY LIGHT STICKS: In case you’re outdoors or in the wilderness with no light, this emergency bag includes a safety light stick. Equipped with survival gear for hunting, boating, workplace, camping, backpacking, fishing, hiking, travel, home
  • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACK: Keep supplies at the ready with this packed handy backpack ready for emergencies that’s lightweight and easy to carry. Store this day pack wherever it can be easily accessed. A great gift for everyone

  • May-Day high-calorie snack bars and water supplies for 72 hours;
  • First-aid kit and Red Cross recommended items;
  • A lot of free extra space to fill in with personal items;
  • Nice price for the package.
  • The material of a backpack is not waterproof.

8. Relief Pod International RP122-501B-001 Emergency Backpack – Best 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

One of the most convenient and intuitive sets that will save your money, time and life in a variety of emergency cases. Relief Pod is my personal choice, and I have such a kit. When you are often on the road and engage in active sports, you have to face the most unpredictable difficulties.

Sometimes you need help, sometimes some strangers along the way might ask you for help, you never know what to expect.

At first, it is difficult to believe that you can put such a large number of tools, products and a first-aid kit – all in one backpack! Moreover, I was truly impressed that all of the things are divided according to their purpose and there is color coding for each group of goods.

The backpack is made from durable, but rather lightweight materials with soft straps. So you can go long distances without harming your shoulders. It also has extra pockets for your personal items. Plus, the general supply will help you survive a week alone.

It weighs almost 26 pounds, but it is quite portable and fits in a car without a problem. It has all the things necessary for different occasions, and everything is made according to the strictest rules.

There are more than 280 items, so you will be prepared to face difficulties – everything from familiar medical tapes to cold compresses, chargers, compass and tents. There are compressed towels and a sanitary bag, microfiber, soap, toilet paper and a laundry kit. In fact, you can live in comfort for quite some time under extreme conditions.

You can add emergency phone numbers, copies of documents, extra cash, a spare phone or a solar battery into the kit – all that may be necessary for you. A big plus is that a lot of things are interchangeable – you can supplement them at pharmacies or sellers at any time. This is exactly the set of things that will help you stay calm in any situation.

  • Great material of the bag;
  • Explicit number of tools needed for any occasion;
  • Can be used in any situation.
  • Has a fairly high price.

Be Always Prepared: Lessen Panic and Feel Protected at Anytime

Nowadays, it is a common truth that everyone needs an emergency backpack, which will include essentials that will help you survive at least during the first days after a natural disaster, unexpected hostilities, or pandemics. This will provide you with greater confidence in the future and reduce the amount of panic and stress if the emergency occurs, as you will be prepared as much as possible to meet the danger.

The kit should have the necessary amount of food and water, hygiene items, first-aid kit, masks, flashlights and signaling devices. Everything else can be regulated according to your individual preferences and personal needs.

Ideally, keep all these easy-to-access and store in a backpack, as, thus, you do not need to waste your precious time searching for the kit all around the house in case of emergency. You can prepare a backpack for the whole family or get one for each person and personalize it.

You can buy a ready-made full-stacked backpack right away if you want to save your time and effort, or you can only buy a basic set, which will include some food and water in vacuum packaging. It all depends on you. The main thing is to be as prepared for any kind of emergency that might happen as possible, learn how to act in different situations and try not to panic, but to be alert! I hope that these hints will help you understand how the basic kits and the fully-stacked backpacks should look like in order to help you prepare yourself.

Now let me know whether you have an emergency survival kit? Did you like any from the list above? Please let me know whether this article was useful for you in the comments below.

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