Hiking Clothing

10 Best Windbreaker for Hiking – Tried-and-True Tips

Beige Windbreaker

A windbreaker jacket is a type of clothing that is designed to protect the body from wind. The fabric used to make windbreakers is typically treated with a water-repellant finish, which helps to deflect wind and rain. The jackets also often feature taped seams, which further helps to keep the wind and moisture out. And …

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6 Best Down Pants – Detailed Analysis

Black Down Pants for woman

If you are looking for a versatile, comfortable and stylish pair of pants, then look no further than down pants. They are made with a soft, insulating material that will keep you warm in the coldest weather. They are also lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for active pursuits like hiking or skiing. Here are …

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Best Waterproof Socks

best waterproof socks

We have compared waterproof socks and selected the best. Also: bestsellers and current offers for waterproof socks. Buyer’s Guide While you are choosing the best waterproof socks, there are certain things you should take into consideration. First of all, you need to consider the material. You need to decide whether you want cotton socks or …

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Best Summer Hiking Socks

best summer hiking socks

We have compared summer hiking socks and selected the best. Also: bestsellers and current offers for summer hiking socks. Buyer’s Guide When choosing the best hiking socks for summer, you need to consider the following factors: Material The material used should be breathable, moisture wicking and should provide maximum comfort. The material should be lightweight …

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Best Softshell Pants

Softshell Pants

We have compared Softshell Pants and selected the best. Also: bestsellers and current offers for Softshell Pants. Buyer’s Guide As with any piece of technical gear, it pays to do your research before buying a pair of softshell pants. We’ve discussed some of the factors that you should be aware of, but in this section …

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8 Best Socks for Cold Weather: Don’t Give Cold a Chance!

Best hiking socks - title

Hey there, my name’s Eddie. I am a 45-year old hiking enthusiast who would like to cover the importance of properly chosen socks for sporting activities in this review. I am also a big fan of traveling. Making it through around the world would be impossible without having comfortable shoes, and also, it depends a …

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Best Rain Poncho for Your Personal Hiking and Camping Experience

Hiking is very fun. No argument here, right? You can spend some quality time with your family or friends, enjoy the beauty of nature, or even find peace within yourself! There is, however, another side of the coin too. Wilderness wandering is hard. The walking strains your body. There is a constant need for resourcefulness. …

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Women’s Hiking Socks: Time-Proven Quality Pairs to Wear

Best women hiking socks - title

No matter what cool equipment you have, and how carefully you plan your trip, getting a callus, scuff, or a worn cushion under your thumb can spoil your vacation. Leg problems are a serious thing that many travelers do not count when preparing for a trip, and then, without the right clothing, they have hard …

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