Best Backpacking Spork for Hiking

Have you ever gone out on a camping trip, but as soon as you light the fire, you realized that you do not have any utensils? If you love hiking and spending nights outdoors, you may have experienced this one time or the other.

My name is Eddie, and I know everything about open-air journeys. I used to have problems with spoons and forks when I started outdoor adventures until I realized that I just needed a spork, and all my questions would go away. Trust me when I tell you that you may not realize how much you need this utensil until you face an awkward moment when you feel like beating yourself for not getting one early. 

A spork is a suitable combination of a spoon and a fork for traveling to save on space. With it, you can have a meal on a flight, in a camping tent, in a cruise ship and anywhere else that you can imagine. But even as it may seem like a simple thing, the quality that you buy matters a lot. There are very many sporks out there, but unless you get hold of the right one, you may never enjoy your meals away from home. Having used several of these items, I will review the best backpacking spork that you will buy and forget about shopping for these things in the next few months or years if you take good care of them. 

Lmf Titanium Spork – Backpacking Spork 

It is one of the unique sporks that I have ever used. It is made of titanium, which to me is a higher quality material than aluminum or silver. This is because it does not produce a metallic taste in your mouth when using either the spoon or fork edge. 

If you hate that taste like me, and you have never tried utensils made of a different material, this titanium spork should be in your mind right now.

It is very light, weighing only twenty grams, and it is only seventeen centimeters long. Therefore, it can fit in any sized backpack and leave room for everything else that you need to carry on a trip. 

It is resistant to heat. Hence, you do not need to fear that it will melt while you scoop that very hot soup that you prepared out in the wild. I also love the texture on the middle part because it makes it easy to hold the spork without it sliding out of your hands. 

  • It does not cause food to taste metallic.
  • It is very light and can occupy a tiny space.
  • It is strong because of the titanium, which lasts long.
  • It is safe to clean using a dishwasher. 

  • It is expensive.

Humangear Gobites Uno Travel Kit – Long Backpacking Spork

If you want a spork to function effectively, it has to be long enough to give room for holding it. This is recommended to buy a big spoon with which you can eat both dry foods and soups comfortably. Humangear Gobites fulfills all these requirements. Also, it has long tines that can churn spaghetti and spike fries and sausage with ease.

It is made of nylon that is thick and long-lasting. The material does not curve when you use average pressure when spiking sausage or even when holding it. Due to this, it enables you to enjoy meals because you do not need to struggle to stab a piece of chicken fearing that the fork will not be able to hold the weight. 

It has a weight of 0.48 ounces, which is pretty light for backpacking. Although it is long, the measurements, which are 1.8 by one by 8.5 inches, can easily fit in a standard backpack.

  • It is affordable.
  • It does not easily break when pressure is applied to it.
  • It can scoop soup comfortably.
  • It is very light.
  • It is free of BPA and phthalate.

  • It is made of non-biodegradable plastic material.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool 9909

Ka-Bar is the most flexible spork that I have seen. With it, you do not need to pack a different set of knives, spoons, and forks because this would make your backpack very bulky. If you are on an outdoor adventure with a partner, you need two Ka-Bar sporks, and you can have everyone preparing food using his or her knife.

It is made of heavy plastic material that makes it a very light item. It weighs only 0.1 pounds. Since it has two handles, it is a bit long. It has a length of 6.875 inches, which may be longer than other spork brands. But this should not be a bother because the difference is almost negligible and does not have an impact when packing the item in a backpack. 

The knife has a 2.5 inches blade, and it is sharp enough to cut through meat and vegetables. 

  • It is durable.
  • It is multipurpose as it can spoon, spike, and cut.
  • It is light and small, hence occupies a tiny space.
  • It is UV resistant. 

  • The hole that holds the knife can be a bother as it may hold soup, which may be hard to clean well.

Tito Titanium Spork for Outdoor Camping

This titanium spork is manufactured by Tito Titanium, an organization that specializes in the production of outdoor camping utensils and items. The company has mastered the art of making essential outdoor things that can last for a long time. 

The organization has used titanium to manufacture the item. This material is the best for utensils because as I have already said above, it does not leave you with a metallic taste in the mouth. I wouldn’t trade anything for this capability in a spork because it lets me enjoy the actual taste of food. 

 It weighs only eighteen grams that you may hardly notice when holding or carrying it in a backpack. With a length just under 7 inches, it can fit on the side pockets of a bag. 

When on a trip, you can pack it in a cloth bag to maintain its cleanliness. 

  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is made of high-quality titanium that can last for years.
  • It is light.

  • It is not suitable for stirring food in deep pots because of the short length.

Camping & Outdoor Sporks | Spoon 18 Pack

 When you have to spend the night in the wild with a group of friends or family members, you need a set of spoons, forks, and knives to prepare meals. If you were to carry a different set of these items, they would be very bulky and would take a lot of time cleaning.

However, with this set of backpacking spoon vs spork, you do not need anything else. It has 18 pieces of sporks that serve as a spoon, fork, and knife at the same time. This means that it saves you from carrying 36 more items if you were to pack the items separately. 

The sporks come in a polyester bag that is waterproof. This allows you to package the sporks together so that they may remain compact in a bag. They are also available in different colors in the package and come with a bottle opener as an additional accessory. The opener can also play the role of a knife.

  • They are efficient for group camping.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They come in different attractive colors.
  • They are cost-effective.

  • They are not as durable as those made of titanium.

Morsel Spork – Camping and Backpacking Lunch Gear Accessory

For those of use that like backpacking, I don’t have to tell you much about the value of a spork. It is one of the greatest outdoor tools in terms of saving space and multitasking. However, we all have a thing we hate about the common spork brands in the market. The most notable complaints include statements like that they are heavy, some break easily, they are short, and the fork tine in most are either short or too dull. However, after a long period of designing the innovative capabilities of Morsel has finally borne fruits. 

The morsel spork is a combo of a spoon, spatula, and a functional fork. But how practical is it? Does it count as among the best spork backpacking? For one, it is long enough to effectively reach the bottom of those tall food packs or containers. Have you had that feeling that there is a lot of yogurts lost when throwing away its can, especially the frozen one? I almost feel the temptation of scooping it with my hands. 

However, morsel spork caters for this need by including a rubber edge to help you get the last bit of your food or yogurt from the can, including on the sides. Its fork also comes with functional tinges that have a good grip on things like a hot dog. The fork can also be used for cutting fruits like an avocado. 

  • Long enough for deep food cans.
  • High durability as it is scratch and stain-resistant.
  • Designed with an innovative scrapper.
  • Unique shape.

  • Its length may sometimes be a nuisance.

Tapirus 4 Blue Spork to Go Set

Do you want complete cutlery set for your family camping trip but don’t have enough space in your backpack? Well, you are going to love Tapirus 4 Blue Spork to Go Set that comes with its carrying case. On one side of each spork is a spoon to enjoy your soup without spilling while the other is a fork with strong tinges. This side comes with serrated edges to cater for your cutting, spreading and peeling needs. 

 You do not have to worry about the durability of this brand as it is made from the tough and flexible Tritan material. This effectively ensures that Tapirus is among the strongest spork or spoon backpacking you will ever come across. This material, combined with the product’s shape and design, help it maintain a lightweight. You do not also have to worry about corrosion or scratches because of frequent usage or cleaning.  

  • Durable and strong because of the Tritan material.
  • Comes with its carrying pack.
  • Can be used for various outdoor activities such as camping, picnic, or hunting. 

  • Sometimes, their short size is a disadvantage when eating from a big food can.

Humangear GoBites Duo Parent – The Best Spork for Backpacking

Are you thinking of buying a spork that can easily be detached into a separate spoon and fork, when the need arises? Look no further than Humangear GoBites. This innovativeness ensures that it can be long enough when you need for the tall food containers. Further, when you need to use each cutlery separately, clean or carry them in your backpack, they can easily be detached from one another. The design is such that when connected, you do not have to worry about their firmness because they will be fully compact.

Another thing that makes the HumanGears GoBites a good spork for backpacking is their broad and deep enough spoon curvatures compared to their competitors. The advantage of this is that you can hold them comfortably while enjoying your meals outdoors. It also means that you can scoop enough food, especially those with soup. It also makes it convenient for scraping on the sides and edges of your can. The fork on the other end also has serrated edges, which means that you can use it to cut fruits when outdoors. 

  • Can easily be attached and detached depending on user needs.
  • Cheaper compared to other alternatives.
  • Convenient to carry compared to other sporks.
  • Broader and deeper curvatures.

  • The serrated edges of the fork cannot be used for cutting stuff that is a bit harder.

PSKOOK Stainless Steel Spork Camping Utensil

Imagine a scenario where you have settled in the woods or on your fishing boat and feeling the thirst for that cold beer. The only trouble is that you always forget your opener. I have experienced that feeling. Do you also remember that time you unwrapped your canned food but lacked an effective tool to cut the top open? These are all common scenarios for people engaging in outdoor activities. 

How would you feel if I told I might have just the right solution for all these troubles? By purchasing the PSKOOK stainless steel spork, you will have resolved all your bottle/can opener issues. It is also hard to forget because it contains a carabiner for easier attachment to your backpack. Do not forget its primary role, whereby it doubles both as a spoon and a fork. Another thing that makes me consider it the best spork for backpacking is because it is made of stainless steel. For one, this makes the tines of the fork strong enough. It also means that it is durable and can be easily cleaned.

  • On top is a spork, it can also be used as both bottle and can opener.
  • Made of strong and durable stainless steel.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Has a carabiner for easier attachment to the backpack.

  • Does not include a cutting edge common in other competitors.

Should You Get One of These Sporks?

If you would like your outdoor life to be comfortable, you should own one of these sporks. The one that you will select may be determined by the material that you want. Do you need a plastic or a titanium spork? Also, you should know how many sporks you require. If you are alone, one is enough, but if you are camping as a group and you are in charge of packing utensils, you need to buy a number that is equal to the people that will be there. Another factor that you should consider is capabilities. Do you need one that will cut vegetables and meat? If yes, you need one that will play all the roles efficiently. There are many other factors that you can consider before getting one for yourself. 

The secret of backpacking is to plan early. Therefore, if you know that you will go on a trip next month, you should start shopping for a spork early. Otherwise, if you wait for the last minute, you may forget or find that your favorite one is out of stock. Do you love backpacking? If you do, what do you think are the essential capabilities in a spork?

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