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As a tourist in my 30s, I understand how important comfort is while touring the outdoors. When going on a hike, there is so much to experience. From the exhaustion that comes with a day of climbing to the joy you experience when approaching the peak, hiking is an emotional rollercoaster. It also takes a toll on your physical abilities. You have to ensure you are comfortable at all times. One way of doing this is by wearing appropriate clothing that will protect you from the elements.

Best Women's Thermal Underwear: basic criteria for choosing
Thermal underwear is great for layering up for a hike. Having layers of clothes keep you warm in low temperatures. Women’s thermal underwear comes in a wide variety of brands, fabrics, and designs. The essence of this type of clothing is to trap body heat in order to stay warm. Therefore, the type of fabric matters. Other important qualities are the design, comfort, and size guide.

Below are 5 women’s thermal underwear sets worth buying. I review each set based on factors you should consider while making the purchase.

5 Top Rated Women’s Thermals Available on Amazon

  1. ViCherub Thermal Long Underwear Women's — Top Pick
  2. Ekouaer Thermal Long Underwear for Women — Good Value
  3. Thermajane Womens Thermal Long Underwear — Premium Choice
  4. Herobiker: Womens Thermal Underwear Sets
  5. Meriwool Women Base Layer

If you are looking for comfortable pants to wear under your hiking clothes, check out these women’s thermals that are worth buying:

1. ViCherub Thermal Long Underwear Women’s

It is made of a blend of polyester and spandex. This ViCherub thermal underwear set is perfect for staying warm in cold weather. The outer fabric has a silky feel, while the inner layer is lined with fleece for extra comfort. Not only does the inner fleece lining trap heat to keep you warm but also wick moisture to keep you dry. The fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear when the weather gets a bit warm. Because the weather can be unpredictable during a hike, this multipurpose set is great to have.

The cuffs are well stitched. They are tight enough to hold the underwear in place as you pull a layer of clothes on top. However, they are not so tight that they irritate the skin or cut off circulation. The fabric is lightweight enough not to add bulk when worn under your clothing. Comfort should be your priority while dressing for a hike, and this underwear set is clearly comfortable enough.

When it comes to sizing, this set fits true to size. Because it is meant to be worn as a base layer, it is snug. However, if you prefer more loose-fitting clothes, you can order a size up. Most women would not feel comfortable with an underwear set that fits too snugly, so it’s always good to make an allowance. I should mention the fact that this fabric stretches quite well, which increases comfort despite the snug fit.

Caring for this underwear is quite easy as its machine washable. The colors do not fade (it comes in gray and black colors), which lets you wash it with the rest of your clothing. As the fabric is not too bulky, it dries fast. There is no shrinkage after the first wash. Overall, this set is perfect for any woman who is crazy about the outdoors.

Womens Thermal Underwear Set Long Johns Base Layer Fleece Lined Black Large
  • Sweat moisture wicking: The thin light weight long underwear clothing maintains your body heat at a cool temperature by wicking moisture away from your skin; drying quickly and insulating from the cold.

  • Soft fabric that is comfortable to wear;
  • Lightweight and snug enough to be worn as a base layer;
  • Easy to wash.
  • May fit too snugly, one should order a size up for comfort.

2. Ekouaer Thermal Long Underwear for Women

The Ekouaer’s thermal long underwear women’s wear is breathable, warm, soft, and comfortable thermal underwear. It makes use of a premium quality long cotton material. Hence it does not fade when washing. Aside from the durability, it also exhibits the standard essential for thermal underwear.

The design of the thermal underwear makes it best suited in cold temperatures where retain the body heat, thus regulating the body temperature. It gives off a warm and cozy feeling when worn at any time of the day.

It is also manufactured from elastic fabric, which includes high elasticity that accommodates different body sizes. It gives off a snug feeling that is neither firm nor loose. It keeps your body warm and gives use of mobility at the same time when carrying out different outdoor winter activities.

It is breathable to give off a soothing feeling by capturing vapor and moistures through the close-knit fabric mesh. It promotes the body’s thermal insulation by trapping any heat produced by the body hence keeping you warm consistently.

This is accompanied by a warm and cozy fit, which makes it a must-have in your closet. It also features an added stretch as part of the general outfit design. It has a smooth fleece on the inside part, which also reflects the smoothness on the outer part. The thermal underwear also adjusts the body temperatures according to the activities you are undertaking.

I prefer the black thermal underwear, but it comes in a variety of colors which you can choose from. You can get the same quality thermal underwear in black, navy, purple, grey, red, and wine red.

Another important feature added to the base layer is the moisture-wicking, which prevents the percolation of any moisture. It is topped off with an amazing long sleeve top together with an elastic waist with a fly front.

Ekouaer Women's Thermal Underwear Sets Micro Fleece Lined Long Johns Base Layer Thermals Pajama Set
  • Ekouaer women thermal underwear, keep you warm from top to bottom. They promote thermal insulation by trapping your body heat and keep you consistently warm, no matter if you are indoors or outdoors

  • Available in different neutral colors;
  • Cotton material prevents fading away;
  • High thermal retention.
  • Hard to find the perfect fit and size.

3. Thermajane Womens Thermal Long Underwear

For full protection against the cold season, the flexible Thermajane thermal underwear is best suited for this occasion. The complete set is inclusive of a thermal shirt paired together with thermal leggings.

The material is made from the finest fabrics, including ultrasoft polyester making up 92%, with the remaining 8% consisting of spandex. It has been woven precisely to promote thermal insulation through trapping body warmth while regulating your body temperatures while indoors and outdoors.

An interesting pattern for the design of the thermal underwear is that it adjusts the body temperature depending on the environment and nature of activities being performed. The Thermajane addition comes in a variety of colors from pink, black, grey, turquoise, pistachio green, white, charcoal, burgundy, and bronze. This creates a fun way of rocking your outfit while still maintaining warmth inside.

I am particularly impressed with the inner fleece, which is very soft to some extent that it does not lead to suffocating. The outside layer mainly consists of polyester material. The softness of the fleece is also advantageous since it does not pick up dirt or hair.

The long johns are particular fit in case you are searching for an ultralight base layer that fits easily into your luggage without taking up space. The blend of different colors makes it a fun way of showing your love of color in your outfits. This goes against the norm for other thermal underwear, which either comes in black or white.

However, I noticed that the polyester material tends to shrink a little with each wash. I am close to 5’9 with a bodyweight close to 450 lbs, after my third wash, the hems and sleeves lines seemed to have shrunk a little bit.

It consists of four-way stretch material for accommodating different body sizes. Additionally, it is a comfortable fit that is suited for home wear. It is also best worn as an addition to warmth on your body when chilling around the house.

It also features an elastic waistband that lays flat against the middle section of your body. Hence, you can put it on with your favorite pair of soft jeans for extra warmth. The lightweight layer beneath the long johns makes it blend well with your skin. It also helps you move around the household without any fuss.

Thermajane Long Johns Thermal Underwear for Women Fleece Lined Base Layer Pajama Set Cold Weather (Medium, Black)
  • Heat Retention: Thermajane womens thermal underwear keeps your body heat from escaping. They provide extra warmth and coziness to make a perfect everyday baselayer.
  • Features an elastic waistband;
  • Soft inner fleece;
  • Four stretch way material for a perfect fit.
  • Polyester material tends to shrink.

4. Herobiker: Womens Thermal Underwear Sets

The soft thermal fleece makes it must-have women thermal underwear. On the inside, it feels a bit silky, with the same feeling reflected on the outside. This is an added advantage since it ensures that you are warm and remain comfortable for hours in the cold spells.

Herobiker thermal underwear is manufactured from ultrasoft polyester with at least 10% of spandex. The elastic waistband, in addition to the double layer of the long knit cuffs, makes it irresistible and a complete fit.

Its entire underwear can be pulled off with any casual wear for added warmth. As part of the two pieces, it also includes a long sleeve top together with a full-length bottom.

No matter your body size and height, the ranges of small, medium, and large can accommodate for your perfect fit. It is very stretchable fitted with four-way stretch material. The fabric on the base layer is both think and thick at the same time to ensure it fits perfectly onto your skin.

I first bought this pair as a replacement from my long underwear thermal wear. The silk material addition is ultra-thin and can fit perfectly under any wear. Moisture-wicking is another added advantage of the Herobiker, which is perfect for moisture retention. The sweat-wicking is ideal for women since all the vapor and odor is controlled through the mesh knit on the material.

The leggings can complete your outdoor wear when performing different activities ranging from morning runs, jogging, skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. It can be worn over an under jacket to extra warmth while performing outdoor activities.

You can also decide to choose either to wear the base layer or outside. This makes for both a comfortable and perfect fit. The leggings can fit perfectly under your skin-tight pants, which you wish to pair off with. You can also pair off with a normal shirt that is worn under the thin layer.

I highly recommend washing the outfit before wearing it first. This is because there is that itch that wears off when in contact with hot water. The strong black color does not fade away when washing hence giving that majestic dark outlook wear.

It has a soft base layer, which sets the tone of comfort for the entire outfit. You can wear the base layer in addition to your formal wear. A size up is preferred if you do not prefer loose wear. On top of the perfect fit, order resistance and wicking, it finishes off perfectly at the sleeves and hems.

HEROBIKER Women's Thermal Underwear Set, Ultra Soft Thermal Shirt Long Johns Top Bottom Warm with Fleece lined Winter Base Layer Sets M Black
  • BEAT FOR WOMEN: The warmest base-layer option that HEROBIKER offers. Womens Thermal underwear set is made of 92% ultra-soft polyester 8% spandex with great breathability. And super skin-touch fabric that feels cozily soft.

  • Comfort due to the ultra-soft polyester fabric;
  • Stretchable to fit into the skin perfectly;
  • Wicks off any moisture and odor buildup.
  • Hard to find the perfect fit.

5. Meriwool Women Base Layer

It is manufactured from 100% merino wool. The thermal top is an eye-catching addition to the base layer collection. Merino wool is very soft hence ensuring that you do not itch when working out. It has a quick-dry feature engraved with a loop at the back for an easy hanging time.

The ladies insulated underwear is suited for various activities ranging from camping, hiking, outdoor jogs and walks, partaking, snowboarding, among other activities. The Merino wool is additional inter-knitted to a mesh pattern for easy breathing of your body when sweating.

I like the way vapor and sweat escapes in quickly when making movements around. As part of the base layer, it also removes any buildup of smell in the body. It comes with a sun protection feature added when the sleeves are rolled down in warm temperatures.

The Merino Base Layer is part of an all-round workhorse base layer. Its attractive design captures your eyes with the perfect fit. When worn, it also stays in place while wicking when working. When taking breaks from your scheduled workout routines, it also warms you up. The major distinguishing factor that separates it from other base layers is the comfort and fit.

In the case of performing activities such as skiing, it can be paired off with an under jacket for extra comfort and warmth. Even during cold-weather seasons, you are guaranteed to remain dry with the order resistance technique taking effect. The wicking effect also pulls all moisture buildup while keeping your body in warm temperatures.

It can also be part of a complete fit when you choose to wear it alone. It can also be pulled off as either a mid-layer or a base later in case you are feeling cold. The merino wool leggings are thicker compared to other jerseys to some cotton material layers out there. It is also stretchy and cannot accommodate different weight and body sizes.

However, despite the soft Merino wool material, I found it was a bit itchy. But after washing it in hot water and drying it off, I got that soft and gentle touch that marks the name of the brand. You will be amazed at the drying off time, which is part of the brand’s name. There are also no shrinkage reports that I can make. The medium was a perfect fit for me with a height of 5’9 weighing around 145 lbs.

MERIWOOL Womens Base Layer 100% Merino Wool Midweight Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt Black
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 – Women’s Merino Wool Thermal Crewneck Top in Black / Small | MATERIAL: 18.5 Micron, 100% Merino wool, 250g/m2 | FIT: Fitted

  • Soft Merino wool material which is easy to wear;
  • Strong odor resistance and wicking;
  • Easily breathable when worn.
  • A bit itchy when first worn.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thermal Underwear

Here’s the answers to all your questions about thermal underwear:

What is the best thermal underwear fabric?

Thermal underwear can be made of natural or synthetic fabric. The most popular natural fabrics for thermal underwear are wool and silk. Both of these fabrics are warm and soft on the skin. However, they are expensive.

Synthetic fabric is much more affordable. Polyester is the most common synthetic fabric for making thermal underwear. It is often used along with other synthetic fabrics like nylon and spandex. These fabrics build odor and require frequent washing but still do a great job of keeping you warm.

What is the best thermal underwear for extreme cold?

There is more than one good brand of thermal underwear. You should look for underwear sets that are soft, breathable, lightweight and easy to wash. Comfort is the first priority when choosing this type of clothing. The specific brand you settle on is a matter of personal preference. However, you can be guided by my review. ViCherub, Meriwool, Herobiker, Ekouaer and Thermajane are all great options to choose from.

Should thermal underwear be tight or loose?

The fit of thermal underwear depends on the weather. If you wear this clothing in cold weather, it should be tight and snug-fitting to keep you warm. If you wear it in warm weather, it should be loose-fitting to keep you cool and comfortable.

In my experience, the outdoors can be quite unpredictable. You may have warm weather one minute and chilly winds the next. Therefore, it is advisable to carry both tight- and loose-fitting thermal wear when going out. That way, you are covered despite the changing weather.

How does thermal underwear keep you warm?

Thermal underwear is thin enough for comfort but warm enough to protect you from the biting cold. It is appropriate to wear when you cannot carry heavy coats and winter clothing due to work or luggage restrictions.

It is made of two layers of fabric, a thin outer layer and a thicker, inner layer. This design allows it to trap your body heat and keep you warm. Thermal underwear is often made of fabric that keeps heat naturally. The fabric not only retains heat but also wicks moisture from sweat to keep you dry. Furthermore, it is breathable for your comfort in warmer weather.

Final Take on Women’s Thermal Underwear

When going to explore the outdoors, your comfort should be the first priority. Nothing gets in the way of an exhilarating climb like the cold, biting breeze you will have to deal with if you are not prepared for the elements. Appropriate dressing is necessary to ensure you are warm enough for your hike.

Thermal underwear keeps you warm by retaining your body heat. It is great to wear as a base layer under your ordinary hiking clothes. Choosing the right underwear set is crucial. You must take into account the fabric, sizing and ease of cleaning each set. The fabric must be warm and absorbent. It must also have wicking properties and be lightweight enough to be worn under other clothes. For warmth, a snug fit is recommended.

My review has considered 5 top brands available for women on Amazon. I recommend that you look at the pros and cons of each set to choose which one suits you the most. Are there any thermal underwear sets that I have left out of my review? Have I answered all your questions about womens thermal tops and bottoms? If there is anything I have left out of my review, please mention it in the comment section below. I look forward to reading your responses.

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