7 Best Ski Goggles Review and Buying Advice

Company with ski goggles

As the snow season approaches, many outdoor enthusiasts begin to think about hitting the slopes. But before you can enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding, you need to have the proper gear, including a good pair of ski goggles. If you’re new to the sport or are looking to upgrade your gear, here’s a …

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Best Shower Tent: Review & Buying Guide

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Shower tents are a great way to stay clean and comfortable when you’re camping or hiking in areas without showers. They’re also perfect for beach days, picnics, and other outdoor activities where you might want to take a quick shower. Shower tents can be freestanding or attached to a vehicle, and typically have a waterproof …

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Best Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping: Professional and Natural Remedies I Regularly Use

brown mosquito hanging on a leaf

Going to the mountains, to the forest or the river is a great way to spend time with family and friends. To get the most out of your activity, you need to be prepared for everything. Many of my readers probably know that the most frequent guests at camping are various blood-sucking insects. In this …

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Best Paracord to Survive the Wilderness, Set Up a Camping Site, and Secure Yourself While Traveling

Spec 550lb Paracord 100Feet Spool

Have you ever needed reliable and robust support for your camping equipment? Maybe, you’ve done climbing while being unsure about the strength of the ropes and paracords you were using? I have, and it has caused me to do some digging to find the best paracord for peace of mind. Deriving from two merging words …

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Best Hiking GPS

hiking gps

Welcome back to my page. I’m a veteran hiker and my resume includes some of the hiking Meccas of the US: Lake Tahoe, Grand Teton, John Muir Trail, and so on. And I can tell you that knowing your route is the main pillar of a wholesome and safe adventure. Some trails are mad popular …

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Best Survival Fire Starter: A Complete Overview

Best Survival Fire Starter featured image

Getting lost in the wild is not very fun. Even the most innocent and safe 1-day hikes can have a tragic outcome for just about any adventurer. About 160 people die each year in national parks! These are not unexplored forests and definitely not some thick jungles. These are family-friendly destinations where thousands of people …

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Best Backpacking Spork for Hiking in 2024

Best hiking sporks - title

Have you ever gone out on a camping trip, but as soon as you light the fire, you realized that you do not have any utensils? If you love hiking and spending nights outdoors, you may have experienced this one time or the other. My name is Eddie, and I know everything about open-air journeys. …

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