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Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping: Your Perfect Sleeping Place

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Going on a multi-day trip, motorcycle travelers should pay special attention to the weight and dimensions of the equipment when choosing a tent. Unlike cars, bikes do not have roomy luggage racks, and each additional pound affects the vehicle’s handling.

What is Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping?
Especially for motorcyclists, I have chosen 5 excellent products that do not take up much space in trunks and are very comfortable to use. In my opinion, the best tent for motorcycle camping is Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent, as it is compact, reliably weatherproof, and quite budget-friendly compared to competitors.

5 Best Motorcycle Tents for Every Budget

  1. Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent – Great choice
  2. Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent for Camping 2-3 Person – Modern development
  3. Harley-Davidson Dome Tent – Maximum motorcycle suitability
  4. OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow Ultralight Bushcraft Shelter
  5. AYAMAYA Waterproof Motorcycle Tent 2 Room

When choosing an awning for your moto travel, remember that the more lightweight the product, the thinner the materials used, which means that it might not withstand heavy rain, low temperatures, and gusty winds. Sometimes it’s better to sacrifice low weight for added protection.

1. My Top Pick: Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

The Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent will keep you safe from the rapidly changing weather. Despite its low price, this model has several undeniable advantages.


This two-layer motorcycle camping tent is available in several sizes depending on the number of travelers. Of course, the dimensions of the product depend on it. So, an awning for three berths has a fairly large floor area of ​​56 inches and a center height of 4.83 feet. When packed, it takes up little space and fits easily into a bag that comes with the kit.


As this tent has good water and wind resistance, it is slightly heavier than some other products. The weight of a three-seater awning is 12 pounds. It includes the tent itself, the poles, and the attachment system. You will surely feel this weight if you carry it on your shoulders.


Although motorcycle trips usually take place in sunny weather, rain might come unexpectedly. Hooligan Backpacking Tent is made of 75 D polyester (the walls), and 1000 D polyethylene (the floor), and the seams are waterproof to provide reliable weather protection. Its frame is made of 0.43-inch fiberglass, so it can withstand strong winds. I like that this model has an indoor lobby. It’s quite roomy, so you can lay all your belongings inside to dry them out and prevent bacteria from growing.

  • Large vestibule;
  • Excellent weather protection;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Wind-responsive poles.
  • A bit heavy.

2. Best Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent for Camping 2-3 Person

Planning a vacation? You should do it! Overnight nature trips are a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner, and this tent is the perfect choice. Quick and easy to set up, it’s perfect for a hassle-free vacation. The tent comes complete with 3 thin aircraft aluminum poles with pegs and a storage bag, it easily folds into your motorcycle bag or trunk.


The tent is designed for 2-3 adults. When folded, it measures 24 “L x 11 “W x 6 “H. The size of the tent is enough to comfortably arrange sleeping bags and for storing personal belongings. You can also place your bike or motorcycle under the canopy to protect it from the weather.


The weight of the tent for two with shelter is 6.74 kg/14.85 lbs.


The WOLF WALKER Motorcycle Compartment Camping Tent has a spacious design that can hold a full-size motorcycle, and a separate secure enclosure attached to the inner tent for gear storage. There are four different entrances from both the tent and the motorcycle port, and a mesh panel provides privacy and protection from insects. The four-season tent also features a waterproof rain cover for shelter and protection from heavy rain and high winds and a waterproof floor that keeps the tent dry throughout the night. The tent includes three aircraft-grade aluminum poles with stakes and a storage bag for quick and easy setup, and it folds easily into a motorcycle bag or trunk.

  • 4 Season tent;
  • Waterproof Index: 2000mm-3000mm;
  • A complete motorcycle shelter;
  • 4 doors.
  • Not compact.

3. Best Tent with Removable Garage: Harley-Davidson Camping Tent

It would be weird if I didn’t include equipment from one of the most famous motorcycle companies on my list. However, Harley-Davidson’s Dome Tent got into my article not only because of the name. It is really of high quality and even more spacious than the previous item, and if necessary, you can remove the “garage.”


This model also comes in one size only. It is designed for a large group of 4 travelers. The sleeping compartment measures 8×7 feet and is approximately 52 inches high. At the same time, a motorcycle compartment can easily accommodate a couple of vehicles. I find it a great advantage that this so-called “garage” is zipped to the main tent, and you can unfasten it if necessary.


Like all models designed for small groups, this product weighs quite a lot, 12 pounds. Although, given its capacity, I would say that it is quite acceptable. As I have pointed out above, you can reduce the weight by removing the garage with mounts and ropes.


HD bike camping tents are made of durable nylon and feature mesh panels that are breathable and insect repellent. Such gear usually has very small doors making it difficult to get inside, but not on this model. The entry points are 40×40 inches, making this item suitable for tall travelers.

  • Efficient ventilation;
  • The garage can be unfastened;
  • Very spacious;
  • Large doors.
  • Available in one size.

4. Best Small Tent for Motorcycle Camping: OneTigris Bungalow

If the previous models on my list were primarily designed for traveling with a company, this tent is more suitable for solo bikers. A distinctive feature of it is its extra-compact folded dimensions.


When set up, this tent is not very large and can accommodate a maximum of two people. Although, in my opinion, two people will feel a little cramped there. It is rather a one-man tent for a motorcycle. Once assembled, its dimensions are 7×4 feet, and its height is approximately 45 inches. The tent has a triangular shape, which means there is not much room for your head at the top.


An advantage of this model over the competition is that you don’t need a frame to install it correctly. You can string the ropes on nearby trees or trekking poles. It significantly saves space and reduces weight. The tent, with 12 stakes included, weighs about 3.2 pounds.


The product is made of 75 D nylon reinforced with an armored thread. It is resistant to mechanical stress and will not tear if you accidentally poke a hole in it. When shopping, keep in mind that this tent is single-layered. However, it has a huge entrance, which provides excellent ventilation. On warm days, you can stretch the canopy with twigs and arrange a shaded picnic area.

  • Very compact when folded;
  • Extra lightweight;
  • Durable rainfly material;
  • Reliable fittings.
  • A bit pricey;
  • It is a single-layer tent.

5. Camping Tents for 3-4 Person, AYAMAYA Waterproof Motorcycle Tent 2 Room

Of all the models I’ve tested, this one is probably equipped with the largest porch. So, if you travel in a large group, it is a great option to hide all your belongings from the rain or the sun or have a big picnic in the shade.


The dimensions of the entire 2-room Ayamaya brand camping tent are 14ft x 6.6ft x 4.3ft and the sleeping area is 7.4ft x 6.6ft x 4.3ft. It can accommodate up to four people. The 6.6ft x 6.6ft x 4.3ft vestibule provides extra space for activities and storage. The two-room tent consists of a removable bedroom and a vestibule. The vestibule can be used to store camping gear when the bedroom is not in use, or turn it into a sunshade. You can also put your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle underneath it.


The total weight of the tent, poles, and bindings is only 3.9kg / 8.6lbs pounds. This indicator is in a more lightweight range when comparing items of similar capacity. Usually, tents, designed for three or four people, weigh more.


The Ayamaya brand specializes in outdoor gear, including camping, hiking, climbing and biking gear and accessories. The company focuses on the sale of waterproof camping tents and offers many different series such as tunnel, backpacking, automatic and pop-up. All Ayamaya products are tested by experienced outdoor enthusiasts before they enter the market. In particular, the bike and motorcycle tent has 2 doors in the vestibule for ventilation as well as a leg compartment in the porch area. The inner tent also has a netting that effectively prevents bugs and insects from getting inside.

  • Ideal for  3-4 person;
  • Large Vestibule;
  • Tent has 2-way zippered doors, a rear vent, and a liner door;
  • Set Up Fast.
  •  Its not as big as it looks in the pictures..

Buyer’s Guide on Tent for Motorcycle Camping

Harley-Davidson Tent

Choosing the right motorcycle camping gear is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In this section, I have collected information on what to look for when buying a tent and why you might need a specialized one.

Why you might need a special tent for motorcycle camping

You don’t have to look for motorcycle tents in stores; ultra-lightweight backpacking equipment might suit you as well. However, specialized products meet all the requirements of motorcycle travel: compactness, small weight, and ease of use. Besides, they have separate compartments or shelters for vehicles. If you have a long trip, you will have many things, and your adventure motorcycle tent should take up as little space as possible in your trunk. Also, extra weight can change the maneuverability of your bike.

How to choose a tent for motorcycle camping

To prevent the purchased equipment from letting you down, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Weight and size when folded. Tents for motorcycle riders should not take up all of the trunk space.
  • Many of them come in a handy bag that can be tightened with cables if needed.
  • Capacity. This factor depends on the number of travelers and backpacks. Don’t buy more spacious equipment than you need.
  • The presence of a porch. In it, you can put your backpacks and even leave the bike.
  • Weather protection. Make sure the material the tent is made of is waterproof enough (look at the so-called hydrostatic head) and can withstand strong winds.
  • Ventilation. If you travel during the warmer months, you will want rooms to be cooled and ventilated.
  • Ease of assembling. If you are a beginner camper, you can opt for a motorcycle pop-up tent as it is easier to use.

Motorcycle camping tips

Before riding long distances, be sure to do a complete check-up of your bike. Consider your route carefully and check local laws regarding riding motorcycles and wearing protective equipment. Pack all things in the trunk correctly so that there is no overweight to one side. Choose suitable camping sites that provide enough space for your tent and vehicle. This place should be located on a hill so that you are not flooded in case of rain.

Choose Your Biker’s Tent and Hit the Road

The modern market offers a huge variety of different motorcycle camping equipment. Of course, you can stay overnight in motels, but in my opinion, it is much more enjoyable to camp in the fresh air. Of all the products tested, I find Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent to be the best, but the other four items on my list deserve your attention as well.

Please share your experience with motorcycle camping in the comments. How did you choose your awning? Which model do you like and why?

FAQ about Tent for Motorcycle Camping

Is there a lightweight motorcycle tent?

Motorcycle tents come in several types. The first are designed for one or two people, with the motorcycle just sitting nearby. The second has a separate compartment or cover for the motorcycle. The motorcycle tent is designed to be very lightweight and easy to pack. Such tents have an open side vestibule for ventilation. The best motorcycle camping tents weigh less than 7-9 pounds and pack compactly. Although the weight also depends on the materials of construction and construction. Among the best lightweight motorcycle camping tents in our review is the AYAMAYA Waterproof Motorcycle Tent 2 Room, which weighs just over 8 pounds.

What is the best waterproof motorcycle tent?

In our opinion, the best waterproof tent is the Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent for Camping 2-3 Person. The waterproof index of this tent is 2000-3000.

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