Best Kids Hiking Backpacks You Need to Learn About

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Planning an outdoor activity like hiking adventure for your kids, but not sure of the best hiking backpack for that perfect day? In this review, I am going to help you select the ideal bag. I will talk about the dimension, capacity, package weight, and the material used for the best kids hiking backpacks. My name is Eddie, and I am a kid’s tourist. I have enough experience of hiking, so I can help you make your adventure safe and comfortable.

As a rule, kids going to outdoor adventure may carry their toys and other small playing items. Such things keep them entertained, but they may be lost on the way if not packed right. The best way to avoid it is by getting the best backpack that can carry all those, including snacks, water, and still offer the comfort needed. With such a product, you will enjoy and have great hiking. Below is a table with all the required information about the backpacks I will be reviewing.

Hiking Backpack for Kids’ Comparison Table



Package weight



Outer material





8 L


Fabric polyester




1.3 pounds

18 L


Nylon ripstop







Nylon material







Nylon material




4.7 pounds



Nylon- mesh


Deuter AC Lite


1.98 pounds





Venture pal


13.6 oz



Nylon material


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Best Kids Hiking Backpacks for Your Small Hiker

When kids are introduced to an outdoor adventure, the joy in their eyes is overwhelming. They get to learn something new or become a little bit more responsible if you allow them to carry their backpacks. The best bag is the one that will keep up with their unlimited energy. I am going to note down all the necessary information as I arranged the backpacks from the best according to my experience with kids out there. Moreover, I will help you narrow down to one that best fits your kids.

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HIKPRO Hiking Backpacks for Small Kids

This type of backpack is designed for one-day hiking or outdoor activities. It is very light and can be folded to the most desirable fit. Its design helps in reducing excessive weight from your kid’s shoulders, giving them the ultimate comfort all day long, and making the hiking for them more comfortable.

Although from the outside, it may seem to be a little bit small, its capacity is 20L with two other compartments that can be packed with the most used or easily reached items. It is made from the best nylon material. This water-resistant and durable backpack serves your kid for a very long time without a tear.

The straps are well-designed to ensure an easy trail for your kids because they are breathable and easily adjustable to your desired length. If you are looking for that light day trip where not many things should be packed, then HIKPRO is the best for that purpose.

HIKPRO 20L - The Most Durable Lightweight Packable Backpack
HIKPRO 20L - The Most Durable Lightweight Packable Backpack
Easy to folds into small pocket. You would LOVE you can throw it in your suitcase and have an extra bag without it taking up space.
  • Lightweight and convenient for a day trip.
  • It offers comfortability all day because of the well-designed straps.
  • Perfect for day hikes, as it can be easily foldable.
  • It is not suitable for an overnight hiking experience.
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Ubon Hiking Waterproof Backpack for Kids

Ubon backpack is my top list for the best hiking backpacks for kids due to its large capacity. This feature allows your kid to carry almost everything that will be necessary. It reduces the weight because of its flexible and foldable capability that is the best for hiking experience with ease. Ubon is created with the best materials and technologies that provide comfort and empower our kids to enjoy hiking activities to the maximum.

Every time you are purchasing your kids’ backpack, it is good to know the durability. Ubon is made with a nice fabric that is waterproof with durable zippers that will always make sure your kids’ items are intact. This product comes with a rain cover that provides extra protection. This backpack consists of straps that are easily adjustable. It allows all your items in a bag to remain just as you placed them. Moreover, such a feature helps a kid to move at ease as the straps balance the entire weight of the backpack.

The backpack is modified with a bottle holder pocket that is adjustable to make sure that you can easily reach your water. If you are planning for trekking activities, you can comfortably carry your sleeping bag in the bottom pocket.

Ubon Ventilated Hiking Backpack
Ubon Ventilated Hiking Backpack
It has one main sleeping pad compartment (50L), one top lid pocket, one front shove-it pocket and two side mesh water bottle pockets.
  • This backpack has a significant capacity to carry many items.
  • Very durable as the fabric used is tear-free and waterproof.
  • Very comfortable to carry due to the adjustable straps.
  • Although lightweight, some small kids may find it difficult to carry.
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Deuter Kids Schmusebar Pack That Comes With a Toy.

This place is occupied by the Deuter kids pack at my best backpack review. A product is the best hiking backpacks for small kids who are first-time hikers and just learned to do activities on their own. The pack comes with a teddy bear that excites the kid more when going for that outdoor activit.

This pack was created considering ergonomics as it comes with soft, breathable, and padded straps and buckles that help your child to keep a balance. They are beautifully designed with lovely colored butterflies, dolphins, and dinosaurs that seem to add an adventure mood for the kids.

Deuter Kids Schmusebar Backpack
Deuter Kids Schmusebar Backpack
The Deuter Schmusebar pack is designed with colorful butterflies, dinosaurs, or dolphins to accompany your little adventurer to preschool, daycare, a sleepover, or on family hikes.
  • It comes with a teddy bear.
  • It has beautiful designs that excite the kid.
  • It has buckles and a sturdy zipper that makes sure your kid’s items will not get lost when hiking.
  • It is only suitable for kids aged 2-5 years.
  • It is not waterproof.
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Osprey Packs Jet 18 Kid’s Kids Hiking Backpacks

These are hiking backpacks for kids 7-10 years who are also first-time hikers and can pack on their own when going to an outdoor adventure. The mesh back panel has a ventilated fleece liner, durable straps, and hip belt that provide extra comfort throughout your hiking experience.

This backpack is made of strong, durable, and waterproof nylon material. It has external pockets that are perfect for snacks and a water bottle. All the pockets are well zipped, and your kid’s items are secured and will not fall off.

The bottom of this backpack is an extra pocket where you can fit your kid’s sleeping bag. They also come with a rain cover that keeps your pack dry with all your packing protecting them from damaging.

Osprey Packs Jet 18 Kid's Hiking Backpack
Osprey Packs Jet 18 Kid's Hiking Backpack
The external reservoir sleeve provides an easy way to access a reservoir whether the pack is full or empty.
  • It has a lower web loop for lashing extra hiking gear.
  • It has sturdy zippers for protecting items from falling off.
  • It is made from strong, waterproof nylon material.
  • It comes with a sternum strap that prevents your kids from swaying sideways even when running.
  • It is only suitable for kids who are 7-10 years and can withstand the weight.
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G4free Best Kids Backpacks for Hiking

If you are planning for a daypack hiking experience, then G4free is the most preferred backpack for such outdoor activity. It is durable and long-lasting as it is made of strong nylon material. Such a feature ensures that your pack is tear-free, and also no amount of water will penetrate inside.

When talking about lightweight backpacks, I should mention G4free. This is the most convenient backpack that I have seen kids with, as it can fit an ultra-compact pouch. You can fold it up with much ease into smaller pockets and put it in your suitcase hence saving much more space. It gives you extra pleasure while hiking with no worries about losing any item.

If your kid is planning to have a one-day trip, hike, or even accompany you for shopping, this backpack will be the best companion for such occasions. It keeps your kid’s items highly organized in two zipped pockets. The big one is for packing the essentials needed for the trip and the small zipped pocket for the things that should be easily reached, such as cash and passports. Also, it can be used while cycling because of its lightweight nature. You can easily use it every day.

G4Free Lightweight Packable Shoulder Backpack
G4Free Lightweight Packable Shoulder Backpack
Convenient and Lightweight; It fits into an ultra-compact pouch. It is easy to fold up into small pocket, packing it in your suitcase, purse or car without taking up space, ultralight and handy.
  • Best used for day trips or hikes.
  • Very convenient and lightweight to carry.
  • It is made of a material that is tear-free and waterproof.
  • It has only two compartments and cannot be used in overnight hiking.
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Deuter SL Lite

This is one of the best hiking backpacks for carrying kids because it is very light and durable. This product is good for a day hike. It comes with a detachable rain cover to protect your items from damage and water. This backpack has airstrips system that allows your bag to snug against your back. Deuter SL Lite is specially designed for kids. However, adults can use it as well. As it can carry all day hike necessities without needless weight.

Deuter SL has a unique design with a compartment that can carry a few items and toys for your kid and clothes. It has an external pocket where your kid can keep items and things that should be quickly reached. The backpack is very comfortable as it fits the back well and has a spring steel frame that is flexible and lightweight to help in balancing the weight to the hip belt. The chest straps secure the bag to your shoulder while the waist belt stabilizes the items in your pack.

Deuter AC Lite 14 SL Women's 14 Liter Backpack
Deuter AC Lite 14 SL Women's 14 Liter Backpack
Deuter SL carry system is shorter to fit women’s back with spring steel frame that is flexible and lightweight to help transfer load to the hip belt.
  • Lightweight for a day hike.
  • Very comfortable due to the spring steel frame at the back.
  • Chest straps secure and stabilize the load of the bag.
  • It is considered small if used to carry items for more than a day.
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Venture Pal Best Hiking Backpack for Kids

This is a very durable backpack and the best for a day hiking activity. The pack is made with a nylon material that is tear-free and water-resistant. The material provides extra strength to the bag and gives you a long-lasting service.

The backpack has a breathable mesh strap with an excess cushion that relieves tension from the shoulder, allowing your kid to carry the bag for long comfortably. The bag is lightweight and has multi compartments that allow your kid to arrange their belongings in an organized manner.

The backpack is well zipped to ensure safety to your kids’ belongings as they will not fall off and get lost on the way. This product has two side pockets suitable for water bottles and other quick reachable items.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack
Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack
This Venture Pal Backpack is made with high quality tear and water resistant material, provides extra strength and long-lasting performance with the lightest weight possible.
  • The bag is very comfortable.
  • It protects your kids’ belongings from getting lost.
  • The backpack is suitable to carry enough with a capacity of 35L.
  • Only suitable for kids ranging from 7-12 years.
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Important Information about Backpacks for Kids You Need to Know

Most parents tend to ask questions like how I choose the right backpack for my kids, the type of bag used for hiking, how to use a backpack, how will I pack my backpack for the airlines. Kids’ backpack will highly depend on the price, color, comfortability, extra pockets, size, and adjustability. Every parent knows the preferences of their children, and it can assist in selecting the perfect backpack.

Also, considering the kind of backpack that should be used, pay attention to the weight, the straps, whether the bag is waterproof, and if the fabric used is tear-free. It is important to know how these backpacks can be used and the transportation process through the airline. As stated above in my kids hiking backpacks reviews, I mentioned the type of bags, and now I am going to give out the essential information about those products.

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Choosing the Right Backpack for Your Kids

When deciding on the best bag for your kids, some things need to be considered. As I had stated above, knowing your kids’ likes and dislikes will highly contribute to getting the perfect backpack and will ease your search. Your kid might like a specific color, and with this, you will be forced to consider the child’s favorite one. Some may love to carry very bright colors, and others prefer dark shades. Some children do not care about the design. In such a case, it is advisable to pick a neutral look.

The next feature to consider is the size. This is an essential feature to think through when selecting the perfect backpack. It must be determined by the age of your children and the outdoor activities that they will be doing. A lightweight bag is much preferable if your kid is at the age of 2-7 years. Similarly, the weight of the bag depends on the hiking activities or trekking. The backpacks should be designed with lower web loop attachment that can be used to lash extra hiking gear.

The next feature is the comfortability of the product. You would not wish to hear from time to time that your kid is tired, or the straps are hurting. Choose the right bag considering your kids’ height and the backpack structure. It should chest straps that will secure your backpack to the shoulders and a waist belt that will help stabilize the load to the hip area. Make sure the bag has enough side pockets and a sturdy zipper that guarantees your kid’s items are well protected. After considering all these crucial things, you can compare the prices that the best fit with your pocket and give your child the best hiking backpacks that they desire.

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Type of Kids Backpacks That Are Used for Hiking

When hiking, the kids’ backpack should be light with adjustable waist belts and chest straps to ensure that they are comfortable carrying them for hours. They should be well ventilated at the back due to avoid sweating. The size should be determined by the kid’s age, and the days they are going to spend when hiking. As a rule, most hikes are for a day. If your adventure is more durable, it is recommended to take a bigger bag. You will be able to take more snacks, food, water, toiletries, and even a sleeping bag.

Lightweight packs are much more considered for the perfect hiking experience. Get backpacks that are not too heavy with a breathable back panel that is ventilated. Do not forget about the straps for the shoulders that should be very comfortable and strong enough to hold the pack both sides firmly with loops. It allows you to lash in trekking poles.

The materials used in the hiking backpacks should be durable and waterproof. Be sure that no liquid can be penetrated and damage your stuff. The material should be tear-free to hold at least the items well organized and firm in the backpack.

It is great if your backpack has many pockets. Hiking is fun, and the best way to remember everything is through memories and collected souvenirs. Your kid’s collection is essential and shouldn’t get lost on their way back. The pockets should be zipped well and locked if necessary. They are also significant for snacks that your kid will be eating on the way.

Finally, check the weight capacity to avoid your kid getting overly tired, hence not enjoying the whole hiking experience. Most backpacks are significantly lighter. Even after packing many things necessary for hiking, the weight of the bag will be not considerable.

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How to Use Hiking Backpacks

The best way of using your hiking backpack is knowing how to pack all your hiking gear. Also, after that, when carrying, your bag will not sway from side to side. It is good to show your kid how to pack the hiking gear, not making the mess inside.

At the very bottom, bulky gear will be packed. This should be the ones only used at the camping site, for example, the sleeping bag, pajamas, and any other set of changing clothes. Coming on to the top, pack the less bulky gear that you may use while hiking. Pack all your essentials needed inside the backpack, ensuring a solid load that will not keep moving when you walk.

After a hiking experience, your backpack might get dirty, and you should learn how to clean it properly and to storage safely until the next outdoor activity. Bags should not be washed in the washing machine. Instead, use warm water and a soft sponge and brush lightly, making sure that you are not causing any damages to the protective coating of your backpack.

The side pockets are for the items that you will frequently use along your hike. Your water, maps, snacks, rain cover, and other small essentials should be well arranged in the side pockets to be easily reached whenever needed. After packing appropriately, make sure you know how to hoist your backpack not to get hurt when lifting.

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How to Transport Hiking Backpacks by Airline

There are cases when your hiking will require the use of airlines. It is advisable to help your kids when packing and make sure to take all the essentials for the hike. The carry-on luggage is the most checked in the airports. Be sure that you have packed the stuff that is not forbidden for such type of luggage. It will guarantee you comfort and calm during check-in.

Most people consider a backpack as an ideal piece of luggage to bring on board. It is easy to carry through the airport, but the irregular size and fully staffed backpack can be challenging. Hence, you will need to check your backpack or use a carry-on luggage bag. Packing your carry-on backpack, you need to learn about what to carry, the capacity, and how to take. Liquid state products like soap, toothpaste, and deodorants are carried in small quantities to save space in the backpack. Moreover, they should be packed in small clear bottles observing the TSA rule and policy. Most airlines have some rules regarding packed food and snacks, so it is good to be aware of this before boarding.
When booking your plane, it is good to confirm the luggage requirements and the size limit to bring on the plane. For instance, packing the stoves will not be allowed in most airlines. Knives, trapdoors, and handguns can be carried if you decide to take them in a case that meets TSA requirements. The golden rule is to know the allowed dimensions, weight, and stuff that can be packed. You have to keep in mind that such things as backpack handles and wheels are also checked. Close all the zippers in order to protect all your stuff. Make sure that you have a name tag on your backpacks. It will prevent you from losing your luggage or taking not yours. Moreover, I want to advise you to remove your bag when you go through security to be screened separately.

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Enjoy Your Hiking Experience

Having packed your kid’s hiking backpack appropriately, you can relax and enjoy your safe and comfortable adventure. Your kids will become more responsible now as they carry their bags and should take care of their belongings.

Correct packing leads to a fun-filled hiking experience because you did not leave anything out from your backpack. Moreover, you know the right type of your kid’s bag, and it ensures that they enjoy hiking with ease. They will carry the correct weight with the preferred type of backpack. Are you still not sure about selecting your best-hiking backpacks kids? Have you traveled with your children? Was it challenging for you? What type of backpack do they prefer? What features do you appreciate the most in such products? Please feel free to ask me questions or leave a comment in the section below.

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