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My name is Eddie, and I am a seasoned traveler who loves hiking and trekking in beautiful areas around the country. Arches National Park is one of the breathtaking places that every hiking enthusiast should visit at least once. However, it is important to make sure to pack everything needed for a comfortable and memorable trip. Therefore, I decided to prepare my tips on hiking in Arches National Park.

First of all, you need to decide on the type of pass you need for visiting the Park. You can go for an individual pass for $15 that allows you to travel across the park for up to seven days. Alternatively, you can purchase Arches National Park annual pass for $55. Note that young individuals below 15 years can visit the park for free.

Also, you can enter Arches National Park, if you have one of the following passes:

  • America the Beautiful Annual Pass – $80;
  • Lifetime Senior Pass (for US citizens and residents older than 61) – $80, too.

It is essential to prepare a packing list for your visit to Arches National Park to ensure that you carry everything needed. You need different items for different seasons, so below, you can find two packing lists and recommendations for Arches National Park for the spring/summer and winter seasons.

Hiking in Arches National Park in Spring and Summer

Arches National Park in Spring

Here are my tips on what to wear and pack if you are going hiking in the warm season. Keep reading to find out what additional items you need for a good hiking experience in the winter, as well.

What to Wear to Arches National Park in Spring and Summer

During the spring or summer, it is essential to wear light clothes so that you can easily hike all day and not catch too much sun. T-shirt is a must if you wonder what to bring to the Arches National Park. It should be made of light material and dry quickly.

Although it is pretty hot in the park in the spring and summer, make sure to cover your shoulders to protect yourself from sunstroke. Pack a few more t-shirts in your bag, taking into consideration the number of days you plan to spend in the park. Also, make sure to wear light pants or shorts for comfortable hiking.

Don’t forget to include socks in your Arches National Park packing list. They should be comfortable, allow your feet to breathe, and easy to dry. Also, your shoes should be comfortable for long walks and not cause blisters on your feet.

A hat is an absolute must-have when going to Arches National Park. As almost the whole territory is exposed to direct sun, you need to protect your head from sun rays.

What Food and Water to Pack for Hiking in Spring or Summer

Avoid carrying perishable products, especially if you plan trekking for a couple of days. Canned food, snacks, and other healthy energy-boosting products will work best. Make sure to carry enough water for your trip, at least one gallon per day to stay hydrated. As almost all the whole surface of the park is exposed to direct sun, you need to drink even more water than usual to rehydrate.

Hiking Gear & Hygiene Items

Let’s take a look at other essential items you will need when going hiking or trekking:

  • Take a capacious backpack that is suitable for hiking trips. Your backpack should be light but strong to carry all the things needed. Getting a waterproof hiking backpack would be perfect;
  • Your adventure gear won’t be complete without sunglasses. This accessory will protect your eyes from the UV rays;
  • A good camera to take photos would be a good idea. However, you can use your phone for capturing all the moments;
  • Your navigation kit should include a compass, a map, a GPS, and a headlight to light your path when it gets dark;
  • Don’t forget a power bank to charge your electronics;
  • Make sure to include a sunscreen in your Arches National park backpacking list. It will protect your skin from UV rays and tanning weird;
  • Toiletries, including soap, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, toilet paper, a face towel, and a hand sanitizer should also be a must;
  • A first aid kit should include pain killers, flu stuff, and other necessary medicaments;
  • If you are going trekking, pack a tent, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad for a comfortable sleepover.

So, here is my Arches National Park backpacking list for the summer or spring. Check with it when preparing for your trip to the park, and you will have all the essential items at hand during your hiking adventure.

What to Pack for the Arches National Park in Winter

Arches National Park in Winter

If you are planning a winter hiking trip to Arches National Park, there are some additional items you need to pack with you. Although most adventure gear and electronics are the same as mentioned in the previous list, take a look at the recommendations below on clothing and hiking equipment.

What to Wear to Arches National Park in Winter

Choose warm clothes and wear them in layers if you want to enjoy hiking in the cold season. I recommend wearing warm leggings under your pants to keep yourself warm, especially when it rains and becomes extra chilly. Select fitting but flexible leggings.

A waterproof fleece jacket and fleece pants are the best combination for hiking in winter. These clothes will keep you warm but won’t hamper your movements. Add a raincoat that will save you in case of rainfall.

I recommend choosing lightweight hiking shoes for a comfortable trip. This essential Arches National Park hiking gear will keep you warm, and it should be waterproof and have a non-slippery sole.

A pair of gloves is a must for hiking in the winter. Also, get a large woolen scarf and a warm hat to protect your neck and head from cold. This way, you will be fully equipped for any hiking or trekking adventure.

Food to Pack for a Winter Hiking Trip

When the weather gets cold and chilly, food should help you to keep the body warm. You may opt for some snacks, but I recommend bringing some nutritious food to keep your energy level. Also, it is essential to stay hydrated in the winter, too, so make sure to carry enough water. You can take a thermal flask with tea or coffee to drink something warm during your hiking trip.

Adventure Gear & Electronics

  • Take a comfortable waterproof backpack that is capable enough to pack all your items inside. I recommend going for an all-weather waterproof backpack for a nice hiking experience;
  • A map, a compass, and GPS are essential for your easy and successful navigation. A headlamp will be especially useful because it becomes dark early during winter;
  • Carry a camera if you don’t use your phone camera for keeping memories to share with friends and family. Also, make sure to pack a fully-charged power bank to keep your electronics working;
  • Include more flu stuff in your medical kit besides the basic medication;
  • Make sure to include toiletries in your winter Arches National Park backpacking list. Take tissues, a soap, a toothpaste, a hand sanitizer, and other hygiene items that will be useful during your trip;
  • I advise taking polythene bags to carry your waste with you and keep the territory of Arches National Park clean;
  • Opt for retractable hiking poles for an easier hiking experience, especially on showy and slippery areas.
  • If you plan to stay overnight in the park, pack a tent, a winter sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad to keep yourself warm all night.

Concluding Words of Packing List for Arches National Park

Now, you have read my tips and recommendations on packing for hiking in Arches National Park. This place is wonderful at any time of the year. No matter if you plan to visit the park in the warm or cold season, you will enjoy the amazing landscapes and hidden wonders on your way. The only thing, you need to pack your bag according to the season. By following the recommendations described above, you will be able to pack all the essential things one would need for a hiking trip to Arches National Park.

Have you ever been to Arches National Park? It is your first hiking trip, or have you been hiking for a long period? What do you prefer more – hiking or trekking? Let’s discuss these activities in the comment below. I am a hiking enthusiast, so I will be happy to read about your thoughts and hiking experience.

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