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Hey there. The Hiking Prodigy here. In this post, I’m going to elaborate on top-level camping beds for couples. Do you go on regular camping trips with your outdoor-loving better half? Then you definitely need the best 2 person camping bed for your most comfy and pleasurable outdoor experience.

Sharing a sleeping mat as opposed to using individual mats has a few benefits. For instance, one bed is easier to carry, set up, and store. Also, a shared bed is invariably comfier. If you buy the best portable camping bed for two, you (and your significant other) will no longer have to sleep on a thin sleeping pad or shiver on a slow-leaking air bed.

Before laying your hands on the best camping bed for your needs, you should decide what size you want and (naturally) how much money you’re ready to spend. In addition to this, you should choose the best camping bed type for you.

8 Best Camping Beds for Two: Time-Tested Reviews & Buying Guide

  1. EnerPlex Luxury Series Queen Air Mattress: Ideal Airbed for Camping
  2. Alps Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed: Top-Notch Camp Mattress
  3. Coleman Queen Frame Airbed Cot: Comfort for Camping and Home
  4. Hikenture Sleeping Pad: Best Double Camp Bed
  5. KingCamp Deluxe Inflating Camping Pad: Luxury Camping Mattress
  6. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed: It’s a Keeper!
  7. Etekcity: Comfy, Cozy, and Perfect for Taller Adults
  8. In Your Prime Double Sleeping Pad for Camping & Backpacking

There are four main types of camping beds:

  • Airbeds. In terms of their size and thickness, these camping beds resemble your typical mattresses at home. Although they are incredibly comfortable, they’re usually too heavy for your backpack. If you’re on the prowl for a great car camping mattress, then air beds might be an excellent choice. Just keep in mind that if you buy this sort of camping bed, you’re also going to need a pump (although sometimes it’s included);
  • Self-inflating air beds. These beds are usually among the most comfortable and compact options. Upon opening the valve on this bed, it starts filling with air (hence the name);
  • Foam pads. These types of camping beds are crafted of closed-cell foam. You don’t have to worry about inflating it prior to setting it up. Just unroll the thing, and it’s ready for use;
  • Adaptable mattresses. They consist of a layer of memory foam and a comfy protective cover. These mattresses are great for both car camping and backpacking.

If you’ve already begun your search for the best camping bed for couples, you’ve probably noticed that the choice is truly overwhelming. No doubt, the best camping mattress is the one that suits your needs perfectly, so the final decision is always yours. But I thought it might be very helpful for you to browse through my selection of the 8 best camping mattresses for couples prior to making a purchase.

I have selected brands with excellent reputations only, as well as mattresses with a solid history of quality. Find my time-tested, expert-approved, and experience-based reviews of the most comfortable camping beds for two below.

1. EnerPlex Luxury Series Queen Air Mattress: Ideal Airbed for Camping

This airbed is among the most comfortable out there. It’s well-made, portable, and versatile. Comfort-wise, it’s just like sleeping on your home bed. It’s perfect for both home use (when guests stay over) and for camping. Lightweight, but without compromising on quality, the EnerPlex queen is easy to transfer and carry.

You can take this airbed anywhere, for the included pump is cordless and rechargeable. You can also plug it into the regular wall outlet or the car charger. When the time comes to deflate it, you’re going to need to open the valve, push in the stopper, and that’s about it. Then fold the mattress in and place it right back in the carrying bag. Overall, the EnerPlex airbed is long-lasting and reliable.

This 9-inch thick bed is neither big nor bulky, and it comes in a fine storage bag. You can choose to set the desired level of firmness, and it won’t sag in the middle when you make the most of it. The cover material is incredibly soft. And the fact that the item comes with a 2-year warranty is very inspiring. So if you and your significant other want to rest comfortably while camping, the EnerPlex air mattress might be exactly what you need.

  • Well-constructed and very easy to carry around;
  • A breeze to inflate and deflate;
  • Waterproof and comfy;
  • Wireless pump is included;
  • Great value for the money.
  • The mattress has a slight nylon smell at the beginning, but after a day or two it fades out.

2. Alps Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed: Top-Notch Camp Mattress

This mattress, once you fully inflate it, is very sturdy and comfy. It won’t let you down by leaking or bouncing around much, which is also great. The little pump comes with this air bed – such a handy and super convenient addition. Keep in mind that you must charge the air pump charger for a full twelve hours prior to utilizing it for the first time. So if you’re going to need to use the bed soon after receiving it, plug it in immediately.

This Alps Mountaineering air bed is wonderfully made and remarkably durable. It stands out from the rest of the reviewed items because of its light weight and portability. It wraps up to the size of a typical sleeping bag (and weighs about as much, too). In addition to this, the Alps Mountaineering air bed contains polyester covered fabric instead of the highly toxic and harmful PVC.

This mattress will stay firm even if your kids jump and play on it all day. It’ll easily fit 2 adults and possibly a small child. And it will fit perfectly into your two-person backpacking tent. So if you need a quality inflatable camp bed for two, this item might be your best bet. Take a closer look at it, study its perks a little more, and if you like what you will learn, feel free to make a purchase without further hesitation!

ALPS Mountaineering 7632117 Velocity Air Bed (Queen)
324 Reviews
ALPS Mountaineering 7632117 Velocity Air Bed (Queen)
  • Polyester Oxford fabric and coil system makes for a more durable, solid and comfortable sleeping area

  • The mattress is crafted of a sturdy, odor-free, and strong material;
  • Great-quality, flat, and comfortable;
  • Lightweight and space-saving;
  • The mattress comes with a pump;
  • PVC-free and non-toxic (which means no chemical smell).
  • May seem a bit on the expensive side but it’s worth every penny.

3. Coleman Queen Frame Airbed Cot: Comfort Camping Mattresses For Couples


This 3-piece kit is more than just the best camping air mattress for couples. It consists of a cot with super convenient side tables, a top-level air mattress, and a reliable battery-backed pump. What appeals to me about this bed is that the air mattress is protected from falling out of the cot. It hides in the extremely soft pocket that zippers open and close, holding the mattress inside.

Contouring your body for refined support, this bed boasts durable and strong steel build. It will keep you lifted off the surface it stands on a reasonable bit, which means your backpack and your survival kit will easily fit under the construction. Furthermore, the bed comes with two side tables that snap out exactly where you need them. They feature cup holders and plenty of space for your smartphone, tablet, and a bottle of your favorite beer.

In addition to all this, the Coleman bed is great when guests come to stay over. It blows up effortlessly, and its plastic feet won’t damage your floor. Wondering if this bed is good for making love? Definitely yes. Even if you and your other half are both tall and stately. In many ways, this bed is life-changing. So if you currently have it on your watch list, you might be a few steps away from the best deal for your upcoming adventure.

  • Terrific support;
  • Features two solid and convenient side-tables;
  • Provides plenty of under-the-cot storage;
  • The mattress is zipped into place and that’s why it doesn’t move;
  • It’s leak-resistant.
  • It’s heavy and i.e. is not meant for backpacking.

4. Hikenture Sleeping Pad: Best Double Camp Bed

If you camp, fish, or hike a lot, then you’ve probably tried sleeping on the ground, tested yoga mats, and even put those pricey self-inflating camp beds through their paces. As a matter of fact, the amazingly feathery and small-sized Hikenture double sleeping pad might be the winner among all the aforementioned options.

The Hikenture double sleeping pad is an outstanding, super thick air mattress that truly makes its owners feel like they’re resting on cloud number nine, even when it’s placed on a rough and stony surface. Installing it and taking it down is super easy. I like that it features a dedicated storage bag, which enhances its portability. And attaching this bag to a rucksack is a breeze.

Crafted of nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane, this sleeping pad is sturdy, water-resistant, and totally reliable. To cut a long story short, I’m sure that if you add this double camping mattress to your outdoor equipment, you will be more than satisfied. So if you’re on the hunt for a low-weight two person camping mattress, this item may turn out to be your new go-to camping bed for two!

  • Provides maximum comfort, especially if you’re a side sleeper;
  • Small enough to fit in a backpack;
  • Inflates and deflates relatively speedy;
  • Non-smelly and leakage-proof;
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Requires inflation.
May let out squeaks and groans when you move, just like many other air beds.

5.KingCamp Deluxe Inflating Camping Pad: Luxury Car Camping Mattress For Couples

If you’re into camping with comfort, this bed might be your best choice. It’s a great solution for car camping and a pleasure to rest on. KingCamp DELUXE features Jet Stream Foam as insulation, which means it keeps heat like a champ.

Similar to other two person sleeping pads, this baby is quite heavy. But thanks to the foam, you can pack it down to relatively compact proportions. While this sleeping pad is great at being leak-proof and UV-light-resistant, installing your sleeping bag onto the thing is not the best idea.

KingCamp DELUXE is non-toxic and made to last. No doubt, this sleeping pad is just the ticket for van camping. Lay it across the rockiest surface and you won’t feel a single bump. In fact, you will get a good night’s sleep and wake up energized. It takes some extra effort to deflate and roll the thing back up. It compresses to the approximate proportions of a five-gallon bucket.

With this honey, you won’t get as cold as you used to get with a regular inflatable air bed. It comes with a fine tote bag for storage and rubber straps. Overall, if you’re seeking the best camping pads for couples, KingCamp DELUXE might be it. You will use this bad boy for days without fearing about losing air or dying batteries.

  • Excellent for van camping with maximum comfort;
  • Reliable and made with durability in mind;
  • A pleasure to set up and fold back up;
  • You can set the preferred level of firmness;
  • Doesn’t break or leak.
  • Somewhat bulky;
  • Folding it back up may be challenging, but pretty soon you will get to grips with the procedure.

6. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed: It’s a Keeper!

This air bed is fantastic. Featherweight and sturdy, it features its own electric inflator and a storage bag. You won’t have a problem inflating and deflating this honey. It neither stretches nor sags. You can easily set the level of firmness based on your most sophisticated preferences. Furthermore, this camping bed is a lot more compact compared to its PVC brothers and sisters.

This blow-up bed is super comfy and packs up like a charm. The pump works very well. You can be sure that it will go through the entire season on the original batteries. On the plus side, unlike other camping mattresses, this baby won’t make you sick with the toxic smell. It’s 100% odor-free!

The Lightspeed air bed will give you everything you could ever want (except its own silk sheets and pillows, of course). If you don’t like the rubbing sound this bed makes when you move on it, put a soft and warm sleeping bag over it for a quiet night’s sleep. And the problem is solved! Oh, and have I mentioned that rolling up and putting it back in the bag is a walk in the park?

Also, this blow-up bed won’t take up much storage space in your house or your car. The Lightspeed air bed is a bit on the expensive side, it’s true. But it’s definitely well worth the money it costs. With this sleeping bed, camping is a bed of roses (and a pleasure cruise!).

  • Durable and abrasion-resistant;
  • Holds air for days;
  • Comfortable and odor-free;
  • Doesn’t bounce much;
  • Comes with a nice bag for carrying and storing.
  • The storage bag is too spacious;
  • May seem overpriced but it worth every penny.

7. Etekcity: Comfy, Cozy, and Perfect for Taller Adults

Haste definitely makes waste when you’re shopping for a new camping bed for two, especially taking into consideration the fact that with proper care, the thing could last you as long as ten years. With regard to the Etekcity blow-up bed, it’s made of sturdy polyvinyl chloride (for maximum thickness and long-lastingness). This mattress is comfy and easy to deal with.

Reasonably priced and comfortable, the Etekcity air bed is a second to none choice for outdoor use. Raising nine inches off the surface when installed, this sleeping bed provides unparalleled insulation against the most typical unpredictable weather conditions that catch you off-guard when you’re camping. With this item, you won’t have to worry about bumpy surfaces or chilly nights.

The Etekcity air bed is accompanied by a rechargeable battery-operated pump which makes inflating the thing a breeze. The pump features an AC and a DC adapter. You can recharge it at home before you set off car camping (yes, it suits best for car camping, not backpacking). It should be mentioned that this air bed is not the lightest out there, but still, it’s convenient enough to be called portable.

That being said, if you want to feel as if you’re sleeping in your home bed, this air mattress offers nothing but that. The Etekcity blow-up bed will be an out-of-this-world catch if you’re looking for a camping mattress for taller and bigger folks. With this wonderful air bed, you will sleep like a baby even if you camp on rocks in the wilderness. The level of comfort this bed provides is totally beyond expectation!

  • The mattress is thick and durable;
  • Easy and snappy inflation/deflation;
  • Non-toxic and water-resistant;
  • Features an integrated pump;
  • Ideal for camping, guests, temporary situations, etc.

8. In Your Prime Double Sleeping Pad for Camping & Backpacking


This sleeping pad is beautifully crafted using sturdy and reliable materials. If you decide to lay the pad out beneath the stars, it will hold air perfectly well all night long. Manual pumping is no big deal. It’s spacious enough for two. The thing comes with top-notch accessories and is great for backpacking, for it wraps up really small and portable.

In case you have any problems or concerns with the In Your Prime sleeping pad for two, contact the manufacturer directly for them to solve the issue as soon as possible. If you end up dissatisfied with the product, the company will refund you completely. It’s good to know that these guys treat their customers just the way they would want to be treated. Excellent customer service!

So if your ultimate goal is purchasing an ultralight and comfy sleeping pad for two, this particular solution is just what the doctor ordered. It’s definitely a must-have for your next outdoor adventure. And the kids adore it. Highly recommended for multiple purposes, especially if you need a comfy bed anywhere you travel. By the way, if you have back issues, you can effectively use this sleeping pad at home as a mattress topper.

  • Ultralight, portable, and packable;
  • Sturdy and reliable;
  • Great size for a married couple;
  • Money-back guarantee;
  • Affordably priced.
  • The sleeping pad may seem not wide enough, but only if you’re into tossing and turning at night.

Camping Beds vs. Air Mattresses: Stick With What’s Right for You

Great-quality air mattresses are cool, especially the ones I’ve included in my selection above. Usually, they tend to be more lightweight compared to solid camping beds. However, air mattresses run the risk of deflating in the middle of the night. Therefore, you’re going to need to fiddle around with a pump and perhaps even require electricity.

With regard to camp beds, they provide more support, cold-proofness, and sturdiness. But some of them are on the hefty side and can even be somewhat bulky (not the best camping bed solution for backpacking). Now that you’re fully aware of all the pros and cons, you’re free to stick with the best type (and model) of camp beds for couples to suit your needs to a tee.


What is the best double camping bed?

In my opinion one of the best mattresses for couples while camping is ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed or Coleman Queen Frame Airbed Cot.

What is the most comfortable thing to sleep on when camping?

The most comfortable sleeping surface when camping would be an air mattress.

How much does a camping mattress for couples cost?

A camping mattress for couples creates comfort and can cost around $70, but the most popular mattresses with positive reviews cost around $150-200.

How do I choose a camping mattress for couples?

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a double camping bed. Some important factors include:

  • The size of the bed. Make sure to choose a bed that is large enough for two people to sleep comfortably.
  • The type of mattress. There are a variety of mattress types available, so be sure to choose one that is comfortable for both you and your sleeping partner.
  • The weight capacity. Be sure to choose a bed that can support the weight of both you and your camping partner.

Perhaps, you’ve already chosen the most suitable item among the best camping beds for two on the market? If I’m right, what’s so special about it? Where have you bought it and is it worth the investment? You’re welcome to share your experience in the comment section below. Your opinion is of great value to me. Your feedback is very important.

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