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The cold weather at night may ruin all the camping holidays, especially if you have an old sleeping bag that doesn’t keep you warm. I think it’s time to find the new best 50 degree backpacking sleeping bag. Nowadays, there are a lot of offers on the market. But not all of them are as good as pointed in the description. So, today I want to provide warm weather sleeping bag reviews.

The best model among the products I will describe is Tennier Military Modular Sleep System. It is adapted to low temperatures as well as to high ones. The design is comfortable for both men and women. Also, the well-built hood protects your head from the cold air during sleeping. I will tell you more about hiking in 50-degree weather and what equipment to choose from in the reviews below.

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Top 5 Best 50 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bags

  1. Military Modular Sleep System 4 Piece with Goretex Bivy Cover and Carry Sack
  2. Naturehike 1.26lbs Ultralight 800 Fill Power Goose Down Sleeping Bag
  3. Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag
  4. Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag 3-4 Season Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Adults & Kids
  5. Pacific Pass 50F Envelope Sleeping Bag for Camping with Compression Sack

Choosing a comfortable sleeping bag is the first step into your outdoor adventure. So, here you will find the top bags for the camping 50 degrees night.

1. Tennier – Best 50 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag

To create the best performance military and survival goods, Tennier has discovered diverse, reliable technologies for the last forty years. They combine high quality and affordable price. Thanks to the close partnership with the military and their continuous development, Tennier offers innovative customer service.

Dimensions and weight

As most Tennier products are provided to cover the military needs, this bag is highly lightweight and convenient. Its dimensions are 24 x 17.9 x 10.3 inches when packed. You don’t need much time to unpack the bag. The model weighs about three pounds.


This sleeping bag suits women as well as men. It has a rectangular shape with rounded edges. Such a construction is comfortable for your head.

Closure type

The product is supplied with the reversible double-pull slider that opens end to end. Also, the draft flap prevents heat loss. With the quilted chest collar, you won’t feel the air flowing up and down through the hood. And your feet will be protected from the cold thanks to the anatomically designed foot box.


The cover is made of the three-layer GORE-TEX fabric. It is resistant to water and wind and rarely gets dirty. The stuff stack can be regulated by the nylon ladder lock buckles.


With the Tennier sleeping bag, you can feel comfortable when it’s 50°F to -50°F outside. But you should combine the product with the Patrol and ICW bags to cope with the lowest temperatures. Also, you need to consider buying the proper clothing.

Military Modular Sleep System 4 Piece with Goretex Bivy Cover and Carry Sack
863 Reviews
Military Modular Sleep System 4 Piece with Goretex Bivy Cover and Carry Sack
  • Comfort in Temperatures Ranging from 50°F to -50°F
  • Made in the USA
  • Military Issue

  • Lightweight;
  • Waterproof and windproof material;
  • Copes with the 50°F to -50°F temperature;
  • Easy to pack;
  • Protects your feet and chest from the airflow.
  • When the bag is packed, it takes up more space than other models.

2. Naturehike – Lightweight 50 Degree Sleeping Bag

Naturehike provides the whole process of discovering and further creating outdoor products. They focus on such features as quality materials and small weight. Besides goods manufacturing, they search for the best equipment solutions all the time.

Dimensions and weight

It’s not that simple to make a warm and light sleeping bag, and the Naturehike has managed to do this. You may choose from two colors and two sizes: the regular and the extra-large one. The dimensions of the regular model are 81 x 28 x 4 inches, and the large size has 78.74 x 31.5 x 5.91 inches. The regular model weighs about 1.28 pounds, and the large one – 1.74 lbs, which doesn’t take too much space in your backpack.


The height of the sleeping bag doesn’t define its energy-efficiency. This product is not very high, but it will keep you warm for sure. It has an envelope shape.

Closure type

If you want to use the sleeping bag as a mat or a large blanket, its zipper allows you to open the product completely. Also, two of them can be combined. In this case, you will be able to sleep together with someone.


Inside the sleeping bag, the manufacturer has put the lightweight goose-down that wears out slowly and keeps your body heat inside the bag. The cover is made of waterproof nylon.


In case you want to choose the larger size, you need to consider that it is suitable for the lowest temperatures (32℉ to 42.8℉). The recommended sleep zone for the regular one is 42.8℉ to 51.8℉.

Naturehike 1.26lbs Ultralight 800 Fill Power Goose Down Sleeping Bag - Ultra Compact Down Filled Lightweight Backpack Envelope Sleeping Bag for Hiking Camping (Dark Blue, Extra Large(32℉))
  • HIGH QUALITY MADE -- Made with high quality 20D nylon material, strong comfortable & water proof. Filled by high quality 800 fill power pure white goose down. Zippers: YKK.
  • LIGHWEIGHT DOWN SLEEPING BAG -- Weight only 1.26lbs(regular)/1.74lbs(extra large). If you think your sleeping bag is too large or too heavy on your backpacking adventures, you will not be disappointed to try this one. Design to save space & weight in your backpack.
  • ULTRA COMPACT --This sleeping bag has 2 sizes: Regular(74.80"L X 28.35"W)/Extra Large(78.74"L X 31.50"W); Both can be compressed to carry bag, size only 4.5 inches dia x 10 inches length, small enough to fit into backpack, easy to carry.

  • Two sizes;
  • Multi-use;
  • Lightweight;
  • Soft and warm filling material.
  • Doesn’t have a hood.

3. Coleman – 50 Degree Sleeping Bag for Kids

The Coleman company helps people enjoying an outdoor activity to get innovative tools to make their rest more pleasant. They continue to explore how to make tents, sleeping bags, and mats more comfortable and convenient. Coleman wants to inspire more people to go outside and make it simpler.

Dimensions and weight

The sleeping bag has 60 x 26 x 7 inches in dimensions. Such a design is suitable for 6-year-old kids and older up to 5 ft. weight. The product`s weight is 2.43 pounds, and it takes up a medium space.


For small kids, it’s better to choose sleeping bags with a lot of free space to allow them to move freely and find a comfy position. The Coleman mat has a rectangular shape. It’s also simple to pack the bag after sleeping.

Closure type

It could be complicated for children to cope with the tight zipper, so the manufacturer has made it snag-free. Besides, there is a draft tube along the zipper. It keeps the body heat inside the bag and protects from the airflow.


The sleeping bag is made of a soft and lightweight material that is machine-washable. Also, it glows in the dark, which makes the design attractive to children.


This model can cope with the 50℉ temperature. However, you should purchase the proper clothing for your kid, and it’s better to allow them to sleep with a warm hat.

Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag | 50°F Sleeping Bag for Kids | Cool Weather Sleeping Bag, Teal , 60" x 26"
  • Comfort cuff design surrounds your face in softness
  • Thermo lock draft tube prevents heat loss through the zipper
  • Fun design that glows in the dark

  • Easy to pack;
  • Convenient shape;
  • Snag-free zipper;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Glow-in-the-dark design.
  • One size only.

4. Bessport 3-4 Season – Mummy 50 Degree Sleeping Bag

Outdoor products are intended to be strong and durable. The Bessport company strives to provide the technologies that allow you to use their tools for a long time. They focus on choosing materials that are highly resistant to any weather.

Dimensions and weight

When the sleeping bag is compressed, it has a 14.5 x 11 x 8 inches size. It takes several minutes to pack the mat, and it doesn’t require a lot of space in your backpack. Its total length is 52.5 inches with the cap.


If you like to cover your head from the cold air, the mummy-style will suit you. It has a large cap and narrow foot part. You will spend less time packing it because the bag has a conveniently compact design.

Closure type

With the hook-and-loop closure, you may open your sleeping bag from two sides. Also, you can put your feet out if you want. Such a zipper is durable, and an anti-snag slider protects your body from airflow for sure.


The sleeping bag is filled with spray-boned cotton that allows machine-washing. It is covered with water-resistant polyester.


To provide the maximum comfort, the recommended sleeping bag temperature range is 50 to 68℉. With the proper clothing, the product can be used at the lowest temperatures.

Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag | 15-45 ℉ Extreme 3-4 Season Sleeping Bag for Adults Cold Weather– Warm and Washable, for Hiking Traveling & Outdoor Activities
  • PRACTICAL COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Our sleeping bag is large enough to fit an adult 6'1"-6'6". Girth of shoulder/ hip/ foot: 63", 50.3" 33" nice for you comfortable sleeping. When folded and store in its carrying bag, the lightweight sleeping bag is easy to carry (1.62kg/3.6lbs).
  • STAY WARM AND COZY DURING THE NIGHT: Thanks to our innovative heat retention technology, quilted construction and insulated footbox, this fluffy mummy sleeping bag will keeps you comfort from 50 to 68℉ or more, keeps temperature limits to 32℉or more. The adult mummy bag also has a drawstring hood that keeps the warm air in and the cold air out and away from your head and neck.
  • WATER REPELLENT & RIPSTOP FABRIC: 210T ripstop polyester shell protects against windy and wet weather Keep you warm even in wet weather conditions and prevent you from getting damp. Thanks to the ripstop fabric (double-layer)is durable and resists damage from stones, branches and other natural elements.

  • Designed due to your body shape;
  • Good for low temperatures;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Anti-snag zipper.
  • Weights more than other models;

5. Pacific Pass – Adult Sleeping Bag with Carrying Bag

The right outdoor equipment allows you to sleep under the stars in a very real sense. Pacific Pass wants to show this ability to more and more people. They provide tents, camping furniture, sleeping bags, folding wagons, and some other outdoor goods.

Dimensions and weight

This Pacific Pass model has a small height and weighs a little (about 1.6 lbs). But the carrying bag adds the additional 2.51 lbs. Its dimensions are 73.2 x 30.7 inches when opened and 12.2 x 6.9 inches in the carrying bag.


To save space in your backpack and keep your body warm, the sleeping bag has an envelope shape. Besides, it gives you a large place to relax after the long day of going hiking.

Closure type

You don’t need to stress a lot to get to your sleeping place – thanks to the smooth zipper, you can make it easier. Also, the bag has an additional velcro for better heat protection.


The fill material and the outer fabric is made of polyester. It is water and wind-resistant, and it’s hard to damage it.


This sleeping bag is most suitable for spring, summer, and autumn. It can cope with the 50℉, but not with the lowest temperature.

Pacific Pass 50F Synthetic Sleeping Bag with Compression Stuff Sack - Adult Size - Orange
  • Keep Warm: The summer sleeping bag for camping designed for a cool night and keep camper stay comfortable in temperatures at 50°F. High-grade polyester fiber is used as the filling to offer excellent warmth. It is suitable for summer season use
  • Envelope Roomy Design: The camping sleeping bag adopts a skin-friendly and popular color lining. Rectangle shape gives campers plenty of room to stretch out when they finish daytime travel. Smooth zipper and velcro keeps campers easy access
  • Easy Carry:The lightweight adult sleeping bag comes with a travel-friendly compression sack, a lightweight adult sleeping bag stored in a stuff sack will take up less space. The lightweight sleeping bag is easy to be hand wash

  • Weighs a little;
  • Compact;
  • Smooth zipper;
  • Durable material.
  • Not for the winter camping.

Types of Sleeping Bags

Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags have different shapes and are made of diverse materials. Most other features are similar. There are pluses and minuses of all possible sleeping bag shapes.

  • Mummy designs are perfect for people who like to sleep on the back. Also, if you keep the same position during the night, such bags will suit you too. They have a comfortable cap. So, your head will be protected from the unexpected wind. However, such sleeping bags are usually large and heavy.
  • Rectangular and enveloped shapes are quite similar. But they have their exceptional features. The rectangular ones are perfect for people who like to change their position when sleeping. Also, such bags are lightweight and compact. You may connect the two rectangular bags into one if you want to sleep together with someone.
  • The enveloped sleeping bags have a convenient hood to make you feel more comfortable. They’re also light and require a little space. They provide high-level protection from the cold airflow. So, you should choose the type which is the most suitable for you – they all will keep you safe from the cold temperatures.

Do I Need a 50 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

The 50-degree temperature is quite a low indicator, and not all standard sleeping bags can cope with it. That’s why, if you want to go camping in 50 degree weather or high in the mountains where the temperature can reach such an indicator, you need to choose a 50 degree sleeping bag for sure. In addition, it will be good enough for the highest temperatures too.

What to Consider Buying a 50 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

Those products I have described are comfortable and keep warm for sure. I have considered several features (including camping safety) when doing these reviews.

First of all, the material is a significant factor. It’s better if the cover is made of polyester, which is waterproof and durable. And the filling can be goose down or cotton – they protect the best from the low temperature.

Also, a sleeping bag doesn’t need to weigh a lot. I recommend you choose the one that has a weight of up to 4 pounds. In another case, it will be highly inconvenient to pack and carry it.

The closure type plays a big role too. Due to my experience, the hook-and-loop one is the most reliable. Search for the one that is snag-free. It will reduce the situations when you are not able to get out of the sleeping bag.

Sleep Under the Stars in a Warm Backpacking Bag

You can’t go camping without a reliable waterproof sleeping bag, and sometimes, you need to get a 50-degree one for the colder seasons. It should also be compact and lightweight. Not always you can find a suitable option at the first attempt. I hope my reviews and recommendations will help you choose a reliable sleeping bag quickly. You need to understand which type is more fitting for you, and it will become simpler to purchase your best sleeping bag.

Do you go hiking frequently? Which other outdoor activities do you prefer? Which sleeping bag type do you want to buy? Please, share your comments in the section below.

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