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For your body to fully recover from the long trip during the day, you need a sound sleep at night. So that you do not shiver, counting the minutes before dawn, wake up refreshed and ready for new adventures, you will need a high-quality sleeping bag. In my opinion, the FARLAND Envelope Bag is the best 20-degree backpacking sleeping bag overall. It is lightweight, takes up little space when folded, and is incredibly warm, making it suitable for relaxing even in cool conditions.

There are several important factors to look out for when choosing this hiking gear. In my guide, I will tell you in more detail what to consider when buying sleeping bags, and when exactly 20-degree ones will come in handy. For you not to surf the Internet for a long time searching for a suitable product, I have compiled five comprehensive 20-degree sleeping bag reviews that will help you make your choice faster. My list includes models that are outstanding in performance and guarantee a quality night’s sleep, even in cool weather. They fold easily and shrink to a minimum size for easy carrying during the day.

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5 Best 20-Degree Sleeping Bags

  1. FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20℉ for Adults Teens Kids with Compression Sack Portable and Lightweight for 3-4 Season Camping, Hiking,Waterproof, Backpacking and Outdoors
  2. HiHiker Mummy Bag + Travel Pillow w/Compact Compression Sack – 4 Season Sleeping Bag for Adults & Kids – Lightweight Warm and Washable, for Hiking Traveling & Outdoor Activities (Gray)
  3. ALPS Outdoorz Redwood -25 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag, Tan, 38 - x 80 -Inch
  4. Duraton Mummy Sleeping Bag 20 Degree Weather, Lightweight with Compression Sack for Camping or Backpacking, Warm for Both Adults and Kids (Orange)
  5. Ledge Sports Featherlite +20 F Degree Ultra Light Design, Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag (84 X 32 X 20, Green)

As a professional hiker, I know all about the need for good sleep and choosing the right gear. All the models on my list are designed for winter hiking and camping.

1. Best 20-Degree Sleeping Bag Overall: FARLAND Envelope Bag

FARLAND manufactures products for various outdoor activities that are popular among tourists from all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that I consider the FARLAND Envelope Bag to be the best sleeping bag.


As with all products in this article, this item is rated for use at 20°F, which is the comfort zone lower end. The thickness of the filler is 400GSM here. Simultaneously, the manufacturer used a double filling technology, which allows for better protection against heat loss during sleep.


Polyester is used as a filler. It withstands temperature changes, dries quickly, and is easy to clean. Generally, synthetic sleeping bags can keep the traveler warm, even if they get a little wet. On the outside, water-repellent soft nylon is used, which is pleasant to the touch. The product weighs 7 pounds.


By type, the item is classified as an envelope or rectangular sleeping bag. It really looks like a duvet with two long side zippers. You can take a single or double model. It is perfect for short to medium hikers up to 5 feet 11 inches. In my opinion, this model lacks a special cord to tighten the hood on your head, but this detail is a matter of taste.

FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20℉ for Adults Teens Kids with Compression Sack Portable and Lightweight for 3-4 Season Camping, Hiking,Waterproof, Backpacking and Outdoors
  • 1.FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - Farland Super Comfortable Sleeping Bags are designed to ensure that after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, travel or any other exploration you can get a good and relaxing night's sleep.Roll Control Design makes folding quick and easy ,Zip two together for double the room.

  • Double size available;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Easy to clean.
  • Slightly heavy;
  • No cord at the hood.

2. Best 20-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag: HiHiker Mummy Bag

HiHiker Mummy Bag is perfect for those who tend to wrap themselves tightly in a blanket while lying in their bed. It is very comfortable and protects you from the cold from all sides.


While this product is also designed to be used at 20°F, it felt a lot warmer to me. The quilted construction and padded bottom help to keep the heat inside the bag. But please note that any temperature rates are indicated with the expectation that a tourist will wear warm clothing or thermal underwear.


The filling here is the same as in the previous model, synthetic. In general, the bag is pleasant to the touch, does not absorb odors, moisture, and, most importantly, has good “breathing” qualities. I love that although it is warm enough, my body does not sweat in it. The product has a fairly average weight among peers of 5 pounds.


This sleeping bag is of the mummy type. As a rule, such products have less space inside, but at the same time, they do not constrain movement and do not prevent you from turning over. What I really like is the roomy hood that you can tighten over your head. This bag is designed for adults up to 6 feet 2 inches. The manufacturer also supplies a small pillow in the kit.

HiHiker Mummy Bag + Travel Pillow w/Compact Compression Sack – 4 Season Sleeping Bag for Adults & Kids – Lightweight Warm and Washable, for Hiking Traveling & Outdoor Activities (Gray)
  • OUTDOOR LOVERS, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU! Are you an outdoorsy person? Do you enjoy camping, backpacking and traveling? Hihiker is here for you, to make your outdoor adventures more pleasant and more comfortable! Our outdoor set includes a mummy style sleeping bag, a carrying storage bag and a soft travel pillow that you can take with you when you set off on an adventure.

  • The hood can be tightened;
  • For tall people;
  • Affordable price;
  • A pillow included.
  • Not waterproof.

3. Best 20-Degree Sleeping Bag from Natural Materials: ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood

The California company Redwood has been around for over half a century. It specializes in the production of high-quality canvas outdoor equipment. And ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood is no exception.


This sleeping bag is one of the warmest I have ever tested. It’s not surprising as it is designed to operate at a minimum temperature of -25°F. This is achieved through the use of superior insulation with TechLoft Silver technology. It is a synthetic fiber that has improved performance over regular polyester.


In addition to special filler material, cotton is also used for the outer upholstery and inner lining. It is much more pleasant to the touch than most synthetic materials. Besides, natural fabrics not only retain heat but also accumulate and gradually begin to release it when your body relaxes during sleep. Of course, the use of natural materials makes the product a little more expensive and heavier. Its weight is 13 pounds.


It is a rectangular sleeping bag. If you wish, you can close the zipper all the way. However, in my opinion, it is not very comfortable to sleep that way. There is no hood here that you can tighten to protect your head from the cold. The bag is perfect even for tall people: it is 6 feet 6 inches long, and there is a lot of space inside.

ALPS Outdoorz Redwood -25 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag, Tan, 38 - x 80 -Inch
904 Reviews
ALPS Outdoorz Redwood -25 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag, Tan, 38 - x 80 -Inch
  • Oversized rectangle bag has cotton canvas outer layer, paired with a cozy 100% cotton flannel liner

  • For extreme temperatures;
  • Natural materials;
  • It accumulates and gives off heat.
  • Expensive;
  • Heavy.

4. Most Durable 20F Sleeping Bag: Duraton Mummy Bag

Duraton specializes in manufacturing sleeping bags and backpacks. I consider this Mummy Bag to be one of the best in terms of durability. It is made of sturdy material and has reinforced zippers to withstand any load.


The heat preservation system is implemented here using draft tubes, which do not allow warm air to escape. I like that thanks to this feature, the bag fits very tightly in the neck area and does not open if you toss and turn at night.


Hollow fiber weighing 300GSM is used as a filler. This synthetic material will keep you warm, even if it gets wet. But it is protected from moisture by a nylon topcoat with water-repellent impregnation. It uses ripstop nylon, which is resistant to any mechanical damage. The inside of the bag is finished with soft and pleasant-to-the-touch flannel.


This 20-degree lightweight sleeping bag is a type of mummy that is made in the shape of a human body. It is designed for people up to 6 feet 4 inches and has plenty of room inside. The product weighs a little in comparison with analogs, only 3.9 pounds. The set includes two bags for storage and carrying, including a compression sack.

Duraton Mummy Sleeping Bag 20 Degree Weather, Lightweight with Compression Sack for Camping or Backpacking, Warm for Both Adults and Kids (Orange)
  • 2 x STORAGE BAGS INCLUDED. When backpacking, small size is essential. Because of this, we have included a small 10L compression bag. This stuff sack will compact and fit comfortably into most hiking packs. We have also included a large 35L Mesh Storage bag for home storage between trips.

  • Excellent heat retention;
  • Durable;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Lightweight.
  • It may not be perfect for low temperatures.

5. Best Lightweight 20-Degree Sleeping Bag: Ledge Sports Featherlite

Don’t let the low cost and low weight of this product fool you. This sleeping bag is truly capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and is suitable for regular hiking use.


One of the main advantages of synthetic filler is even heat distribution. With Ledge Sports Featherlite, you can rest assured that your feet won’t freeze on a chilly night in the mountains. It is achieved by using a continuous filler along the entire surface of the bag. For extra comfort and warmth, I recommend using a mummy liner.


Filament microfiber is reinforced with polyester for better heat retention and distribution. Ripstop nylon guarantees protection from moisture and wind and also keeps the product looking great for a long time. The inner Softech II cover is also made of synthetic material and is quite soft to the touch. But in my opinion, it would be more comfortable if the manufacturer made it cotton or flannel.


By type, this bag belongs to mummies. They are specially tailored according to the body’s shape to minimize air circulation and, therefore, heat loss. However, this has its drawbacks. While this model suits taller people, there may not be enough space inside if you are larger sized. But it is the lightest 20-degree sleeping bag on my list. Its weight is only 3.4 pounds.

  • Good heat distribution inside;
  • Extra lightweight;
  • Great value.
  • Synthetic lining.

20F Sleeping Bag Buyer’s Guide

HiHiker Mummy Bag and Travel Pillow

It can be challenging for inexperienced hikers to choose a bag that is ideal for winter camping. In this section, I will tell you in detail how to choose the right product and what conditions 20-degree down sleeping bag models are designed for.

Do I need a 20-degree backpacking sleeping bag?

First of all, let’s take a closer look at what it is, who can use it, and what conditions it should be used in. The word “backpacking” in the name means that this bag will easily fit into your backpack. Unlike camping models, they are more lightweight, take up less space when folded, and retain heat more efficiently. Typically, these items come with a compression sack to help you pack your sleeping bag even tighter. On a long backpacking trip where every inch and ounce counts, a 20-degree sleeping bag lightweight can be a lifesaver.

The phrase “20 degrees” indicates the temperature rate. It is important to understand that it is not the temperature at which you can sleep in a bag at night. Usually, manufacturers recommend adding 10-15 degrees to this indicator to determine the actual night temperature. That is, in the case of the ultralight 20-degree sleeping bag, this means that you can use it in chilly weather at 30-35°F.

How to choose the best 20-degree backpacking sleeping bag

There are several important criteria to look out for when choosing a bag. However, before doing this, you should study the weather conditions in the area where you go hiking.


There are three main shapes of 20-degree sleeping bag backpacking on the market now:

  • Rectangular. This design is a double-folded blanket with a sewn-in zipper. Such models are quite heavy, but they have a lot of space inside.
  • Mummy. This type follows the shape of a person, tapering at the bottom. They are less spacious but lightweight.
  • Semi rectangular. It is a cross between the first and second types. They are similar in shape to mummies but have more space inside.

Temperature rate

When choosing a sleeping bag for travel, you should be guided by the temperature of comfort and the limit, taking into account the fitness and age of a tourist. For people of thin build and for those who often feel cold while sleeping, it is recommended to choose a model with a temperature reserve. Consider the average daily temperature during the overnight stay outdoors.


All fillers can be divided into two types: natural and synthetic. The best 20-degree down sleeping bag models are more durable, warm better, and retain heat, but they are not that efficient against moisture, expensive, and difficult to clean. Sintepon, hollow fiber, fiber tech, and other modern modifications are used as synthetic fillers. Such bags are hypoallergenic, withstand dampness, are easy to clean but less durable. They are also heavier, so if you are looking for a 20-degree sleeping bag under 2 lbs, opt for the natural models.

Other features

When traveling, additional options, which hikers sometimes do not pay attention to, can become useful. These include a hood, stash pockets, anti-snag zippers, draft-blocking, etc. It also comes in very handy when a sleeping bag comes complete with a storage bag and compression sack to carry during the hike.

Hit the Road with the Best Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is a must-have item for every tourist. When folded, it takes up a minimum of space in a backpack. You can organize a comfortable and warm sleeping place in the open air in just a few minutes with its help. Hopefully, my article will help you choose the right product for your next adventure. I recommend buying the FARLAND Envelope Bag and use it, considering a temperature headroom. In my opinion, it is better to take off your jacket if it is hot than to get hypothermia.

Whichever high-quality product you choose, remember to take proper care of it. Otherwise, it will not last long for you. Dry your sleeping bag thoroughly after each trip. It should be washed periodically, but do so only as recommended by the manufacturer. Do not store products in a compression sack, as it can damage the filler severely. During seasons when you don’t use your bag, keep it in a waterproof loose package.

Please share your recommendations for choosing a sleeping bag 20 degrees. Which shape do you like best? Which model do you use? If you still have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below this article.

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