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Best 0 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag to Buy in 2024

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Do you want to purchase the best 0-degree backpacking sleeping bag that will keep you warm all night? It can be difficult to find the right one because there are so many options available on the market. Sleeping bags differ in shapes, sizes, and are also designed for different temperatures. If you want to travel somewhere in winter or even fall, you need a warm one that will also be lightweight and durable. With the help of these 0-degree sleeping bag reviews, you will be able to compare different features of sleeping bags and also find the one that would be perfect for you.

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5 Great Sleeping Bags to Choose in 2024

  1. Sierra Designs Taquito 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag
  2. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults – best overall
  3. Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag
  4. TETON Sports LEEF Lightweight Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag
  5. Ledge Sports Featherlite +0 F Degree Ultra Light Design

It’s important to choose one based on your priorities. In this review, you will find great products that will all work in 0-degree conditions but differ in their weight, materials, and other features.

1. Sierra Designs Taquito Down Sleeping Bag – A Well-Insulated 0 Degree Bag

Finding the right 0° sleeping bag can be quite difficult because there are many similar versions available nowadays. It’s important to rely not only on their external design but to also decide which features are essential for you and whether it will work for your height. Sierra Designs Taquito is a great sleeping bag that weighs around 4.13 pounds and its dimensions in a sack are 17 x 10.5. While it’s marketed for women by the manufacturer, it can certainly be used by teens and men depending on their height, as the design is completely neutral.

This item features 550 fill power DriDown, which is what ensures that you don’t get cold when it’s 0 degrees. The zipper tracks have an anti-snag feature, so you can get in and out of it fast and not be afraid that the fabric will get caught in the process.

Another important part of the bag is the draft dodger collar, which works great for protecting you from the wind and also sealing in the heat. The hood can also be adjusted to fit snugly around your head. This choice is affordable and works well in different weather conditions, so it’s certainly a great option but you have to make sure that it’s not too short for you if you are a taller person.

  • Lightweight and convenient;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Has a draft dodger collar;
  • The hood is adjustable.
  • It may be too short for some people.

2. Coleman North Rim – A Warm 0 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

The second sleeping bag on this list is Coleman North Rim. It is made in the so-called mummy style. Thanks to this shape, the air is trapped around your body in such a way that it is especially effective at keeping you warm. Coleman North Rim weighs 5.8 pounds and its dimensions are 17.1 x 12.35 x 12 inches. It means that a person up to 6 feet 2 inches in height can comfortably use it.

This model has a drawstring so you can properly tighten your hood and don’t lose heat when it’s cold. When it comes to the additional features, this item has a ZipPlow system that prevents the fabric from being snagged while you zip up. The construction of this model is quilted and the foot box is properly insulated. This model comes with a stuff sack in which you can pack it compactly and carry it with you.

While it’s not the most lightweight model out there, Coleman North Rim is a great option to consider. It is affordable and it will keep you warm at 0 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to its features.

Mummy Sleeping Bag with 54 Ounce Coletherm Insulation
10,952 Reviews
Mummy Sleeping Bag with 54 Ounce Coletherm Insulation
  • Mummy-style adult sleeping bag for camping in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Keeps you warm;
  • Has a drawstring on a hood;
  • Has a two-way zipper;
  • Convenient.
  • Fairly bulky.

3. Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree – My Favorite Cheap 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Now, let’s take a look at one of the most inexpensive choices out there – the Kelty Cosmic 0 degree. This particular 0 degree backpacking sleeping bag measures 21 x 12 x 10 inches and weighs about 4.35 pounds.

The regular version can be successfully used by people up to 6 feet tall. It is not the most lightweight option available on the market, so it’s important to know whether you can carry it for a long time before taking it with you.

The item features a 600-fill DriDown that works as insulation. Thanks to this material, you will stay warm when it’s 0 degrees outside. While this model has water-resistant down insulation, it won’t be enough in more extreme conditions, such as melting snow. This model includes some excellent features, such as a draft tube that fully protects you from winds and also a draft collar. If you are used to sleeping on the side, you will be able to do so in this sleeping bag, as it has enough space. Once you are done using the Kelty Cosmic 0 degree, you can place it in a stuff sack that comes with it. Overall, this option is most ideal for short trips.

Kelty Cosmic Synthetic Fill 0 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag, Regular – Compression Straps, Stuff Sack Included
157 Reviews
Kelty Cosmic Synthetic Fill 0 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag, Regular – Compression Straps, Stuff Sack Included
  • 0 Degree Temp Rating, Regular Size: Fits sleepers up to 6ft, fill weight 55oz, total weight 4lbs 6oz, stuff size (non-compressed) 17x11 inches. Color: Fired Brick Red/Smoke

  • Affordable sleeping bag;
  • Warm;
  • Has a draft collar and tube.
  • Not suitable for the melting snow conditions;
  • Quite heavy.

4. Teton Sports LEEF – A Lightweight Zero Degree Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports LEEF is another winter sleeping bag with useful features for added convenience and comfort. The first thing to mention about this bag is its dimensions. It measures 15 x 9 x 9 inches while packed and weighs around 4.2 pounds. It is considered a lightweight model, so it’s the one that most adults can carry comfortably.

The shell of the bag is a 40D water-resistant ripstop and it has synthetic insulation achieved by the use of microfiber fill. If you often experience that you get cold feet, you would be happy to hear that it has additional foot box insulation. Just like some other models, it includes a draft tube and you can also pull the strings on your hood to make sure that you don’t suffer from the wind. Zippers in this model are anti-snag so you don’t worry about ripping the material.

There is also an excellent addition on the inside – an internal pocket with a zipper for your phone, keys, or other small items. You don’t have to roll this Teton Sports LEEF when you are done using it, as it has a compression sack. It’s definitely a convenient mummy sleeping bag that is not too heavy.

TETON Sports Leef Mummy Sleeping Bag - Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Backpacking, Camping, and Hiking - Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag - Camping Accessory with Drawstring Compression Sack - Long 0℉, Black
  • COOL COLORS: TETON style is always on point, and our color options are the perfect blend of traditional and stylish, so you’ll look good while feeling good.

  • Includes a fleece layer inside for warmth;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Includes an interior pocket;
  • Footbox insulation included;
  • Suitable for tall people up to 6’3’’ in height.
  • Can be too narrow for some people;
  • Cannot be machine-washed.

5. Ledge Sports Featherlite – The Most Compact Sleeping Bag 0 Degrees

Last but not least, an interesting model that may be right up your alley is Ledge Sports Featherlite. It is an ultralight 0-degree sleeping bag because it weighs only 4 pounds and is 17 x 9 x 9 inches in dimensions when packed and uncompressed.

Similar to other models in this category, it has synthetic outer material and the fill. On the outside, it has Dobby Diamond 250T Ripstop Shell and microfiber fill that allows you to sleep in warmth even when it’s 0 degrees. One interesting thing about this bag is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on seams and zippers. It’s also possible to connect two sleeping bags with the help of zippers and create a large one for two people. Another useful feature that should be mentioned is the external pocket for miscellaneous small items, such as your phone, earplugs, and such.

The compression sack is present with this lightweight 0-degree sleeping bag and it works well. It includes 4 straps to ensure that it is tight and you can even fit some additional small items inside. If you are someone who needs a lightweight sleeping bag with the most essential features in place, Ledge Sports Featherlite is surely the one you should keep in mind.

Ledge Sports Featherlite +0 F Degree Ultra Light Design, Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag (84 X 32 X 20, Maroon)
121 Reviews
Ledge Sports Featherlite +0 F Degree Ultra Light Design, Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag (84 X 32 X 20, Maroon)
  • Size: 84 inches X 32 inches X 20 inches, Packed Uncompressed: 17 inches X 9 inches

  • Portable and lightweight;
  • Comes with a durable compression sack;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Has reliable zippers.
  • Can be too small for some users.

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag for You

Sierra Designs 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Do you want to find the best 0 degree sleeping bag for your needs? In this buyer’s guide, you can learn information about the their types and which factors to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Types of sleeping bags

Sleeping bags differ when it comes to their shape, fill, temperature compatibility, and more.

What are the shapes of sleeping bags?

Different shapes that you can currently find include the following.

Mummy style

The reason why this shape is so popular is that it is great at keeping you warm. When a sleeping bag tapers towards the feet and has a snug fit, you won’t lose heat when you sleep. They are more restricting compared to other shapes but ideal for heat retention. If you plan to have a trip and it is cold outside, these sleeping bags zero degree are great options for you.


This is a regular version and is the most popular option for camping because it is especially comfortable. You can use one for a summer camp, different sleepovers, and it can even be used as a blanket when you open it. They don’t retain heat as effectively as the mummy ones, so they won’t work in tough weather conditions.

Double sleeping bag

This is an option for couples, as the doublewide bag is designed to fit two people. This is also one of those options that work well for fairly warm temperatures and activities, such as car camping. You can often find models that can be unzipped and turned into two separate sleeping bags.


Another shape that you can find is a semi-rectangular one. It looks like a combination of the mummy bag and the rectangular, as the top is rectangular but there is a tighter fit around your feet. Most of the time it can be turned into a blanket. This shape makes it a great choice for both backpacking and camping in warmer weather.

Do I Need a 0-degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

If you love camping throughout late fall, early spring, and even winter, then having a 0 degree sleeping bag is a must. Keep in mind though, models in this category are fairly heavy and will occupy more space in your backpack. Also, don’t forget that in order to keep warm, you should definitely invest in an insulated pad that has an R-value of at least 5.5.

What to Look for When Buying a 0 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Shape and temperature compatibility are not the only factors you have to assess to find the ideal bag for you. If you want to buy a great 0 degrees sleeping bag, make sure that you know this information.


It is better when zippers are anti-snag and don’t pull your fabric, as this reduced the chances of ripping the material and also getting stuck. You can also two-way zippers that are convenient for ventilation if it gets warmer.


Having drawstrings on your hood is essential when the temperature is low. It’s important to find a sleeping bag with a hood that fits tightly around your head and can be adjusted to your size.

Draft protection

A draft collar and a draft tube are extremely valuable when you have to sleep in windy conditions.

The inner lining and outer shell

It is better to avoid cotton as an inner lining for cold weather and go for flannel, fleece, fine nylon, or polyester, which are the most popular options. The outer shell is made from synthetic material and nylon-ripstop works well. You should make sure that the material is water-resistant.


They are excellent for keeping your phone, keys, and other items. You can find external and internal options, but the latter is preferred in a colder climate.

Stuff sack

Having a stuff sack allows you to compress your bag to the max, so it’s easier to carry, so it’s something you should not miss out on.

Find a Sleeping Bag That Will Keep You Warm

All sleeping bags presented in this review deserve attention. They will keep you warm at 0 degrees, but it’s also important to consider which additional features you need and whether it has to be lightweight. Sierra Designs Taquito is a great option for both men and women, as it’s affordable, doesn’t weigh a lot, and has protection from wind. You can compress it into a sack and carry it with you comfortably.


What is a 0 degree sleeping bag?

A 0 degree sleeping bag is one that is designed for use in cold weather, with a temperature rating of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. These bags are typically made with heavier materials and insulation, and are often used by campers and hikers in colder climates.

What is the best 0 degree sleeping bag?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some people might find that a down sleeping bag is the best option, while others might prefer a synthetic bag. Ultimately, it is important to choose a bag that is rated for 0 degrees and that will keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions. In my opinion one of the best 0 degree sleeping bags is the Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag. Although it all depends on the characteristics and individual requirements.

How warm is a 0 degree sleeping bag?

A 0 degree sleeping bag will keep the average person warm in temperatures around 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the lightest 0 degree sleeping bag?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the manufacturer, the materials used, and the specific design of the sleeping bag. However, some of the lightest 0 degree sleeping bags on the market include the Ledge Sports Featherlite +0 F Degree Ultra Light or Sierra Designs Taquito Down Sleeping Bag.

Do you have a favorite sleeping bag? What are the factors you consider before buying one? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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