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My name is Eddie. I am 30, and I am an avid hiker. Hiking is my passion, and I experience the full joy of hiking. Meeting gorgeous sunrises and conquering new territories may be amazing, but only if you are packed right.

Zion National Park is a fantastic place to explore the wild nature of the Colorado Plateau. Eroded colorful cliffs create a unique picture that everyone needs to see at least once in their life! The park offers different trails for hikers and several campgrounds. Summer is the peak of the hiking season in Zion National Park. Still, people tend to underestimate winter and fall, even though you can enjoy amazing nature scenery during these seasons as well. You can take your annual pass for national parks and federal recreational lands to get access to the Zion National Park. An annual pass for Zion National Park costs $80, and there is an opportunity to have a free pass for volunteers, 4th graders, and U.S. military members.

Zion National Park Hiking Gear for Spring and Summer Seasons

Zion National Park

Usually, the forecast for the park during hot seasons is dry and hot weather. At the backside of the Canyon, the temperature is about 40 to 70 °F. In the Canyon, the temperature is from 60 to 90 °F. During the summer season from July to September, Monsoon occurs. Flash floods can happen, so you need to know more about it at the Zion National Park`s Visitor Center. They will explain how to act in case of an emergency. However, your safety is your responsibility.

Hiking Gear for Summer

  • Summer hiking boots
  • Cotton socks (2 pairs)
  • A light jacket for evening
  • A short-sleeve and a long-sleeve T-shirt
  • Light summer hiking trousers
  • Tracking shorts

Hiking Gear for Spring

  • Demiseason tracking boots
  • Cotton socks (2 pairs)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hiking trousers


Packing List for Zion National Park in Summer

Zion National Park

Based on the typical weather conditions, we need a light sleeping bag. As an addition to your sleeping bag, you need to take with you the lightest mattress that you have. A light tent will be another good supplement for the equipment. Also, the pack should be ultra-light and designed to be put on and off easily.

Hiking poles can be critically important for people who are starters in long-distance hiking. If you feel that your feet are strong enough, you can ignore them.

What to Wear to Zion National Park

  • Shoes

The key element for any hiker is to choose the right hiking boots, comfortable and sturdy ones. Don`t try to wear a new pair of shoes. You can not know whether they are suitable for long walking. Wrong boots may kill all the pleasure of the moment. It’s better to have a pair of waterproof boots as well. The soles of the shoes must be solid enough. Otherwise, you will feel each sharp stone and may get your leg injured.

  • Socks

The socks should not be thick; it is better to wear thin or average ones. While walking, the socks play the role of a layer between the foot and the boot. Wearing shoes without socks will lead to getting calluses, keep this in mind. One pair is enough for one-day hiking. You could take a pair of flip-flops to give your feet some rest after several hours of walking.

  • Clothes

Zion National Park

I usually take two shirts, one with short sleeves and the other with long ones. For the lower body, I take shorts and light summer trousers. One set of clothes is for the day, and the second I wear in the evening. You can even wash one set, while you wear the other.

Some people prefer to take as many clothes as they can to change it every hour of the long-distance walk. I can understand them: you become sweaty and covered with dust after 15 minutes of hiking. But usually, the rest of the group do not care how you look; none will look fresh. So I recommend that if you care about your appearance that much, you can take an extra set of clothes, but do not go too far, you are going for a hike, not Fashion Week.

I prefer minimalism and recommend avoiding the staff that will make your pack heavier. Forget how you look and enjoy gorgeous landscapes!

  • Hats, Sunglasses

A hat is a must-have for hikers, just as sunglasses are! You will need some protection from the sun: for your head, your eyes, and your skin. There will be a lot of sunlight! You can get sunstroke or a sunburn, so take care!

  • Raincoat

Raincoats are usually taken to the trips but commonly left in the trucks. You can never know what the weather will be like, so It can be helpful to check the forecast before the trip. Trust me, raincoats come in handy every time I hike. But, you still need to remember that the lighter your pack, the more enjoyable the day will be.

What to Pack to the Zion National Park – Food/Toiletries/Other Things

 hiking essentials

For dining purposes, you may need to have camp dinnerware: a cup, a plate, a fork, a spoon, a knife or a spork for hiking. In front of the park entrance, you can buy matches and the other necessary staff for starting a fire. Before planning your cooking, you will need to know the safety regulations of the park. Make sure you know them all because it is of high importance. A head flashlight will be useful after the sun goes down, especially while cooking dinner.

Apart from a basic tableware set, your group will need a pot for cooking and a kettle for tea. You should have a water filter; a mini version would be the best for hiking. Water purification drops can be used to make the water clean, as well. A person can hardly carry the whole amount of water for the whole day, so the hikers will have to filter the water from the park.

For hygiene purposes, you should have basic travel-friendly toiletries, such as a bar of soap, wet wipes, and additional staff that you feel is essential for your hygiene routine. For me, I have a toothbrush plus toothpaste, wet wipes, soap, and toilet paper.

To avoid spreading trash on the territory of the park, you need to buy special zip locks to keep your rubbish with you. Neglecting this point is unethical and non-nature-friendly. We should not turn the national park into a garbage dump.

First Aid Kit to Zion National Park

I always take a first aid kit. Usually, I put there two types of painkillers, an antiseptic ointment for scratches and duct tape, and a little mirror. You will need to prepare your first aid kit based on the health conditions you have.

You will need to drink a lot of water. If you do not want to get dehydrated, take care of your water balance. Usually, it takes around 4 liters of water per person.

Zion National Park packing List for the Winter Season

Zion National Park

The temperature in winter in Zion National Park starts from 29 to 53 F in December and January, and from 31F up to 57F in February. But the cold weather should not stop you from visiting the park during winter! Let’s check out what you need to bring with you in cold seasons.

Clothes and Accessories

For the winter season, you will need two sets of clothes. During the day, the temperature will remain about 50 F, while after the sunset, it will drop to 30 F. The clothes must be waterproof and protect you from the wind blowing. Make sure you take a warm coat, warm waterproof boots, a hat, sunglasses, and a scarf. Also, I would pack a woolen sweater with you.

Hiking Gear for Winter

  • Winter hiking boots
  • Thermal underwear
  • Winter waterproof jacket
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Winter track pants


  • Navigator
  • Watch
  • Compass
  • Powerbank
  • Portable kettle


I also highly recommend taking the same kits of toiletries and food as you would pack for the summer! Do not forget to grab your first aid kit, as well!

How to Have The Best Experience Ever Hiking in Zion National Park

A day hike in Zion National Park can become the most memorable adventure in your life. Walking on the trails among the cliffs brings unforgettable emotions and memories. However, you need to think about your feet, water balance, and protect yourself from the burning sun. The wild nature of the Colorado Plateau takes your heart, but make sure to get well-packed with our top tips! Your safety is in your own hands, keep it in mind when you pack your bag! What would you take to Zion National Park? What season would you choose for hiking? Tell us more in the comments section below!

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