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Best Tents for Hot Weather: Top 7 Products on the Market

Tent in summer

Summer is probably the most popular time for camping, with green woods and deliciously cool lakes attracting beginners and experienced campers alike. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to the warmth that this season brings about. While staying warm during the night is not much of a challenge during the hot months, you want your temporary abode …

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Best Portable Camping Stove Overview: A Detailed Analysis of the Most Powerful and Reliable Models of 2021

Stansport Outfitter Series

Hi, Travis here! Welcome to my blog, where I teach you how to put your survival skills to test and get the most out of each of your hiking tours. Today, we will talk about how to pick the best portable camping stove, which is an essential item to have when going to the woods, …

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Best Single Burner Propane Stove for Outdoors

Coleman Green - 2000020931

Travels I’ve been through made me recollect tons of mythology. Especially in the mountains where I often subconsciously expect to meet a troll or find a dwarf village. The character I recollect the most often, though, is Prometheus. Pro, met he us and brought the fire down to us. And when I light a stove …

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Best Tents with AC — Hiker’s Midsummer’s Dream

Dream House Luxury Outdoor Waterproof

Hi, I’m Travis and my Merrel Moab boots were definitely made for walking. I’ve gained a decent mileage, visiting various hiking Meccas: from Appalachian Trail to Vasquez Trail in Garland Ranch Regional Park. So, if you’re planning to camp in summer or in one of these hot-boiling places like Kalalau, Twelve Apostles Lodge, or Sierra …

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Best Backpacking Axe Reviewed: Lightweight Hatchets for Camping Trips & Outdoor Adventures


Hey there. Travis Holloway here. In case you forgot my story, I’m going to remind you of it in a few words. I’m a hikaholic. Hikomaniac. Professional one, I might add. Joking aside, I know all there is to know about hiking and camping, for my experience in outdoor trips and adventures is impressively vast. …

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Best Survival Fire Starter: A Complete Overview

Best Survival Fire Starter featured image

Getting lost in the wild is not very fun. Even the most innocent and safe 1-day hikes can have a tragic outcome for just about any adventurer. About 160 people die each year in national parks! These are not unexplored forests and definitely not some thick jungles. These are family-friendly destinations where thousands of people …

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Best Tactical Backpack: Top 7 List

man in the mountains with a tactical backpack

If you are looking for a great tactical rucksack, then you are in for a small adventure. There are tons of recognizable and unrecognizable brand names that offer seemingly good backpacks. There are so many options that you can easily get lost in product listings, like in a South American jungle. What makes the process …

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Best 3 Day Emergency Survival Kit: Why Is It So Crucial to Be Prepared

backpack and lantern on the wooden background

The latest world events demonstrate that most of us are totally unprepared in times when disaster comes to our home. The tons of unfortunate and disastrous events at a large scale have happened only in the scape of a year – massive floods in Venice, fire breakouts in Australia, and, to make things worse, a …

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Best 2 Person Emergency Survival Kit


According to disaster relief professionals, you must always have an emergency supply of three days’ worth of food, water and medical supplies. This supply is intended to keep you going until emergency services come to your rescue. With unpredictable events like earthquakes, tornados and pandemics on the rise, you can never be too prepared for …

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How to Clean a Travel Backpack: Useful Recommendations from an Expert

Once you return from an exciting adventure, you probably feel like you carried some woods with you in your backpack. Or, perhaps, the hiking trip you have been planning for the longest time is fast approaching. In all of these cases, you need to clean your bag for further trips. If you have been wondering …

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Best Bivy Sack for a Better Purchasing Decision

Best bivy sack - title

For the best hiking experience, you should not carry bulky luggage. One of the most effective ways of reducing weight is to take a bivy sack instead of a tent. If you are heading out to that overnight hiking trip, consider purchasing precisely this product. Are you inexperienced when it comes to the brands available? …

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Best Backpacking Spork for Hiking in 2024

Best hiking sporks - title

Have you ever gone out on a camping trip, but as soon as you light the fire, you realized that you do not have any utensils? If you love hiking and spending nights outdoors, you may have experienced this one time or the other. My name is Eddie, and I know everything about open-air journeys. …

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8 Best Socks for Cold Weather: Don’t Give Cold a Chance!

Best hiking socks - title

Hey there, my name’s Eddie. I am a 45-year old hiking enthusiast who would like to cover the importance of properly chosen socks for sporting activities in this review. I am also a big fan of traveling. Making it through around the world would be impossible without having comfortable shoes, and also, it depends a …

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Best Rain Poncho for Your Personal Hiking and Camping Experience

Hiking is very fun. No argument here, right? You can spend some quality time with your family or friends, enjoy the beauty of nature, or even find peace within yourself! There is, however, another side of the coin too. Wilderness wandering is hard. The walking strains your body. There is a constant need for resourcefulness. …

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Best Sleeping Bag for Hunting: 10 Leading Sleeping Bags

Best hunting sleeping bag - title

One of the things I love about hiking the most is looking forward to a cozy night sleep after an exciting day traversing the mountainous landscape. Being a passionate hiker, I have engaged in numerous backpacking expeditions and have therefore used diverse sleeping bag brands. Noteworthy, not all bags gave me the experience I anticipated. …

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